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    Hi guys! So I just finished re-typing my eighth chapter and I wanna share it with you. Just so you wanna know, I already posted this awhile ago but I kinda changed my mind and revised it. So anyway, if you wanna be tagged I would love to tag you. Just say the word :).
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    *Sorry if I forgot anyone. Enjoy!*
    Chapter 8: Broken in Pieces
    Ember’s POV
    The cold breeze stung my cheeks as I ran through the Blue Forest. “I want to go home,” I whispered like a child. Before I even came here, every night my sleep was always peaceful, but ever since I met Tatiana my peaceful nights became nightmares.
    As I was ran the wind whistle through my ear and I heard a voice. “I’ll take you from them,” the voice threatened coldly. I fell on my knees and rested my palms on my ears, as if I could block the voice out of my head. Tears were threatening to fall on my cheeks, but I bit my lower lip just in time to stop them.
    Tucker nuzzled his nose on my cape, I took him under my arms and cradled him to my chest. We stayed like that, until Tucker’s ear shot up. He broke free from my arms, and stood in front of me protectively, a deep growl came from his throat.
    “What is it, boy?” I ask in a whisper, still on my knees.
    His growl deepened. I stood up, and came near him. I followed his gaze and froze. Silver, almost transparent eyes looked back at me. It slowly came out of a bush, the moon’s light gave the creature a glow effect as it walked towards me. Tucker, beside me, rattled with fury that I saw small streaks of fire between his teeth. I rubbed my eyes, thinking I was hallucinating.
    But the silver creature caught back my attention.
    “Who are you?” I asked the silver creature as I shifted on my feet.
    It met my gaze and it spoke through my mind in a motherly tone, “I am Sia, I am a shape-shifter who has trained wolf riders such as you are to become great warriors. I see you and your wolf friend here, running around like walking targets for Nevers, yet you are inexperienced to ever fight them back.”
    “Inexperienced?” my voice came out almost in a mocking voice as I remembered my victory against mother.
    “Yes,” it spoke to my head firmly.
    I scoffed. She advanced towards me, and Tucker growled again. She looked at Tucker with a glare and Tucker slinked back in fear. Sia’s body turned into a wolf, and she looked at us with determination.
    “Let me train you,” Sia spoke again.
    I hesitated for a moment but I didn’t have much choice, since I had nothing to do. I nodded to Sia and a sword that was longer than my arm materialized in front of me.
    “First of all, let me train you with your weakness,” Sia said. I gulped and took the sword in my hands, surprisingly it was light to the touch. Its hilt was bloodred, and runes were carved at the silver blade, Sia turned into a beautiful, transparent lady, in her hand was a sword and she spun it professionally between her hands.
    “So shall we begin?” Sia asked, only this time through her lips and not through my mind. I nodded and raised the blade to my face, and lunged forward her.
    I must be out of my mind, I thought.
    Fiona’s POV
    We accidentally slept on Ember’s bed.
    When we woke up Ember was back, but unlike yesterday her face acquired quite a few scratches. “What happened to you?” I asked her. She just shook her head, and I didn’t press on the subject anymore. We all went to the Groom Room for a shower, and slipped on our uniforms and headed for the Clearing.
    We ate on our usual spot, under the large oak tree. We ate our pancakes in silence, Tucker was with us and he ‘wolfed’ his own breakfast beside Ember. A girl with auburn locks, and dark brown eyes, skipped towards us.
    “Mind if I sit with you guys?” she asked in a sweet voice.
    I just nodded. She sat next to Ember and spoke, “I didn’t see you at lunch yesterday.” She pouted, and a girl with straight black hair and blue eyes plopped next to the auburn haired girl.
    “Sorry, Akira,” Ember mumbled plainly. Dark circles under her eyes were more visible than yesterday, it was obvious she was tired.
    The girl Akira just smiled at Ember, and she looked at me and Corrine. “Oh, are these people your friends?” she asked Ember. Ember nodded and introduced us, and Akira smiled at us. Somehow her smile gave me an uneasy feeling.
    “I’m Akira by the way,” Akira said. “And she’s Opal, my girlfriend.” She pointed at the girl next her.
    My jaw dropped, even Corrine and Ember dropped their pancakes to their basket. Akira seemed unaware of our reaction, since she just smiled.
    Holy pancakes, I cursed in my head.
    Demarcus’ POV
    Both princes and princesses alike were given a sword at Professor Espada’s class. We were instructed to choose a pair, and I chose Altair for a partner. At the corner of my eye, I saw Ember talking to an onyx haired boy, she was paying close attention to the boy. My ears went beet red, and I was fuming with jealousy. The onyx haired boy held his sword in his hand and demonstrated a stance in front of Ember. Ember’s eyes were trained on the boy’s stance, and she followed his example. The boy frowned and went towards Ember and stood behind her, he put his hands over her waist and shifted it, he raised her sword arm and smiled at her. She smiled sheepishly at him, Altair tapped me. He had his brow arched, and he followed my gaze. His jaw tightened, and looked back at me with a frown.
    “Let’s begin,” Professor Rumi Espada spoke. “Who would like to begin?”
    My hands shot up unconsciously, and Altair looked surprised. “Well, I give you the stage,” the Professor said as he step back giving space for me. As my partner, Altair went with me. My blood was raging and my mind was focused on one goal: Get the attention of Ember.
    We stood there in front of the class, both swords raised, waiting for the other to attack. Why was I doing this? I can’t even balance the blade on my hands right now, and I’m about to battle an experienced, 15 year old knight for my childhood friend’s undivided attention? I must be crazy, I thought to myself.
    I tackled Altair head-on, but he blocked me easily. He didn’t even move from his spot, his eyes and face showed composure, and it unnerved me. I lunged at him again with all the strength I could muster, but he blocked it again easily.
    “You’re stance is too stiff, Demarcus,” Altair said.

