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    elliethewhimsicalpineapple posted an update in the group RP Level 2: Blue Forest 3 years, 7 months ago

    Hello, guys! So this is an awfully ****** and unedited bio I wrote for my new character, Aner. If you guys approve of her, I’ll try extra hard to write a POV sometime tomorrow, but it might take until Thursday because of school and whatnot.
    Name: Aner Croyx Wild
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    School: Ever
    Region: Malachite
    Plague: Aner only just caught the plague, so faint rashes are beginning to form
    Fairytale relative: The daughter of the Shepherd in “The Singing Bone”
    Summary of relative’s fairytale: There once lived two brothers, and when they were fully grown, a vicious boar descended upon their village. The two left for the dark forest the creature lived in, determined to kill it. They chose to enter from different sides of the woods, and the youngest brother stumbled across a kind dwarf in his travels. The dwarf sensed this brother’s pure heart, and gifted him with a spear. The youngest used the dwarf’s mighty spear to vanquish the boar and met his brother in great joy. However, the oldest was bitter of his sibling’s glory and murdered him. He hid his brother’s corpse beneath a bridge deep in the forest and returned home, claiming his brother’s feat as his own. The oldest brother married, settled down in a warm home, and found his perfect ever after. But years later, a wandering shepherd happened upon the remains of the youngest brother under the bridge. Unaware of who the remains once belonged to, the shepherd used the bones of the dead brother to craft the mouthpiece of his horn. When the shepherd blew his horn, the voice of the deceased brother sang his tale of betrayal and murder. The shepherd spread word of this discovery, and the oldest brother was convicted and thrown off the bridge for his wrongs.
    Appearance: Aner is a petite and spindly thing armed with gangly limbs and a gaunt face. Her long, pinched nose occupies the space between two honey-colored eyes, and her skin is a soft shade of dandelion fluff. Her short cropped hair is naturally pastel purple and ends just below her ears, and gentle violet freckles sprinkle her cheeks in the summer. In Malachite she wore bootcut jeans and faded T-shirts with the occasional flower crown adorning her head, but at the School for Good and Evil, she enjoys wearing the filly Pre School Master Era clothing.
    Fingerglow: Pastel Purple
    Weapon: Her father’s horn
    Backstory: Once the eldest brother plummeted to his death, the town considered the Shepherd a hero. He was a messy nomad, a man never before invited into such community, so the shepherd decided to finally take permanent stay in the village. He built a sturdy cottage on the bridge’s river bank and began a quiet and content life with his four-year-old daughter, Aner. The two tried to find peace and happiness in their home by the whispering water, no matter the sudden absence of a mother snuffed out by the plague. They both loved the dead woman more than each other, but the truth was left unspoken. Aner grew up beside a weak, crumbling man and fell asleep to a father’s whispered hiccups and shaky whimpers. The shepherd’s daughter was his true source of joy, but as the light in his eyes dwindled, there wasn’t much joy left to be felt.
    But one crisp, autumn morning many years later, the shepherd approached a newly fourteen Aner and presented her with his horn. Aner quickly grew fascinated by the strange instrument, curious of how the smooth and hollow skin seemed to echo with songs and cries.
    She carried it everywhere.
    It clunked against her belt on the brisk strolls to town and lay basking in sunlight on her lap during afternoons spent lounging beneath the bridge, sleepily discussing recent weather with the merpeople. The horn rested beneath her pillow as Aner dreamed, and sat nestled in her sweatshirt pocket on school days, hidden from peeking eyes. It was only a week after gently taking her father’s prized possession anywhere and everywhere that the girl dared to blow the horn. But when she did, no noise escaped the instrument’s belly. The air was quiet as Aner sat on a bumpy stone by two mer-friends of hers, the horn lingering on her lips. One mermaid clucked her tongue at Aner and chortled how the old thing was broken. But the first mermaid’s sister, the wiser and more magical of the two, softly touched the horn and nodded. She explained how the younger brother’s soul moved on once the Shepherd killed the older brother, and that new souls were now fighting for the power to sing through the horn. The instrument had become an unintentional vessel. Aner instantly jumped to the possibility of communicating with her deceased mother, and though the mermaid warned her the dead were sickly and different than their living selves, Aner imagined what she could remember of her mother and shot a strong breath into the horn. Soon enough, her Mother sang. She cried a song Aner’s naive heart wasn’t ready for, which was a tale of murder. The dead woman wailed of a husband who murdered his wife and called it the plague, pinning Aner to the ground in shock, heartache, and fury. The dead wife would never find peace or continue on until the killer joined her, and she tasked Aner with the brutal, messy work.
    So late that night, Aner stabbed her father in his sleep, her salty tears cleansing the puddles of scarlet pooling down his chest. She returned to the horn and spoke into it’s sharp mouthpiece, reassuring her Mother’s spirit that her wish had been fulfilled. Aner accepted her lonely fate in hopes to set Mother free, but instead of a song of gratitude and farewell in return for Aner’s kindness, she was gifted with a cackle and a snort.
    Her dead Mother lied, desperate to see her husband again.
    Aner sobbed, begging the evil spirit of a woman who onced loved her for her father back. The final song her Mother sang was tinged with pity, like her past self almost regret hurting her daughter, and the dark music gave Aner hope.
    If she were to aide three spirits in moving on to the next life in three months, her father would be returned to her. If not, he’d remain trapped with his sickly wife in h*ll for eternity.
    And of course, the first spirit demanded an object in the School for Good and Evil be burnt. Aner knew that the schools were now only a place for those seeking remedy for the plague these days, and so she reluctantly crept to her Mother’s old trunk and fished out her pocket knief. She figured a clean cut across her left wrist ought to do the trick, and her suddenly itchy skin confirmed it for her.
    And so Aner stifled her tears and began her journey to The School For Good.
    She owed Father everything she could give.
    Talent: She can communicate with the dead through her father’s horn. She speaks into the mouthpiece to share and blows the instrument to hear a song in return.
    Personality: Aner is the typical Ever with a wide smile and good heart. She’s rather quiet and giggly, but she’ll sing with or without her father’s horn. Aner is the sort who day-dreams of sipping tea with royal guests and frolicking through meadows of daffodils. Though her naivety can be blinding, her gullibleness and curiosity often pose as a threat to her and those she cares about (as shown in her backstory).
    I love the name Aner but my computer won’t freaking accept the spelling! XD
    Have a lovely night, everyone!

