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    emanresu1234 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 5 years, 2 months ago

    Hello everyone! I feel like a terrible human being because I have not posted in nearly 3 weeks! Anyway, this is another attempt at writing. If you haven’t read my previous two chapters, read them here: @emanresu1234. @iceprinces and @iceflower322, you guys are fabulous. @sparrow, I added Cass to the story. He’s only in it for a short amount of time, but I am planning for him to continue to be a character in this story. 🙂 Like always, I am open to constructive criticism! Anything you guys notice that needs work, point it out to me!! Let’s move on.
    CHAPTER 3-
    Elizabeth gasped fro breath. She had just finished telling Sky and Addie everything she had overheard. Sky listened intently, hanging on to every word. Addie, however, was too tired to care.
    “Don’t worry about it.” Addie said with a yawn. “I’m sure the Deans will figure it out.”
    “Yeah, but if they are worried, then shouldn’t we be worried too?” Sky asked.
    “Exactly!” Elizabeth exclaimed. Addie yawned again and flopped onto her bed.
    “Well I still need nine hours of sleep.” she said. Elizabeth sighed.
    “You’re right.” she said. “Let’s get some sleep.” All three girls said goodnight. Elizabeth barely slept at all.
    The next day, Elizabeth tried to stay focused in her classes. It wasn’t easy. ‘Beautification’ was especially challenging; Elizabeth just “loved” learning about proper hair care. At lunch that day, there wasn’t much conversation between the three girls. They tried to start conversations, but none of them really wanted to talk about the weather, or their classes. Eventually,they just gave up on conversation. Instead, they watched birds flutter around the Clearing. It was already quite peaceful. That is, until a fire broke out where the Everboys had been hanging out. The girls lept to their feet to see what had happened. It looked as if there was a boy in the middle of the flames. Elizabeth was about to help when the fire suddenly stopped. A beautiful woman with golden hair, and green eyes, stood there, her arm extended over the spot where the flames had been only a moment before.
    “Mr. Element, in the future, please refrain from burning down the Clearing.” she said. Standing in the middle of the burnt ground was a boy. He was tall, with flaming red hair and golden eyes. His Everboy uniform was singed around the edges.
    “Yes, Dean Sophie.” he said sheepishly.
    “So that’s Dean Sophie.” Elizabeth muttered to herself. Dean Sophie nodded and walked away. Everyone started exiting the scene. Elizabeth and Addie started walking away as well, until they saw that Sky was walking towards the boy. On second thought, she wasn’t really “walking,” she was stomping. Sky went up to the boy and smacked the back of his head.
    “Cass, you idiot!” she yelled. “What were you thinking?”
    “It was an accident!” Cass yelled back, rubbing the back of his head. Addie and Elizabeth stood there as the two argued. Both of them had no idea what was going on. Finally, Addie spoke up.
    “You two know each other?”
    “He’s my brother.” Sky grumbled.
    “What?” Addie cried.
    “You mean to tell me that we’ve been roommates for nearly three months, and you didn’t tell us that you had a brother?” Elizabeth asked.
    “Actually, I have two?” Sky said.
    “Oh is that all?” Addie asked sarcastically.
    “I also have one sister.”
    “Okay, what?” Elizabeth exclaimed. Sky pretended to ignore her, and turned her attention back to Cass.
    “Cass, these are my roommates, Elizabeth and Addie. Beth, Addie, this is Cass.” The three of them awkwardly shook hands. Finally seeing Cass up close, Elizabeth noticed that Cass had a scar on his cheek. She also noticed that he and Sky looked almost nothing alike. Except their noses… or the identical annoyed expressions on their faces.
    “Why didn’t you mention Cass before?” Addie asked.
    “I didn’t think it mattered.” Sky said.
    “You said you had two brothers, and one sister?”
    “Yeah, each of us can control a different element. More or less.” said Sky. “Cass can control fire, I can control air, Hunter can control water, and Apple can control earth.”
    “You can control fire?” Elizabeth asked. Cass smiled.
    “Sort of.” he said. He opened his palm, and his hand burst into flames. The fire danced across his hand until he closed it and extinguished the flame.
    “Again, why didn’t you tell us?” Addie asked Sky. Addie and Sky continued to argue about the issue, when Elizabeth saw something move in the trees. She slowly walked towards the forest until she could barely see her friends anymore.
    “Hello?” she asked cautiously. She saw and heard nothing. Just when Elizabeth was about to walk away, something jumped from the trees and onto her head.
    “AAHHH!” she screamed. Elizabeth tried to get the thing off by hitting it, but that maade it worse. The creature then proceeded to crawl onto her face. Elizabeth heard a shrill whistle. Whatever attacked her jumped down and ran off into the forest. A boy walked walked out from behind the trees. He was tall and muscular. His hair was strawberry blonde, and his brown eyes reminded Elizabeth of a puppy.
    “I’m really sorry about that.” he said. “Paublo doesn’t like strangers.”
    “Paublo?” Elizabeth questioned. She then noticed a fluffy squirrel sitting on the boys right shoulder.
    “I was attacked by a little squirrel?” Elizabeth asked. ” That’s a new personal low for me.” The boy blushed.
