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    emberscarlet posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 9 months ago

    Good afternoon guys! As I have promised, here are some bios. Although I just promised Akira and Tatiana’s bios, I made more than two. 🙂 The appearance of the characters are short, but I still hope you like them. And if you want to be tagged on my next chapter, or if you want to borrow a character or if you have questions. Just say so…
    So, I’mma proceed in introducing my characters….
    Name: Akira of the Endless Woods
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    School: Good
    Lineage: She does not know who her parents were. When she was an infant she was left at the Woods and nature took care of her (see backstory) But she thinks she is Tarzan’s descendant.
    Appearance: Long auburn locks, dark brown eyes, and a jolly, sweet smile. She has creamy skin, and has small dots of freckles speckled around her small but pointed nose. She is about 5 feet in height and has strong legs and arms. She has low cheekbones, and has a firm jaw, she has thick but short eyelashes. Perfect knitted eyebrows and has a curvy figure.

    Personality: Sweet, jolly and is always energetic. She is a person who loves to smile. She is also a very positive even in the most helpless situations. She loves to make other people happy, for she hates seeing people sad.
    Flaws: Sometimes she just smiles too much that it unnerves people that are around her. Sometimes, her sweet and jolly personality gets misinterpreted by fellow Evers, they also tend to think she has great life, that she has no problem.
    Crush/Bf/Gf: She has a girlfriend named, Opal.
    Backstory: When Akira was an infant, her parents left her at the Endless Woods to fend for herself. Fortunately for Akira, nature (yep, nature, as in trees, vines and whatnot) took care of her. They gave her food and water for survival, they also taught her to climb trees and self-defense (weird right? can’t even imagine a vine teaching me to hold a dagger.) Akira has also attempted looking for her parents around the Woods but only failed to do so. She stayed at the Endless Woods until she discovered she will attend the School for Good and Evil. So off she went with her Flowerground ticket the next two days, with determination to find more about her parents at school.
    Weapon(s): A long ivory tusk that she made into a dagger.
    Talent(s): She can control, speak, and talk to nature. (Don’t mess with her or you’ll be a tropical fruit the next second you open your eyes.
    More about Akira: She is nature itself. Is a vegetarian, likes the color forest green. Hates meat(for she is vegetarian, duh?) She is very girly, and very great with sewing gowns or dresses. Also great with pairing clothes together, let’s just say she is a fashion fanatic.

    Name: Opal of Wonderland
    Age: 16 (same age as Akira)
    Gender: Female
    School: Good
    Lineage: Queen of Hearts
    Appearance: She has very straight black hair, and vibrant blue eyes. She has long nose, firm jawline, high cheekbones and thin lips that are set in a frown (she is the exact opposite of Akira). She has very white skin, with no freckles. She has a bright red heart birthmark that is just below her left eye. She has an athletic figure and is taller than Akira by an inch.
    Personality: *And I was like, “Hey, girl? Why so serious?” to her face. Only to be ignored by her with the frown.* So yep she is very serious, and intimidating especially without Akira around. She only smiles whenever Akira is around. Opal is very quiet and the kind of person who would totally beat you up if you stole Akira’s attention. She is also a person who loves to see people cry, in short she is a big bully (well most of the time)
    Flaws: Can be too intimidating. People thinks she is a big troublemaker, and they think she is always the cause of problems. With her constant frown, people tend to think that she has anger issues.
    Backstory: Opal, as the first child of the Queen of Hearts, holds a very big burden on her shoulders. Her mother has taught her to become the lady she wanted her to be, and expects too much from her. But all Opal ever wanted was a normal life, to rule a whole kingdom was not in her bucket list. Until, one morning her mother told her that she would go to the School for Good and Evil for more training for her. Somehow, school became a relief for Opal. It was a temporary sanctuary from her mother’s high expectations.
    Weapon(s): She always brings a croquet mallet that can be willed to be small enough, and is well hidden beneath her skirt.
    Talent(s): Can summon an army of cards for who-knows-what she wants it for. Also good with using her mallet for combat. (So you should be careful not to get in trouble with her.)
    More about Opal: She has twin siblings named, Lizzie and Brent. She loves them at the bottom of her heart, and would do anything for them. She hates both girls and boys(except for Akira, of course.) Also a vegetarian, and is a pet-lover. She is also a fashion fanatic, that’s how she and Akira got together.

