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    Hi peeps! Hope everyone’s having a great weekend. So I just finished my tenth chapter and just wanna share it with ya’ll. I know I was supposed to post on Sunday evening, but I was mega procrastinating on writing, so to make it up to you I made this chapter longer than the other chapters (or at least I think it is longer.) Sorry if there are frequent rushed parts, typos, and grammatical errors, but hope you like it! And I just wanna say thanks for the people who keeps reading my story. You help me to never give up on writing, and that means the world to me 🙂
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    Birth of Fire and Ice
    Chapter 10: Fears are Given for a Reason
    Fiona’s POV
    Two weeks have passed, and Ember is still missing. We’ve tried looking for her every night at the Blue Forest, but always failed. Altair and I have tried making up excuses for her, but soon enough the Professors will know.
    “Fiona?” an elderly voice asked.
    “Hmm?” I asked, looking up. It was Dean Dovey, she was looking at me from her desk. Both Ever boys and girls looked at me. The Dean cleared her throat, and her expression was serious. I gulped nervously.
    “Ms. Fiona, I asked you if you have ever seen Ms. Ember?” the Dean repeated her question. My mind spun, my heart raced, and I searched the classroom for an idea. Suddenly, Altair stood up, “She is in her dorm room, ma’am. Sick.” He looked at me and smiled, and I mouthed a thank you. Dean Dovey arched her brow, unconvinced. “Mr. Altair, that was the same reason you’ve told me last time. Are you sure Ms. Ember is still sick?”
    My heart raced again, but Altair nodded confidently to the Dean. The Dean sighed deeply, and started her lectures. As soon as she started lecturing, my mind flew back to questions that were still unanswered. Why? Why did Ember run away for two weeks straight? Is she alright? And I froze at one question that I was afraid to have an answer. Is she still alive?
    No, I shouldn’t that way.
    I shook my head and tried to concentrate at our lesson. I saw Corinne’s head drooping, her eyelids half shut, even Altair’s head started to droop. I was so preoccupied with the thought of Ember that I forgot how tired we all were.
    _____After Class____
    All were dismissed but Dean Dovey asked me and Altair to stay. We sat on the front desk that faced the old Dean, she sighed.
    “Is there something you must tell me, young students?” the elderly Dean asked.
    I shook my head, but Altair looked like he was about to tell the truth. He stood up beside me, and opened his lips. “Ember, has been missing ma’am,” he said through gritted teeth. I took his wrist and made him face me, “Altair!”
    “What?! Ms. Ember is missing?” the Dean asked in a raised voice.
    “Yes, ma’am she’s been missing for two weeks now,” he said plainly. I still held his wrist and my nails dug into his skin, but he didn’t even yelp in pain. He simply rested his palm on the top of my hand. My heart thumped.
    “We must at least search for her,” Dean Dovey said. Now, she was pacing back and forth of the room. She bit her thumb as she paced.
    “I’ll do the search, ma’am,” Altair told Dean Dovey.
    The Dean’s face lit up, making her aged face look young again. “Can I trust you with it?” Dean Dovey asked him, and Altair nodded confidently. “Let me come with you,” I volunteered. The Dean was looking at me skeptically, but nodded anyways.
    “Mellie, one of our nymphs will be accompanying you,” the Dean told us. We nodded. “You are dismissed.” The Dean said, as she waves us out the classroom.
    When we were at the door of the room, Altair looked back at the worried Dean. He was now holding my hand unconsciously, that made me blushing furiously.
    “Ma’am, can we bring one more student with us?” he asked.
    Akira’s POV
    I touched the trunk of the tree nearest me. I closed my eyes, focusing on the energy of the tree. I sighed. “No sign of her,” I told Altair and Fiona grumpily. The two asked a favor to help finding Ember, and I couldn’t turn them down because Ember was a friend. Altair’s lips were pressed together, and Fiona was picking the white swan crest that was sown right at her heart.
    “I’ll try again,” I told them. The two have been worrying too much, but here I was, not even trying my best. I touched the tree again and closed my eyes once more. All I sensed were deers, rabbits, and other animals wandering around the forest, but no Ember was near. I sighed again. I did not take my hand away from the tree, instead I stared at it with complete annoyance.
