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    A new day a new chapter! So I just finished chapter nine of my story. I really am happy for those who have supported me a lot, even if they are not that many. So would like to give a very big shoutout to @kenziecrystai, and @otaku88! They have been very supportive, well, for me that is. Would like to say thank you for your tips on writing and compliments it really means so much to me! My gratitude are way beyond words can tell 🙂
    So, wanna get going with the tags! If you want to be tagged just say so…
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    *I know, I’ve borrowed characters, but please understand some may not be mentioned constantly*
    The Birth of Fire and Ice
    Chapter 9: Set Aside
    Bryce’s POV
    The first time I saw Ember, was at the Welcoming. Her glowing smile has smitten me. The way she would throw back her head whenever she would laugh at something she thinks are hilarious. Yes, you could count me as a stalker. However, for two mornings straight she has been quiet, and you can feel she’s sad. Dark circles has started to form underneath her striking flame like eyes.
    Fortunately for me, she’s with my class today with Professor Rumi Espada. We were given swords, and I saw her standing at a far side corner of the classroom. She swung her blade uneasily, her legs unbalanced. Every time she would try to do a second swing the sword would clatter on the wooden floors. I tried my best to not burst out laughing.
    I walked up to her. She looked up, thin strands of hair started to fall on her face. I resisted the urge to put it behind her ears. She spoke, “Can I help you?” My heart thumped. She blew the strands of hair from her face furiously, annoyed.
    “Professor Espada said to pick partners. Saw you swinging the sword uneasily,” I told her with a lopsided grin. Her brow arched, probably annoyed at my grin. She raised her blade, eyed it with the least interest, and leaned it on her collarbone. “So?” she asked, her tone raised.
    “I would like to offer being your partner. I could teach you a few moves,” I told her as I shifted my own blade between my two hands.
    She hesitated. “That would be fine,” she paused. “But don’t be too cocky, stranger,” she said, and she pointed the tip of her blade at my face. I laughed, she’s just too cute. “Bryce Patterson, and I don’t think you should point swords at someone’s face,…” I shot her a questioning look. She lowered the blade, and sighed.
    “Ember Queen,” she answered plainly.
    I clapped my hands together and exhaled deeply. “So shall I help you with that ridiculous stance of yours?” I teased. She smacked my arm with the flat of my blade, and rolled her eyes. I stood in front of her, and bent my knees in a relaxed angle, and swung my blade with my right arm. Her eyes were trained on my stance, and she followed my example. Only, her waist was in a wrong angle. I frowned and stood straight, I went behind her. I put my arms around her waist and shifted it.
    I smiled. She smiled back sheepishly. This time, my heart skipped a beat.
    Professor Rumi entered the room, and Ember stood straight. My arms slinked back to my sides. “Let’s begin,” the Professor said. “Who would like to begin?” A hand shot up, it was a mocha haired boy. The Professor stepped aside, “Well, I give you the stage.” The mocha haired boy, went forward with a jet black haired boy. They both stood there for a moment, blades raised. Ember beside me had pierced the wooden floor with the tip of her sword and her other hand rested on the hilt, her other hand was on her mouth. She kept whispering something nervously, ‘Go, Demarcus, you can do it.’ I frowned, and looked at both prince, who were now clashing swords. I didn’t want to know who the ‘Demarcus boy’ was.
    I suddenly turned to Ember, her head turned, confused. I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me, her eyes widened. “What is it, Bryce?”
    I looked at both prince at the center of our classroom, the mocha haired boy had a sword on his neck, his eyes scoured the room for something, that’s when I reverted my attention to Ember, and kissed her. Her lips were soft, sweet but she was holding back. She tried to break free, but I tightened my grip and she groaned in pain.
    She broke free, and her fist met my nose. Blood spurted from it. I looked at her, her eyes were wild and filled with anger. That moment I fell in love with her, I was jealous, and mad at her for caring for another boy.
    “What was that for?!” she snarled at me, her eyes glowed brighter.
    I smiled at her, blood still trickled at my nose.
    “It’s for claiming you,” I smiled. This made her eyes glow brighter, almost gold. “Claim me for what?” she asked, furious.
    My smile never faded, “To claim you, as my own.”
    This time, the door of our classroom exploded with fire. Students started to panic, Professor Rumi started barking orders, “ Stay back, students!” Water nymphs started to spray water on the burning door. Somebody held Ember’s shoulders, it was the first ranked prince awhile ago.
    “Ember, you got to go to Demarcus, right now. He just fainted.” The boy told Ember in a soothing tone. Ember’s wild eyes, softened, and the burning door’s fire weakened. She nodded at the boy, her face filled with worry, and then she ran towards a hammock that carried the mocha haired boy. The first ranked prince looked at me with a death stare, I just arched my brow, trying to provoke him. He just sprinted away, unaffected by my eyebrow raising. Instead it left me annoyed.