        juliaofoakland replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        I like her backstory!

          elliethewhimsicalpineapple replied 3 years, 7 months ago

          Thanks! 🙂

        sandy23 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Great bio! 🙂
        She sort of seems like the kind of girl Darius would develop a crush on. Maybe they could meet in a POV sometime.

          elliethewhimsicalpineapple replied 3 years, 7 months ago

          Thanks, and that sounds like a great idea! 😀

        nightshade11 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        I love her father’s fairytale! Great bio in general too~

          elliethewhimsicalpineapple replied 3 years, 7 months ago

          Thank you! 😀

        em94 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        I like her! If she needs a roommate, she could go with Thea?

          elliethewhimsicalpineapple replied 3 years, 7 months ago

          Yes, that’d be fantastic! Thank you! 🙂

        solarstar replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Awesome bio! I really like her fairy tale, and her backstory is really good as well.
        One thing; shouldn’t she have old-time-y clothes?

          elliethewhimsicalpineapple replied 3 years, 6 months ago

          That is an excellent point.
          I blame my faulty wardrobe choices on the brain-dead Ellie who stayed up too late on a school night. Anyway, here’s my edit on the appearance–
          Appearance: Aner is a petite and spindly thing armed with gangly limbs and a gaunt face. Her long, pinched nose occupies the space between two honey-colored eyes, and her skin is a soft shade of dandelion fluff. Her short cropped hair ends just below her ears and is naturally pastel purple. It is most normally adorned with a daffodil flower crown, but sometimes Aner will simply tie it behind her ears with a few strands of thick grass. Gentle violet freckles sprinkle her cheeks in the summer. In Malachite she most enjoyed wearing a simple yellow gown (almost imagine Peggy Schyuler’s costume in Hamilton) with sturdy brown boots hidden beneath the many skirts, but at the School for Good and Evil, she’ll wear the filly, pink Pre School Master Era ballgowns rather willingly.

        fluffypenguins replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Ooh, I like the fariy tale!
        I suppose Leila would like her. Quinn literally is ok with everybody, so…

        fairytalegirl123 replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Lucinda could be friends with her, even though she’s a Never. She can communicate with the dead as well, but she needs a possession of said dead person, and she does a spell, blah blah blah, and yeah.

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