    This time, he spun his own blade and disarmed me. My sword flew and stabbed the wooden floor with its sharp edge. I felt cold steel touch my neck, and my Adam’s apple bobbed up and down nervously. My arms flew up in surrender. A big golden ‘1’ exploded above Altair’s head, and all the students cheered for the first victory.
    My eyes scoured the students for Ember, and my chest tightened at what I saw. My windpipe stopped collecting air, and my vision blurred with tears.
    Ember, how come you love somebody else? My mind screamed.
    My head felt light and I was falling, falling to a black hole. My eyes closed and the last image I saw was Ember’s lips on the onyx haired boy. I fell on something soft, preventing me from breaking apart as I fell.
    Kyla’s POV
    “I’ve decided to make things more interesting for you, Tatiana, but I want the mocha haired prince fall apart first, in order for him to approach you,” I paused. “So I saw an onyx haired boy at the Clearing this morning, and I saw him stealing glances to that flame haired girl.”
    Tatiana just nodded at me through her hood, as we entered the frozen classroom of Dean Sophie, obviously not interested with my plan. I was about to elaborate more on my plan, but the Dean has already entered the freezing room.
    “So, today our challenge will be…” Dean Sophie began without introductions. She conjured a phantom princess in front our classroom. Dean Sophie didn’t need to elaborate the challenge for Nevers knew the challenge’s drill.
    “So who wants to be first?” the Dean asked. Nevers shot their hands up wildly.
    So all were given a chance to kill the phantom princess, some gave poisonous lipstick (the lipstick trick never gets old, Dean Sophie mumbled.) Some severed, impaled the phantom princess ruthlessly. That’s when Tatiana went forward, a phantom princess was conjured right in front of her, and her lips curled into a smile. The phantom princess shifted, it became a man, and he was smiling at Tatiana affectionately. Tatiana’s smile turned into a wicked cackle, and she whispered into the man’s ear, “I’ll take everything you have. Even your precious daughter is mine.” The man’s eyes widened and he kneeled, “Please, don’t take her away from me, take me instead,” the man pleaded.
    Tatiana grinned darkly, “My pleasure.”
    And then ice bursted from her palm and it went through the back of the man. He screamed in agony, and Tatiana purred in delight, she took something from the man’s back and I saw it. It was a beating heart, but it didn’t seem like a phantom’s heart at all.
    It didn’t seem like I have to alter the onyx haired boy feelings, for it looks like my task has done its own job. I heard the mocha haired boy’s thought in my head, ‘Ember, how could you love somebody else?’ I couldn’t stop smiling, this heartbreak will be my stepping stone in breaking that flame haired girl’s life. I felt the brokenness of the boy’s voice, it was very vivid and sharp in my mind.
    I saw another image in my mind, it was the onyx haired boy and the flame haired princess, their lips pressed together. The girl was trying to break free, but the boy held her on his iron grip.
    When the boy and girl broke free, the girl punched the boy on the face causing blood to spurt from the boy’s nose. Then the image faded.
    “Too late princess, you already broke your prince’s heart,” I whispered to myself giddily.
    I’m really sorry if there too many grammatical errors and typos. Thing is, my mind is about to explode, I’m runnin’ out of ideas for this story and I’m not very good with commas and stuff. Anyways thank you for reading this, and type down ‘Holy Pancakes’ at the beginning of your comment to let me know you have really read my story. If you haven’t read the previous chapters yet, I advice you to read it first. 🙂
    And while I’m at it… @itsmejazzy, has anyone posted on our RP Collab? …
    So that’s all, hope you guys enjoyed this, cause I’m a little nervous that you won’t 🙂

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        Nice job! I love it!

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          Thank you so much @princesssky. That means a lot to me 🙂

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        Holy pancakes that was interesting!

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        Holy pancakes, that was great! Your writing’s really improved since last time! Keep it up!!! 🙂

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        “Holy pancakes.”
        Great chapter! And for the collab, yes people have posted for it.

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          emberscarlet replied 3 years, 9 months ago

          @fairytalegirl123 I’ve been looking for new posts of the Collab but only saw old posts. Has nobody posted new chapters yet?
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