    Name: Tatiana Blizzard of Frozen Peaks (made it up)
    Age: 15
    School: Evil
    Lineage: Her father is an evil snow spirit, while her mother is a mere mortal that lives near Snow Peaks.
    Appearance: This is still a secret… Find out soon! But I can say she has very thin lips, and ghostly pale, tight-veined skin, and icy blue manicured nails.
    Personality: She is purely evil. Cruel, brutal, but quiet. She loves suffering like most Nevers do, she loves revenge more than she imagines. Once you take something that is very important to her, she will get her revenge by taking what is important from you. She is subtle, and very smart.
    Flaws: “Revenge, hatred, and bloodlust, is my flaw.” She would say.
    Weapon/Talent: Her ice magic
    Backstory: Her father was a great ally of the Evil Queen, Raven Queen. He has helped her with multiple requests with no complaint, but one day, Tatiana’s dad never got back. The next month came, and young Tatiana and her mother were informed that her father was found dead. Burnt, and now displayed with the spoils of one kingdom. ‘High East Mountains,’ the messenger told them. She and her mother wailed bitterly, for they loved her father dearly. Her mother died the day after, for she killed herself, and jumped at a high cliff. Tatiana was left, alone, and abandoned by the two precious people who loved her dearly. Tatiana’s heart became bitter, her blood raged with revenge. She screamed the whole night in despair, as she screamed ice bursted from the ground beneath her. She then discovered her chance against the people who took her parents away. So she travelled towards High East Mountain when she was of age to travel on her own. She then found out, that a princess from the same kingdom that the King dearly loved, was about to go to the School for Good and Evil. So she also enrolled at the school in order to meet the princess, her Nemesis. She was going to avenge her parents death, by killing the princess and the King himself.

    Name: Blitz Chase of High East Mountains
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    School: A graduate of the School for Good.
    Lineage: Son of the King’s gardener
    Appearance: Short medium chestnut brown hair, greenish eyes. Bulky figure, bronze smooth skin. Square jaw, full lips and high cheekbones. Perfect knitted eyebrows, and broad shoulders.
    Clothing: His maroon gear, with the castle’s emblem. Always wears his belt that has his sheathed sword with it. As for shoes he wears fireproof leather boots.
    Personality: He is very wise, very strategic. He is loyal, sweet, and caring. Also loves to give a hug to people that he sees are sad. He always knows what to say, and he is always composed. Can be emotional sometimes.
    Special someone: Anäis (Shh! Don’t tell him I told you, he’ll kill me)
    Flaws: He can be too wise that it annoys people around him.
    Weapon(s): Two long swords.
    Talent(s): He has great fighting instincts, and he’s a pro with his two long swords.
    Pet: Xanthos, the white steed
    Backstory: It’s very simple, he is the son of the gardener of King Faix. He has been the favorite of King Faix, and the King loved his gardener dearly (in a manly way.) So when Blitz was of age, King Faix sent him to school in order to show his gratitude for his old loyal gardener. So also, out of Blitz’s gratitude for the king’s kindness, he served for the king as his knight.

