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    ellieofgalvadon posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi everyone,
    Here is Chapter Nine! Hoping that this provides more info for those of you participating in the special poll I posted earlier. If you have any suggestions, share them! Please let me know if you would like to be tagged.
    @julianna910 CHAPTER NINE:
    My heart pounded, color draining from my face. Why was he throwing a rose to me? Why was he even here, on the Never side? My head spun. He looked different- thinner, more worn, but almost defiant. He had a **** across one cheek, and looked like he had been in a few fights. He mouthed something, desperation written plainly across his face. I shook my head, trying to let him know I didn’t understand. Finally I realized he was trying to say,”IN THE CLEARING, TOMORROW.” I nodded ever so slightly. Meanwhile, Castor and Pollux, ( a menacing two headed dog) took center stage. One head (Pollux) was courteous and cute, while the other (Castor) yelled and looked like it might eat anyone who annoyed it. They were trying to explain how things work at the School for Good and Evil, but Pollux did all the explaining while Castor interrupted him, muttering darkly about how students who disobey will be painfully punished-or never seen again. Tina promptly fainted. Pollux said, “Each soul is either good- or evil.” As he went on and on, I looked at Jase. If he was in Evil, then…..how could we ever stay friends? And how could we possibly ever be more? When Castor and Pollux finished, the Evers and Nevers filed out of their seats, making their way back to the towers. The boys went up the blue staircases leading to their rooms in Honor and Valor towers.I caught a glimpse of the Everboy who had thrown me his rose. He winked. What? I was flattered, but that was definitely a bold move there. I raised my eyebrows, but then I was swept away by the tide of pink satin-clad girls chattering excitedly about tomorrow’s events. The Evergirls sashayed giddily up the sweeping pink marble staircases. Portraits of famous princesses graced the glistening walls, and nymphs and faeries flitted up and down the polished corridors, making the final adjustments on people’s rooms. Olivia giggled excitedly . “Guess what? Cole threw his rose to me! Who did you get?” I sighed.” I don’t know. Some everboy with blue eyes.” I yawned. Olivia gasped. “You mean Sammy? He’s like, super gorgeous.” I rolled my eyes.”Anyway, time for bed! Goodnight- see you in class!” She smiled. “You too!” I made my way to my floor on Purity tower. My schedule that the nymphs had given me said that I was in Purity tower, Room 35. A glittery sign outside Purity 35 proclaimed, WELCOME, ELLIE, ARIADNE, IVY! I groaned. Out of all the roommates I could possibly get, I had to get my ex-best friend who currently hated me. Oh well. Maybe I could reconcile with her? My train of thought was interrupted by a shriek. “Ohmygod we’re neighbors!” squealed Tina. Olivia, Tina, and Lorelei had the room opposite us. I smiled with relief. Olivia and Tina were nice, although Lorelei was far from civil. We said our goodnights and then I opened the door to our room. It was beautiful, with carved cupids, scenes of ever after, and huge glided mirrors. However, the decor was a bit depressing to me. How could I ever win a prince if I was a witch? A witch who loved a never? I looked around. There were three beautiful canopy beds. Ivy was stretched out on one, moaning.”Ellie! The nymphs actually forced me into this revolting little outfit, and then I realized I have some awful class called BEAUTIFICATION first thing tomorrow morning!” I stifled a snort. This was probably going to be a long first week for Ivy. I tried to calm her down. “Ask them if Pumpkin can be your henchman.” I waited, but there was only the sound of Ivy’s deep snores. I crawled into bed. Ariadne wasn’t here yet, but I could try to apologize to her tomorrow. I fell asleep, dreaming about everything we had done, and about the challenges to come.
    I awoke to the sound of screaming.

        ellieofgalvadon replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        sorry **** is g.ash

          never11ever8 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          That was awesome! Plz keep tagging me! I bet the screaming was either ivy, ellie or ariadne.

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