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    ellieofgalvadon posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 6 months, 1 week ago

    Hey peeps,
    I have a very busy schedule this fall starting tomorrow ,so this may be the last chapter for a pretty long time- until I have more time to write! Here are chapters 12, 13, and 14. Let me know if you’d like to be tagged!(or if I forget to tag you)
    @thecoven4ever Chapter 12:
    After a series of princessy classes, we made our way to the clearing. I scanned the grassy lunch area for Jase. After taking a lunch basket from a smiling nymph, I walked over to where Tina and Ivy were sitting. As I made my way to them, I caught a glimpse of Jase’s sandy hair. I hurried over to him, flooded with relief that he was all right. He walked over to me. Even though this was not the most usual of circumstances, I still felt the same familiar flutter in my stomach whenever I looked into his eyes. Although his face was worn and tired, he still had the same glint in his eyes. “Ellie!” he said. “I was looking for you everywhere-are you and Ariadne all right?” I bit my lip. No matter how much I loved him, he would always love Ariadne. The worst part was that I would never do anything about it- as long as he was happy, I could live. I took a deep breath. “Jase, the teachers want something from me. I think they suspect something’s up.” He looked into my eyes. “Ellie,-” I heard a commotion behind us. Suddenly, my arms were pinned to my sides. Two nymphs, incredibly strong, had seized me and began to march me to the castle. Was I in trouble yet again? I writhed in their grasp, trying to get a last view of Jase as we went up the steps. He shouted something back at me, but I couldn’t hear. **************************************************************************We ascended up the steep marble stairs, my glass slippers clinking loudly. Finally, we arrived outside the Dean’s office. The door was opened by Professor Anemone. I stepped over the threshold towards almost certain doom. The door closed ominously behind me. I looked around, into the faces of the entire staff. What?! Anemone turned to the others. “This is the one.” A murmur rippled though the teachers, expressions changing towards something like awe. My confusion must have been written plainly across my startled face. Princess Uma turned towards me, speaking gently, like you would to a frightened animal. “Darling, we just want to see what you can do.” I caught my breath. “Magic?” She nodded, almost imperceptibly. I tried to tell her that I wasn’t a witch, that I was Good, but my tongue froze, limp and heavy in my mouth. There was only one way out. I would show them simple, harmless spells and they would be satisfied. I pointed to the blazing fire and it immediately turned a lurid green. I made Professor Espada’s mustache do a little dance. I made a flower sprout out of the carpet. I looked at the staff. A tall bald man from Evil shook his head. “That is all well and good, but can you conjure?” “What should I conjure then- a butterfly?” He shook his head again. “No. Let’s say….a ballgown?” That was an odd request. I wondered why he of all people wanted a ballgown? I pushed away my confusion and concentrated. I pictured the dress I had always wanted. A pale blue satin, with draping, off the shoulder sleeves and a long, graceful skirt. Diamond embellishments added the perfect touch. It would look absolutely perfect on Uma. I summoned up all my strength and whispered the words. My head grew dizzy. The room seemed to tilt and whirl. Finally it stopped. As soon as it did, I cautiously opened one eye. I blinked with astonishment. The ballgown was there, diamonds and all. Princess Uma looked ravishing in it, and she even had new makeup on-gold eyeshadow to complement the sky-blue dress. The staff looked shocked. Yuba nodded enthusiastically and jumped up and down with glee. Professor Anemone nodded. “This is a huge offer and a great responsibility for one so young, but Ellie, would you be interested…………in becoming the next great fairy godmother?”
    “No. Way.” Olivia’s jaw hung open. “I know!” I whispered. “I’m not supposed to tell, so you didn’t hear anything, right?” She nodded excitedly. “Right”. Then her face clouded. “But what about your true love? A Fairy Godmother can’t have a prince.” My stomach plummeted. She was right. I looked at her, painting a smile onto my face. “I’ll work that out later. Gotta go!” I waved goodbye and ran off. We had the rest of the day off- maybe I could use the groom room. I hurried towards the groom room, trying to distract my mind with all the possible nail colors. On the way, I caught the eye of the blue-eyed boy I had seen yesterday. He came up to me, grinning. “Hey.” I forced a smile onto my face. “Hey.” He fidgeted nervously with his hands. “I don’t believe we’ve been introduced. What’s your name?” I coughed. “Ellie.” “I’m Sammy. You know, there’s a show that my band is putting on in the clearing Thursday night…if you’d like to come?” My heart leapt. I loved music more than anything. “You sing?” His face lit up. “Yeah. I also play guitar.” In less than a minute, we were talking enthusiastically about the latest bands in the Endless Woods. His face was friendly, not like he was viewing me was a candidate for his princess. Just looking at me like a normal girl, like a friend. I sighed with relief- I didn’t have any space in my head or heart for yet another distraction. He offered to let me audition for his band, and I agreed. We bid each other goodnight, high-fiving and grinning like idiots. I bathed in the groom room and headed to bed, feeling for the first time in a long while that everything might turn out alright.
    Little did I know how short-lived that feeling of peace would be.

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        I love this story so much. 🙂 🙂

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        Wow, great job!

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