    Well, at least I just kissed the most beautiful princess I ever fell in love with. She is the most beautiful, and the most dangerous I’ve ever known.
    Demarcus’ POV
    I was dreaming… I was in a field filled with flowers, and I was lying on the flowers. I opened my eyes to see the bright summer sun, the clear blue skies, and birds flew by in flocks. I smiled, it was a beautiful view. Soft footsteps neared me, it was Ember, her flowing hair styled into a beautiful curly, Greek style braid, flowers were intertwined between her braid. She wore a beautiful white silk, knee length dress, peach flowers were printed on the edges of her skirt. Her feet was bare, she smiled and I smiled back. She sat next me, and held my calloused hand between hers. Then, she laid beside me and rested her head on my chest, tears started streaming down her face.
    “Why are you crying, love?” I asked her.
    She looked up at me, “Wake up, Marcus. I’m scared to death, they’re coming for me.” I sat up, and cupped her face with my hands, “I’m here now,” I told her tenderly. Suddenly, Ember’s face disappeared and a different cold face replaced it.
    “Oh yes, we’re coming for your princess, she shall repay the ransom of her family’s sins,” the face hissed, and smiled darkly. “And when that happens, you won’t even be there for her, for you’ll be with me.”
    Then the dream faded.
    My eyes opened. Cold sweat plastered the edges of my tousled hair to my temples, and my heart was racing. I sat up, I was in our dorm room and saw… Ember sleeping beside me, her hands wrapped around mine.
    Her hair hung loose at her back, and she looked peaceful. The door opened, Altair went in, his face deadly serious. He sat at the edge of his bed, and stayed silent.
    “I don’t like him,” he said after several minutes of staying silent.
    “Who?” I asked.
    “The onyx haired boy, heard his name is Bryce,” he responded.
    My jaw tightened. The thought of the onyx haired boy boiled my blood, and I looked at Ember. Why? I asked in my mind. Why would Ember choose him? Suddenly, Ember’s eyes fluttered open. She looked surprised seeing me awake, and she smiled. I did not smile back, and her smile turned into a frown. Somewhere deep inside of me saw Ember as a stranger. I let go of her hands and it fell on my covers with a soft thump.
    “Leave, I don’t need you here,” I told her coldly. She flinched, Altair looked surprised. “But I-“ she began to say. I cut her off, “Just leave.” She looked hurt, and her eyes started to glisten, but she just smiled painfully.
    “Alright, if that what makes you happy,” she feigned a smile, and stood up and left the room with her head bowed.
    Altair shook his head looking disappointed, “Not cool bro, not cool.”
    Then he stood up, and followed Ember.
    I wanted to run after Ember, and say sorry, but something clicked at his mind. Go to the Tunnel of Trees now, a voice whispered in my ear.
    Ember’s POV
    Tears streamed down my face as soon as I got out of Demarcus’ room. I leaned my head on a wall and let all the tears wash my frustration. Awhile back I was forced to kiss a stranger, made an explosion out of rage, and now. Now, my best friend, my whole life, my love, didn’t need her all of a sudden. Demarcus’ cold voice echoed in my ear, the way he said he didn’t need me felt like thorns were being plunged in my heart.
    I gasped for air as more tears flowed, making it harder to breath. “Need a shoulder to cry on?” a voice asked gently. I opened my eyes, Altair stood in front of me. My head nodded slowly, and Altair wrapped his arms around me. More tears flowed, and I cried harder, I tried to speak but Altair stopped me.
    “Shhh, just let it all out,” he whispered in my ear. I buried my face on his chest and more tears flowed. Pain, confusion, fear, and anger mixed all together with every drop of tear. Altair cradled me and spoke as he did, “He’s just jealous, Ember,” he said.
    “Of what?” I asked softly.
    “Of a boy,” he whispered.
    “Why would he be jealous?” I asked, clueless.
    “That’s all I can say,” he said. It was obvious that he was hiding something, something that is only between him and Demarcus. I didn’t press, and the tears stopped flowing.
    “Will you be alright, now?” Altair asked her as he started caressing her hair. Somehow, I loved the feeling, I felt like a little sister under Altair’s arms. I nodded, but we stayed like that for minutes.
    Soon, voices started filling the hallways. Boys, passed by us and I caught a sound of Demarcus’ name, Tatiana’s name was also mentioned by a passing Everboy. I was confused and suddenly Fiona’s voice broke out from the Honor’s staircase below. Panic filled her voice.
    Altair and I broke free, and we ran down the staircase promptly.
    Fiona was still there, panting. Her dark braided hair was loosening, her breath unsteady.
    “What is it?” I asked Fiona.
    “You guys… gotta..come..at the Clearing,” she panted. “Demarcus… with a weird hooded… girl.”
    Fiona’s POV
    Ember’s pale face went a shade paler, Altair looked confused. Before we knew it, Ember bolted down another staircase. “Wait, Ember!” Altair and I shouted after her, but she ignored us. We ran through the Tunnel of Trees and at the Clearing. Ember was on her knees, gaze frozen on a far tree. Altair and I neared her, and saw Demarcus and a hooded girl eating like a couple in love.
    Altair frowned, and took Ember by her arms and lifted her up. She was limp under his arms, and when he propped her to stand. Her knees buckled and almost fell, Altair caught her again. He carried her in his arms, and looked at me, “Where is her room?”