    I’m not usually annoyed at things, but it was hard to never be annoyed without Opal. Suddenly, a vine wrapped my waist. I yelped. It took me above the trees, and the view made me gasp. Luscious trees, and streaming lakes were seen from afar, and the sun was setting that it looked like the sky was on fire. But, something caught my eye. Fire swirled from a far part of the forest, I squinted my eyes for a better view. And I saw… Ember within the swirling flames.
    My heart thumped. “She’s there!” I exclaimed excitedly as the vine lowered me to the ground. My boots connected with land, and I was running towards Altair and Fiona. They looked surprised, probably couldn’t believe that our friend was found. “Where is she?” Altair asked shakily.
    “Probably between the border of Blue Forest and Endless Woods,” I answered ecstatically.
    Altair’s brows furrowed, “How many days will it take for us to get there?”
    This time it was my brows that furrowed as I calculated. “Probably two to three days max,” I concluded.
    Suddenly, Altair’s face lit up, “I know how we could get there, at least by nightfall.”
    He took a silver whistle from the back pocket of his jeans. And he blew, but no sound came.
    “Seriously?” I asked skeptically.
    He raised a hand, “Wait for it.” Suddenly, I sensed something approaching us from my right. Fiona cowered behind Altair, but Altair just smiled. Then, it appeared. And my mouth let out a gasp.
    Altair’s POV
    Wind whipped my cheeks. Fiona’s head rested on my back, probably asleep. Akira was behind Fiona, and she, too resting. I held Lupa’s collar tightly as night started to draw near. Lupa, are we almost there yet? I asked my grey timber wolf through my mind, since that is how wolf and riders communicate. Lupa looked at me over her shoulder, Not yet, young master. We are just halfway there.
    So much for being by nightfall.
    Patience, young master, The wolf chastised. I just nodded.
    After three hours of running around the woods, we all rested under a large tree. Lupa ate some diet cookies with disgust, and drank water before she curled up and slept. I smiled at my grey wolf, and rested my back on the trunk of the tree. I saw Akira by a tree, her palms resting on the rough bark, and her eyes were closed in concentration.
    “Hey,” Fiona said sleepily as she came near me. She just woke up, I could tell from her eyes.
    She sat next me, and she rested her head on my shoulder gently. I rested mine on hers, and closed my eyes. Somehow, I wished we could stay like this forever, like normal teenagers who was not even worrying about a lost friend, but here we were.
    After that, I fell slept.
    “Altair! Altair!” a voice said as I was shook furiously. My eyes fluttered groggily.
    “What?” I asked airily.
    “We’re here,” the voice said calmly.
    My eyes opened widely, and I saw a treeless spot five feet away from us. Fire was swirling up to the sky, lighting the moonless skies. I got confused, I was resting under a tree awhile back. Then I realized Fiona was standing beside Lupa, and I was on my wolf’s back.
    “So you’re awake, princess?” Lupa teased. I just rolled my eyes.
    I slipped from the back of the wolf, and my boots connected with dead grass. It crunched underneath me. We started walking, Akira had a serious expression on her face. Weird, I usually saw the girl with a smile on her face, but now she was actually frowning.
    “Something’s not right,” Akira said bluntly.
    “What is?” Fiona asked as she walked ahead of us.
    Ember has an unnatural companion with her, Lupa said in my mind.
    I unsheathed my sword and raised it in front of me, Akira took out an ivory tusk that was made into a dagger, and Fiona had a huge rock in both hands. Lupa was calm.
    We walked and came to the treeless spot. It was empty. We all lowered our weapons.
    “I thought she was-“ Akira never got to finish her sentence, as something shot out from the trees. It was a girl. The girl rolled as she flew past us. Another came from behind the girl, it was a silver-transparent lady. The girl stood up, her pale face was stained with dirt, and blood. Her flame like hair was in a messed up ponytail, her orange-golden eyes wild. She held a sword between her hand, and it was glowing. It was glowing? She wore a tattered white button down shirt that looks like it’s for a boy, and black slacks, and black combat boots. I lost my breath as I realized the girl, was actually Ember. She panted as the transparent lady struck her again, only to be blocked easily by her.
    The lady smiled, “You’ve improved, Ember.”