    Name: Altair of High East Mountains
    Age: 15
    School: Good
    Gender: Male
    Lineage: Secret (you’ll know sooner)
    Appearance: Smooth curled, jet-black hair, and flame like eyes. High cheekbones, sharp nose, and long, thick lashes. Has pale skin, and has a knight’s strong build.
    Clothing: *same as Blitz’s clothing*
    Personality: Quiet, shy, but mostly serious. He likes to give death stares to people he does not like, likes to kick Never’s ****, and does not like to smile. He likes to tease, especially if it is Demarcus.
    Special someone: Fio-… *gives me a death stare* “Nevermind.” *laughs nervously, and runs as fast as possible away from him*
    Flaws: Sometimes he can be too creepy
    Weapon(s): His sharp sword
    Talent(s): Besides his great skill with swords, he does not know his magical powers, yet.
    Backstory: This is also a secret, sooner I’ll reveal it 

    Name: Anäis of High East Mountains
    Age: 18
    Lineage: She is the daughter of one of the maids of King Faix
    School: She did not attend school
    Appearance: Black long curls that is always tied in a loose bun, and obsidian eyes. She has a small build, but she is strong. She has a sweet elegant ****** features, but do not let the looks deceive you. She is a like a dragon in a body of a squirrel.

    Personality: Has a sense of humor. Very sarcastic, respectful, loyal, and brave. She treats people higher than herself, so I would say she’s humble.
    Special someone: Blitz
    Flaws: She can be too open-minded sometimes, and can say too much.
    Weapon(s): She can do martial arts, and a pro with a dagger.
    Talent(s): Can take other people into another’s one dream.
    Backstory: Ever since she was a baby, she has lived inside the castle. Her mother, one of the maids, trained her to serve humbly, and look at others as higher people. So when she turned 10, she started serving as a maid. When King Faix offered her schooling, she refused, for she never wanted a fairytale. So the king heed her desire to serve him.

    Name: Bryce Patterson of Bloodbrook
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    School: Good
    Lineage: Unknown, but his parents are still alive
    Appearance: Neat onyx hair, and onyx eyes. Muscular build, strong arms and long legs. He’s just as tall as Altair. Long, flat nose, low cheekbones, and firm cheeks and chiselled jawline.
    Clothing: Simple button down shirt, skinny jeans, and leather boots. Sometimes, he wears a printed shirt, that is untucked over his tattered jeans and black combat boots. And he wears a red bandana over his forehead to keep his hair to cover his eyes.
    Personality/ flaws: Happy-go-lucky, annoying, and always wants to be a part of gossips. He is unbelievably weird, and is a mastermind. He’s very possessive at things, and girls, even if they’re not his. He would do things for selfish desires.
    Weapon(s): A sharp sword
    Talent(s): Very swift in movement, and is a boss with his sword.
    Backstory: He is a spoiled brat of the family, his parents would do anything he asks them. That’s why he grew up being carefree and he lived with his selfish desires.
    Tag list:
    *hope you guys like it, I know my characters don’t have much detail, because if I did, it might give hints to what may happen in my story*
    Thank you for reading this it means so much to me even if you’re just reading it. Have a nice day Evs and Nevs! 🙂

        emberscarlet replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        Whoops! The clothes did not paste
        How do you post pictures here? Mine wouldn’t post with the links, that is why the some of the clothings are blank. Sorry!

          aelintiya replied 3 years, 9 months ago

          Find the picture, press and hold the picture. Click on the copy option, and paste.

          kenziecrystai replied 3 years, 9 months ago

          Well, I guess it’s Kenzie to the rescue. @soulreaper has some guides on how to post photos, videos and even how the get some cool font stuff in your posts. Follow the tag above or tag him in another post asking for help and I’m sure he’ll answer as soon as possible 🙂

        emberscarlet replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        I tried to, but it wouldn’t post.

          emberscarlet replied 3 years, 9 months ago

          Okay @kenziecrystai! Thank you!

        kenziecrystai replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        These are great! I didn’t expect so many bios in one post, but they all seem like very interesting characters. Keep up all the awesome work and improvement you’re doing. Can’t wait for the next chapter! 🙂

        emberscarlet replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        Thank you @kenziecrystai!

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