    “Sorry.” he mumbled
    “It’s okay.” Elizabeth reassured him. “Can I pet… Paublo?”
    “Go ahead.” Elizabeth cautiously walked over to the little rodent and pet his head.
    “So, I still don’t know your name.” Elizabeth said.
    “Liam” the boy said.
    “I’m Elizabeth. Why are you out in the forest?”
    “This is where Paublo and I come to “escape everyone else.”
    “Do you come out here often?”
    “Usually at lunch and after school.” Liam said.
    “Wow. Do you-”
    “Beth?” Sky shouted. “Where are you?”
    “That’s my roommate.” Elizabeth explained. She turned around.
    “I’m over here!” she shouted back. Sky and Addie finally found her among the trees.
    “There you are!” Addie exclaimed. “We’ve been looking all over for you!”
    “Yeah, Cass already left.” said Sky.
    “Sorry I was just talking to…” as Elizabeth turned around, she noticed that Liam was gone.
    “Talking to who?” Sky asked.
    “He was just here.” Elizabeth said.
    “Uh sure… We should probably get back or we’ll miss ‘Good Deeds.'” Said Addie. The girls walked back to the school in silence.
    Good Deed went by fast, and before she knew it, class was over. As everyone was leaving, Elizabeth noticed that a note had been dropped onto her desk. She picked it up.
    Meet me in the the Library of Virtue after dinner.
    Elizabeth’s heart raced. She hurried down to her last class of the day, eager for it to be over before it even started. At dinner she barely even touched her soup. Elizabeth walked with her roommates until they reached the bottom of Charity tower.
    “Um.. you know what, you two go ahead. I’ll catch up with you.” she ssaid.
    “Are you sure?” Addie asked.
    “Yeah, totally sure.” Elizabeth replied.
    “Okay.” Addie said. Elizabeth watched her roommates walk up the stars until they were out of sight. She turned and ran up the stairs of Honor tower. She ran into the library.
    I was wondering when you’d show up.” Elizabeth turned. Isaiah was sitting in a chair, a cocksure grin on his face.
    ‘Sorry, I tried to get here as fast as I could.” Elizabeth said. “Why are we meeting at the library?”
    “I wanted to get to know you.” Isaiah explained. “Here, follow me.” Isaiah got up from his chair and started walking towards the far end of the library. Elizabeth followed him. They finally reached a bookshelf in the farthest, darkest part of the library. Elizabeth coughed.
    “When was the last time this bookshelf was dusted?”
    “I don’t know.” Isaiah replied. “But we’re not here for the books.” He ran his hand along the stone was until he found a stone towards the center. Isaiah pushed the stone. All of the stones began to spread apart, revealing a large opening in the wall.
    “Whoa.” Elizabeth said. Isaiah offered her his hand. She hesitantly took it, and he led her through the wall. The walked up an old spiral staircase. Finally, Isaiah stopped. He felt around the wall, until he felt a ****. He twisted it and opened the hidden door.
    “Ladies first.” Isaiah said., gesturing at the open door. Elizabeth walked through the door and out onto a balcony. She could see the sun setting against the orange and pink sky.
    “Where are we?” she asked.
    “At the top of Honor tower.” Isaiah replied.
    “You’re kidding.”
    “No really, see for yourself.” Elizabeth walked to the edge of the balcony. Sure enough, when she looked down, she saw the blue and pink spires of the school. Across from them, was the dark, jagged School for Evil.
    ” I found this place when I was looking for a book and accidentally bumped into that stone.” Isaiah said. “Do you like it?”
    “I love it!” Elizabeth replied. “It’s beautiful.” They both took a seat on a nearby bench.
    “So, what do we do know?” she asked.
    “I just wanted to talk. Hmm… what fairy tale are your parents from?”
    “Beauty and the Beast. What about you?”
    “My dad is the Huntsman from Snow White. I never knew my mom.”
    “Oh. I’m sorry.”
    “Don’t worry about it. Favorite color?”
    “Turquoise.” Elizabeth said without hesitation.
    “I was half expecting you to say yellow.” Isaiah said jokingly. Elizabeth laughed.
    “That’s my mom’s favorite color, not mine.” They talked like this for hours, and neither of them noticed that the sun had gone down. They finally decided to head back down.
    “Thanks’s for coming tonight.” Isaiah said. “I had fun.”
    “So did I.” said Elizabeth.
    “See you tomorrow.” Elizabeth merely nodded. Once she got back to her room, Elizabeth’s roommates were bursting with questions.
    “Where have you been?” asked Addie.
    “Why were you gone for nearly three hours?” questioned Sky.
    ” I was um.. studying at the library.” Technically, she had been at the library.
    “Hmmm… library huh?” Sky said while stroking a fake beard. Elizabeth sighed.
    “Yes.” Elizabeth said. Dash flew off of Sky’s bedpost, and onto Sky’s head.
    “Still not convinced.” Sky said.
    “Oh give it up Sky.” Addie said, even though she didn’t believe Elizabeth either. Elizabeth faked a yawn.
    ‘Well, I’m going to sleep.” she said. Elizabeth curled up under her covers and pretended to sleep.
    “Nobody falls asleep that quickly.” Sky grumbled as she walked over to her bed. All three girls tried to sleep, but none of them could. Addie couldn’t sleep because she knew that Elizabeth was hiding something from her. Elizabeth couldn’t sleep because she was still thinking about Isaiah. Sky couldn’t sleep because Dash kept poking her face with his beak. It was going to be a long night.