    Ember swung her blade, and the lady spun her own. “But not good enough!” the lady boomed, and the sword sent ice spikes from its tip. It hit Ember before she could even react, she rolled to the ground again. But she quickly rose up to her feet. This time, Ember’s sword seared red hot and she lunged at the lady. Metal clashed against metal. Ice and fire fought head on. But neither was backing down.
    The lady did another ice trick, but Ember was prepared. Flames spiraled from her sword and melted the ice. The lady smiled, and Ember almost fell on the ground but I caught her in my arms. The lady looked surprised seeing me.
    “It’s been five years since I last saw you, kiddo,” the lady said without introductions.
    My brows furrowed, confused.
    The lady waved a hand, and laughed melodically. “Altair, how could you forget your mentor?” the lady said.
    Sia, the transparent lady, nodded.
    I didn’t know what happened after, but next thing I knew, I was in the arms of Sia.
    Awww, I didn’t know you’ve missed me that much kiddo, Sia thought as she caressed my hair.
    We stayed like that for a moment, until Fiona cleared her throat.
    “Oh, sorry,” Sia said with a laugh.
    “I know why you’re here,” she continued. She looked at Ember who took her backpack from a branch. I nodded. Ember took her whistle, and blew on it. Minutes later, Tucker snuck up on Ember from behind. We all bursted in laughter.
    “Tucker! Get off of me!” Ember squealed with laughter.
    Tucker was still pinning her to the ground, and he licked Ember’s cheek. Ember was still squealing with laughter, and I heard Lupa snickering. When Ember got to her feet, she slung her arm around the wolf’s neck and she kissed his soft fur.
    “Let’s go,” Ember suggested. We all nodded.
    I mounted Lupa’s back with Fiona behind me, and Ember mounted Tucker with Akira behind her. We turned from Sia, but Ember looked over her shoulder with a very big smile.
    “Thank you, Sia,” she said with a big smile. Her mentor smiled back before waving us goodbye.
    We got back after two nights of running around the woods. We went for the Dean’s office as soon as we entered. I opened the door hesitantly, and we saw the Dean standing by a window. I knocked softly. The Dean turned, a big smile touched her lips and she gave us all a big hug. She hugged Ember tightly, and the Dean sobbed happily.
    “I was so worried for you, child,” the Dean sobbed.
    “Well, here we are,” Ember said, her voice wheezy.
    “Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to squeeze you so tight,” the Dean laughed through her tears, she let go of Ember. Ember puffed. “So did Mellie get the chance of helping you?” Dean Dovey asked suddenly.
    I gulped loudly, Fiona and Akira elbowed me at the same time. “Actually,” I paused, with a hand raised. “We haven’t got the chance to meet up with Mellie, so we kind of headed off without her.” I laughed nervously, and the Dean had her mouth slightly open. She closed her eyes, and sighed deeply.
    “Well, at least you’re all in one piece. Take some rest, all of you. But, Ember dear, I want to talk to you tomorrow,” the Dean said as she waved us out.
    Ember nodded.
    Then we all left and went for our dorm rooms. I collapsed on my bed, and instantly fell asleep.
    Ember’s POV
    The wind whipped my hair gently. My eyes were closed, and sooner I felt warmth spread to my face. I opened my eyes. The sun was rising, setting the skies on golden fire.
    Sia? Where are you? I thought as I reached for my mentor’s mind.
    I am just here. Waiting. She responded.
    I smiled. Sia was a great help to me. She helped me with combat skills, control, and she even helped me to deal with my nightmares.
    A groan came from behind me. I turned. Akira and Fiona were sleeping on my bed. But I didn’t care, I didn’t even feel like sleeping either.
    I went to my wardrobe and took a towel, and my uniform. I climbed down to the stairs and went for the Groom Room. I got to the shower, and took off the tattered white button down shirt and black slacks I stole from an Ever boy who was having Phys Ed two days ago. I opened the shower, water started to fall on my dirtied hair. It washed all the grime and dried blood off me.
    What would I do if I ever saw Bryce today?
    The thought of Bryce made me furious, that my body started to heat up. The shower was smoking and I coughed at the forming mist. I quickly changed into my uniform.