    “She’s with me,” I hesitated, and went back to the Tunnel of Trees, up to Purity Tower and to our room. He laid Ember slowly to her bed, the poor girl’s eyes were still frozen, glistening. Altair sat next her and pulled the covers to her chest. Tears spilled from Ember’s eyes, and I just realized her eyes were puffy and red. He was about to leave, when Ember spoke, “Guys, would you stay with me today?” I sat on the other side of the bed and took Ember’s burning hands, Altair took the other and smiled at her warmly and nodded.
    It was weird, how the two of them look similar. It was touching how he cared for Ember in a brotherly way, how his affection showed through his actions were just surprising. Ember’s eyes closed and a tear fell on her cheeks, and then, Ember’s body stayed immobile.
    “She’s sleeping,” I informed Altair, I paused. “Poor girl, she went through sleepless nights and now, this.” I brushed a strand of hair from her face. Altair looks puzzled by what I just said, I began talking of Ember’s screaming every night, how she would sneak off at night just to clear her head. How every morning new scratches would appear on her face, how I noticed Ember looking relieved whenever she saw Demarcus, how Ember would smile whenever she remembers Demarcus. He then talked about Demarcus’ hobby every night- staring at Ember’s face, how he would always hear Demarcus talking about Ember, how he laughed at Demarcus whenever his friend saw Ember his friend would skip in joy, how Demarcus would smile at himself just by thinking about Ember, and how Demarcus got jealous of a boy named, Bryce.
    We stayed there talking about all the things that are about Ember and Demarcus.
    -After talking about them, we accidentally slept-
    I opened my eyes slowly, the bed covers wet with sweat and rumpled. It was empty, my eyes went for Ember’s wardrobe, I froze. It was open and almost empty, Altair slept across me. I shook him furiously, he groaned.
    “Altair, you have to wake up, Ember’s gone,” I told him, my voice shaking. He woke up, and looked at me, his eyes searched mine for answers.
    “Only one explanation. Nightmares,” I told Altair, the hairs of my skin rose. Altair spoke, “Let’s look for her at the Blue Forest.” He was so composed that it made me shake with fear, I nodded.
    “Just let me change my clothes. You change too, and when I get back I want you ready. Pack some necessities.” He commanded, I nodded. He left the room and I quickly changed into a black leggings, black shirt and black converse. I took a small knapsack, and packed water, and diet cookies (I’m sorry, Altair, I whispered as I packed the cookies.) I also packed extra shirts and brought a flashlight and rope (dunno where I got this, but it was on a small storage.)
    I finished packing and waited patiently for Altair. Was it right to do this? I asked as I waited. What if Ember wants privacy? I was shaking with fear and I don’t know why.
    Altair’s POV
    We’ve been walking for ages, my knees buckled with exhaustion and Fiona was starting to get sleepy. “Come on guys, we need to find Ember soon!” beamed an ecstatic Corinne ahead me. I glanced back at Fiona, “Why did we bring her along?” I asked her. Fiona sighed, “I dunno, but she’s too noisy that it’s making my head ring,” Fiona answered.
    Golden rays started to shine above the trees. I blinked, it’s morning already? I sighed.
    “Guys, we have to get back,” I told the two girls with me. Corrine stopped in her tracks and faced me, she was disappointed. “We’ll just search again, tonight.”
    Fiona looked at me, her eyes were sad. “What if Ember just wants a little space?” She told me about Ember’s request the last time she snuck out. Corrine, suddenly looked sad.
    “I miss her already,” Corrine whispered.
    “I know… But as for now we’ll concentrate at school, don’t wanna be a mogrif, don’t you?” I told them, trying my very best to comfort them. “We’ll find her soon enough, I’m sure of that.”
    They smiled sadly and we went back tiredly.
    But they were unaware by a figure sitting by a tree hearing their plan of finding their friend.
    “A space is what I need,” the figure whispered, a tear glistened her cheek once more.

    *Hope you like it! I’m always nervous posting my chapters because I tend to think that it is too boring, anyways enjoy! Have a nice day/night Evs and Nevs! Love you all! (in a friendly way 🙂 )

        fsa161 replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        This was really good! I loved it! This was not boring, very exciting! 🙂

        Can u tag me?

          emberscarlet replied 3 years, 9 months ago

          Sure @fsa161! And thank you!

        fairytalegirl123 replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        Great chapter!

        otaku88 replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        Cool! The only thing is that sometimes I couldn’t tell who was talking because it switched between first and third.

          emberscarlet replied 3 years, 9 months ago

          Yeah, sorry. That made me confused too.

          otaku88 replied 3 years, 9 months ago

          Oh, and thanks for the shout out! When are you uploading next?

        emberscarlet replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        Probably tomorrow, I’m procrastinating writing today 🙂

        kenziecrystai replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        OMG this is incredible!!! Sorry that I’m a little late, I haven’t been coming to the site recently. But these posts make it totally worth it!!! 🙂

          emberscarlet replied 3 years, 9 months ago

          Thank you so much @kenziecrystai!

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