    Thanks to all who read it! I realize that this chapter was very long and boring, but I had to get it out there. @sparrow, there will be more Cass and Mel. PLEASE LEAVE CRITIQUES!!! 🙂

        emanresu1234 replied 5 years, 2 months ago

        Ok, I just re-read this and noticed several mistakes. Sorry guys, I was trying to type this chapter fast. So, first off, ‘fro’ is supposed to be ‘for’. ‘Actually, I have two?’ is supposed to be ‘Actually, I have two.’ Those are just a few mistakes I noticed, and I had to correct those two because they were bugging me the most. 🙂 Once again, sorry for all the mistakes.

          fairytaleendings replied 5 years, 2 months ago

          Just saying I love it, but just so you know you put a double s on said when Elizabeth goes to meet Isaiah. Just so you know though- it’s really good.

        rikki237 replied 5 years, 2 months ago

        This is awesome! I love how developed your characters are and the way you described Sophie.
        Just one thing in terms of grammar, instead of:
        “This is where Paublo and I come to “escape everyone else.”
        The quotations should look like:
        “This is where Paublo and I come to ‘escape everyone else'”
        But other than that it’s really good!

        iceprinces replied 5 years, 2 months ago

        That was awesome!! Can’t wait to read more!!

        sparrow replied 5 years, 2 months ago

        Amazing!!! :mrgreen:

        isabellucy0531 replied 5 years, 2 months ago

        I loved it! This is officially one of my favs 🙂

        emanresu1234 replied 5 years, 2 months ago

        @fairytaleendings, I did notice that, but it was after I posted that correction. @rikki237, I did not notice that! I was trying to type this chapter really fast, and I forgot to do that. But thanks to both of you for pointing those out to me!!!
        @iceprinces, @sparrow, and @isabellucy0531 Thanks for reading it!!!

        fairytaleendings replied 5 years, 1 month ago

        When is your next chapter coming out? I can’t wait!

          emanresu1234 replied 5 years, 1 month ago

          @fairytaleendings, it might be a while. 🙁 We currently have family visiting, and it takes me FOREVER to type these chapters. I have already written a rough draft of chapter 4. Once that has been revised I will write chapter 5. However, I don’t know when I will get the chance to post that. Stay tuned, I’ll try to post ASAP. 🙂

        snowy3000 replied 4 years, 12 months ago

        AWWWWW I ship it 😉 Don’t quit on the story!

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