    As soon as I got out, I went to Dean Dovey’s office. I knocked softly. The door opened and I stepped inside uncomfortably. The Dean was sitting on her chair, her grey streaked hair in a high perfect bun, her thin lips set in a line. She was busy looking at some kind of paper. I cleared my throat politely. The Dean of Good looked up, and she smiled warmly.
    “Take a seat, child,” she pointed at a chair in front of her desk. I did as I was told. The Dean looked at me earnestly, she folded her hands together. “I am about to ask you for something I have just been told about, Ember. I’m very sure you know what I’m talking about,” she told me.
    My head nodded subconsciously. “I’m really sorry about it, ma’am. I know I shouldn’t have acted violently towards Bryce Patterson during class,” I apologized.
    Ugh, the thought of him made me cringe.
    The Dean looked shocked and confused at what I just said. I became confused too.
    She didn’t know about this?
    “I, uh…. I wasn’t informed about this,” the Dean stammered.
    My mouth opened, and it started to spill about everything. From Bryce forcing me to kiss him to the part where I went to Sia for advice. Of course, I left the nightmare part to myself. The Dean seemed speechless with all of this.
    “I am uh…” the Dean started.
    “It’s fine, ma’am. I feel all better now,” I told her politely, trying not to make her feel bad for me.
    I scoured the whole office for a clock, and I spotted a large grandfather clock, and it was already 6:30.
    “Uh, ma’am can I go get some breakfast?” I asked. I was trying hard to be polite, but I was starving.
    The Dean nodded slowly. It was obvious she was still shock of what I just told her. I stood up, and went for the door. As soon as I got out, I bounded down the stairs quickly and went out the Clearing. I took a basket from a flying nymph past me.
    “Em! Over here!” somebody called. My heart thumped, Was it Marcus?
    I turned expectantly to see my best friend. Only to see the blonde Never girl skipping towards me, she held her pail on both hands, a smile was etched to her lips. I frowned, and turned away from her.
    I found Altair and the others sitting together under the usual spot. I plopped next to Altair, and took my breakfast from my basket, which was a blueberry muffin and pop tarts. The blonde girl sat beside me, and she smiled slyly.
    “I missed you, Ember,” she told me in a fake enthusiastic tone. She looked at her burnt breakfast with disgust, and took a granola bar from her pocket.
    I ignored her, she raised a brow. SHE.IS.GETTING.ON.MY.NERVES.
    “Ignoring me eh? But ignoring me won’t change the fact that you’re best friend, I mean ex-best friend replaced you with a mysterious girl for a girlfriend,” she said in a sing-song voice. I froze, my gaze fell on Demarcus and Tatiana. They ate together, again. Demarcus was laughing hard, and he clutched his stomach as tears suddenly begin to fill his eyes.
    We used to be like that. We used to have each other’s back. We used to be… just friends.
    Tears were threatening to flow down again. I shook my head, I am not here to make another scene. I am here to make father proud. Love can wait another day.
    The blonde girl looked at me with certain amusement. “You’re interesting,” she said, and she stood up and left.
    “What was that?” Callis asked, confused. I turned and saw everyone staring at me. Jane wasn’t looking at me, she glared daggers at Demarcus who was now stroking Tatiana’s cheek with the back of his hand. Cal looked at me with a worried expression, I looked away. I still felt awkward with him around after the ‘falling right on top of him’ incident.’ Akira and Opal were both busy talking about fashion and stuff, that they didn’t hear the conversation with the blonde girl.
    I looked back at my food, and suddenly didn’t feel like eating. Even Fiona, Corrine, Altair, Cal, and Callis stopped eating. But Jane, Akira, and Opal continued their breakfast.
    We walked back to the Tunnel of Trees, and went to our next class. It was Swordplay. Oh, no.
    We entered our classroom, and took our swords from a table. I chose a long blade, that looked old but strong. It felt weird in my hands, but I managed to balance it on my palms.
    Professor Rumi told us to practice with our partners. A throat cleared behind me. I closed my eyes, trying to calm my growing temper at the familiarity of the clearing of throat. I turned, and my jaw tightened. Bryce grinned lopsidedly. I resisted the urge to blast him in cinders.
    Bryce’s POV
    She glared daggers at me. Two weeks have passed that I haven’t seen her, and seemed like forever. Now, here she was, standing beautifully in front of me. Her eyes were there normal orange color, but it held anger in it.
