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    emanresu1234 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 6 months ago

    Hello everyone! It has been SO SO long since I have posted! Well, I finally stopped procrastinating and finished chapter 5! So, let’s get started with the shout outs. Shout out to @iceprinces, @iceflower322, and @sparrow. They are all amazing. I am also going to tag my cousin, @snowy3000. Let’s get on with the story.
    CHAPTER 5-
    Even after opening her eyes, all Elizabeth saw was darkness. From what she could tell, she was sitting on a cold, dirt floor. Her hands were bound behind her back, the rope cutting into her wrists. Her ankles were bound as well. A wall sat behind her, propping her up. Elizabeth heard movement next to her.
    “Hello?” she asked, her voice hoarse.
    “Elizabeth?” a voice replied.
    “Yeah, I’m here.” Elizabeth sighed in relief.
    “Are you okay?”
    “Yeah.” Liam replied. “My head hurts like crazy though.” Elizabeth nodded, realized he couldn’t see her, and spoke.
    “Same.” Suddenly, a shred of light cut through the darkness. Elizabeth recoiled at the light, but then reopened her eyes in hopes of seeing her surroundings. She had been right about the dirt floor. They were in a small room with stone walls, and one small door. The door itself had not been opened. The light was coming from a flap at the bottom of the door. The flap was very small, and Elizabeth thought that only something as small as Paublo could fit through it. She then thought of the little squirrel and made a mental note to ask Liam about where he was later. Two small cups of water water were pushed through the flap on a tray. The second the tray was through, the flap slammed shut, and the room was consumed by darkness once again.
    Addie yawned. She pulled her covers closer as she slowly opened her eyes. The sun peaked through the curtained windows, making the pink room very bright and cheerful. Addie glanced over at her roommates bed. Sky’s blankets had fallen off the bed and we’re scattered across the floor. Her white blond hair was splayed across her pillow, which had a dark spot on it from Sky’s drooling. Seeing that everything was normal over there, Addie looked to Elizabeth’s bed. It was untouched. Addie’s brow creased with worry. “Maybe she got up already and made her bed.” she reasoned. Addie got up and started her morning routine. This included putting on her makeup, throwing on her uniform, and then pulling her hair into its usual ponytail. Once she was sure that her hair, makeup, and uniform were perfect, she went to make her bed. Sky had just woken up. Her hair stuck out in random places, and her eyes were still trying to get used to the light.
    “Morning.” she mumbled. “Where’s Beth?”
    “Good morning, and I don’t know. Probably at the library.” Sky merely nodded. Sky got up and started her morning routine. Sky’s morning routine consisted of putting on her uniform, and feeding her bird. Both girls expected to see their grey eyed roommate in class, but Elizabeth wasn’t there.
    Elizabeth didn’t know how to drink the water when a) she couldn’t really see the cup, and b) her hands were tied behind her back. She and Liam had no choice but to drink the water like dogs. The both went back to the wall and rested against it.
    “We need to get out of here.” Liam said after a moment of silence.
    “Really? I thought we’d just stay here for the rest of our lives.” Elizabeth replied sarcastically. “So… any idea on how to get out of here?”
    “No, not really.”
    “This is hopeless.” Elizabeth mumbled.
    “Well… at least we have each other. Two heads are better than one.” Elizabeth blushed a little. She agreed with Liam, being alone would make the situation even worse.
    “You’re right.” she said. Elizabeth shifted to get more comfortable. As she did, her hand brushed up against something. She picked the object up. It was a rock. “Lovely.” She thought. “I’ve found a rock.” Elizabeth was about to put it down when a thought crossed her mind. With a little difficulty, Elizabeth started slamming the rock against the brick wall.
    “What are you doing?” Liam asked.
    “Trying to break the rock.”
    “Um… okaaay…” Elizabeth continued to smash the rock against the wall.
    Cass was distracted at lunch that day. He had his mind on one person; Melody Hatter. Most people thought she was odd. It might have been the fact that she would always talk to her rabbit, or how she always looked terrified whenever someone sneezed. Cass thought that she was beautiful, funny, and kind… even if she was a little odd. Cass turned to search for her. He didn’t see her anywhere in the Clearing. Disappointed, he decided to go talk to his sister.
    “Hey, Sky.” Cass said as he sat next to her and Addie. “Quick question, have you seen Melody Hatter anywhere?”
    “Um no.” Sky answered.
    “Why are you looking for her anyways?” Addie asked.
    “No reason.” Cass said casually.
    “Suuuure.” Sky said teasingly.
    “We’re kind of trying to find someone ourselves.” Addie said.
    “Really? Who-” Cass started before he noticed Elizabeth was missing. “Oh. Elizabeth?” Sky and Addie nodded.
    “She wasn’t in her bed this morning.” Addie stated.
    “And she didn’t show up to any of her classes this morning.” Sky added.
    “And she’s not here.” Cass threw in.
    “Gee, thanks captain obvious.” Sky grumbled. Just then Addie saw Isaiah walking towards them.
    “Hey, have any of you seen Elizabeth lately?” He asked.
    “Congrats! You just asked the ‘Question of the day!’” Sky said.
    “Sorry. Haven’t seen her since dinner last night.” Addie replied. Isaiah thought for a moment.
    “Maybe I can help you guys find her.” Isaiah offered.
    “Thanks, but we’ve got this.” Sky said. Isaiah looked disappointed.
    “Oh. Right. Well, uh let me know if you need any help.” He walked back to the group of Everboys without another word.
    Elizabeth had successfully managed to break the rock so that it now had a sharp edge. She was just about to start cutting her restraints when the door swung open. Their captor stood there, dressed in all black, with a black mask that hid his face. He was holding another prisoner with a burlap sack over their head. He shoved the new prisoner in and slammed the door. The newcomer was obviously conscious because a small voice squeaked out.
    “Where am I?” Liam answered.
    “We’re in a prison. More or less.”
    “Are we the only ones here?”
    “I’m here too.” Elizabeth said. “I’ll free you in a minute.” With that Elizabeth went back to cutting the rope. It took her longer than expected, but she finally broke the bonds.
    “Ah ha!” she yelled triumphantly. She rubbed her wrists, then went to work on Liam’s restraints. Once he was free, she walked over to the third prisoner. Elizabeth cut the newcomers restraints and removed the burlap sack. Elizabeth could tell she was a girl, but she couldn’t see much else.
    “What’s your name?” Elizabeth questioned.
    “I’m Melody Hatter, but you can call me Mel.”

    As always, PLEASE LEAVE CRITIQUES! I typed this chapter in a bit of a rush, and I am positive that I missed something. Let me know what you think in the comments. Bye!

        bella777 replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Nice story!
        (I used to have a character named Melody/Mel as well) 😉

        snowy3000 replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        well well well….. Looks like someone FINALLY decided to POST!!!! But anyways loved the story and next time don’t make me wait to LONG!!! Love you cous! 🙂

        iceprinces replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Amazing chapter!!!!!! =) can’t wait to

        sparrow replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Awesome chapter

        iceflower322 replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Amazing chapter! I wonder who the kidnapper is. Can’t wait for the next chapter 🙂

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