    “Let’s start with,…” the Professor said as he scoured the whole room. “You.”
    The professor pointed at us. I smiled casually. This will be easy, one blow on Ember I would get first rank for today’s challenge. That would show her who’s the man, she’ll be very impressed.
    We went towards the center of the room. Ember raised her blade, and I raised mine. I waited for her first attack. She waited for mine. We both stood there, blades raised.
    “Start attacking!” Ever students roared.
    Then Ember lunged towards me, and I smiled. Suddenly, Ember disappeared in front of me. I stood there dazed. Next thing I knew, I was pinned to the ground with Ember on top of me. She had one knee on my chest, making it hard for me to breathe. Her eyes were glowing orange again, and she held her blade in front of my throat. She raised it and stabbed it in. I closed my eyes, and waited for the pain. My chest felt light again, and my lungs started to fill with sweet, fresh air.
    Am I dead? Am I in paradise?
    I opened my eyes. I was still in the classroom, and Ember’s sword was inches from my neck. She was starting to walk away, and I smiled slyly.
    “Don’t underestimate me, Ember!” I exclaimed as I stood up. She stopped in her tracks, and looked over her shoulder with a smirk.
    “Stop overestimating yourself, Bryce,” she said in a mocking tone.
    I laughed hysterically, and yanked the blade that pierced the old wooden floors. Then recklessly lunged at Ember, she ducked the sword an hairsbreadth. Then she drew her leg out and made it slide and it collided against my foot. I lost my balance, and fell on my back. The air was knocked off of me, and the sword in my hand clattered to the floor. Ember stood up, a giant golden ‘1’ appeared over her head.
    Everybody was speechless. They gaped at me, lying there, helpless. I swore under my breath. I lost to a girl I like, and now everybody thinks I’m a loser. I rose up to my feet.
    “I want a rematch,” I whispered desperately.
    “No,” Professor Espada said. “Ms. Ember won this challenge fair and square.”
    A giant rotting ‘20’ popped over my head. “I refuse to lose. Especially to a girl!” I shouted. Fire shot past me. My eyes widened in fear. Ember was glowing, like as in G-L-O-W-I-N-G. Her eyes were completely golden in color. “Stop acting like a kid, Bryce Patterson. It’ll only make you look pathetic,” she snarled.
    That hit me hard. She thinks I’m pathetic? I’m pathetic? Why does it hurt when it comes from her? Sure, I’ve heard my relatives call me pathetic all my life, but that didn’t matter to me. So, why?
    Everyone looked from Ember to me.
    Awkward silence.
    Then she left the room without a word, and her friends followed her.
    I knew why. And the reason made me laugh. Tears started to brim my eyes, and I laughed.
    It hurts a lot, because I never expected it to come from her.
    Guess I was pathetic after all.
    Corrine’s POV
    We followed Ember out of the classroom. She was sitting by a wall, her knees to her chest. Her head rested on her kneecaps, and she sniffled.
    “Hey,” I sat next to her, and rested a palm on her back. She didn’t look up. Cal sat next her and rested his palm on her shoulder.
    “I felt Evil back there,” she sniffled. Cal and I exchanged looks, and looked at Ember.
    “Ember, look at me,” Cal said gently, but firmly.
    She looked up. Her eyes were still glowing as tears continued to flow down her face. She gasped for air, and Cal cupped her chin on both hands. He looked at her eyes earnestly.
    “You are not Evil, Ember. Whatever you did back there to Bryce is nothing, he deserves it,” he comforted. Ember blinked in surprise, and nodded slowly.
    What happened next was even more surprising. Cal kissed Ember’s forehead, and leant her head on his chest.
    “It’s okay now, so don’t cry,” he whispered. I smiled. It’s great to have friends.
    Especially, when they got your back.
    Cal’s POV
    I held Ember close to my chest until she recovered. Her glowing golden eyes returned to their flame like color. I breathed through her flame like hair, and she started to breathe heavily.
    “Where is she?” a voice echoed through the corridors. Footsteps were getting louder. Corinne stood up on her feet, and searched for the voice. It was Fiona. Her dark hair was hanging loosely in curls over her waist, her eyes searching.
    “Over here, Fiona!” I called.
    “Thank heavens, what happened?” she asked.
    “It was an accident…” Ember whispered over my shoulder, her head still buried on my chest.
    “What was?” Fiona asked tightly.
    Then, Corrine explained everything. Fiona was speechless, she dragged a palm over her face.
    “What is happening to you, Ember? You really need some help,” she said with a deep sigh. Ember didn’t respond.
    “I want to go back to our room,” Ember suddenly whispered. I nodded and we, both stood up. We went up Purity Tower, with Fiona and Corrine behind us.
    I slowly opened the door, and we saw a tiger sleeping on a rug. It opened one eye lazily. We froze. Ember didn’t flinch, for she seems to know who the tiger was.
    “Is it you, Sia?” Ember asked.
    The tiger smiled, and it changed into a very silver transparent lady with straight hair, and transparent eyes.
    “You got me, kiddo,” the lady named, Sia winked.
    Ember’s POV
    Sia changed back to her human form, and sat on Fiona’s bed with her arms crossed over her chest.
    “I have good and bad news for you, kiddo,” she began.
    I furrowed my eyebrows. Why do things keep coming after another? “What is it?” I asked.
    “I’ll go first with the bad news. The bad news is, the icy girl you told me about has bigger plans up ahead for you,” she said simply.
    “What plans?”
    “Her plans are more complicated than it seems. And I can only hear thoughts from people, and sometimes they can block me off their thoughts,” she elaborated. “But I think she has plans on exterminating your dad.”
    “What?!” I exclaimed. My mind spun, and my breathing went in short gasps. Why?
    “Revenge,” Sia said with a stern look.
    “Is Dad, okay?” I asked hesitantly. Sia nodded.
    I rubbed my temples. I wasn’t usually frustrated in these kind of things, but now I feel like my mind was acting on its own. Panic rose to my throat. Stop it, I chastised myself.
    “What’s the good news?” I said through gritted teeth.
    Sia stood up with a smile. “Starting from today, you’ll have private lessons with moi.”
    I blinked. “Say what now?”
    The shape-shifter waved her hand, “Don’t worry, Clarrisa has already permitted it.”
    Shoot. I turned to my friends who were staring at me, suddenly, I felt helpless.
    “So, shall we begin with our lessons?” Sia said with a dismissing wave to my friends.
    My friends looked at me, and I just shrugged. They all smiled and left after.
    “Call to us, if you need anything,” Corrine mouthed. I nodded.
    The door closed softly, and I turned to my mentor. Her jolly aura turned grave.
    Sia’s POV
    I looked at my pupil with a disappointed look.
    “What were you trying to do, in your class?” I asked grumpily.
    “It was an accident,” Ember whispered.
    “Accident? You almost set the annoying boy on fire, like a marshmallow!”
    “I’m sorry, Sia.”
    “Gah! You’re frustrating kiddo,” I exclaimed.
    “Whatever, let’s just get started with lessons.” I said, as I picked up my sword that was lying on the ground.
    Ember was silent, but took her sword with her. She climbed the balcony down after me. We went to a large clearing, where grass was abundantly growing. I threw my sword to the grass, and sat beside it.
    “We won’t use swords today. We’ll practice on controlling that temper of yours,” I said as I transformed into a tiger. My long hair shortened, and was highlighted with black streaks, my nails changed into claws, and my body became heavier. I rested my head on my paws, and concentrated on Ember’s mind. It was literally clouded.
    “Sit down,” I growled commandingly.
    She sat right in front of me. Then, I closed my eyes and spoke through her mind.
    Close your eyes, and feel the fire coursing within you.
    It’s raging, she thought back.
    Then control it. Make them follow your every command. Let them know who the boss is.
    I’m afraid. I’m afraid they won’t listen to me. I’m afraid that I would lose control again, she responded.
    Kiddo, fears are given for a reason. They are always with us, you just have to overcome it. Don’t let fear overcome you, you overcome fear.
    I’ll give it a shot, she answered, but this time she seems calm.

    I opened my close eyes, and saw fire starting to swirl around Ember. She had her eyes closed, her face was relaxed and calm. The fire kept swirling, until it gathered in front of her and transformed into a phoenix. A very large phoenix.
    “Ember Queen, I am Oblivia, the heart of fire. I see that you desire control on your growing power, but do you solemnly vow to use this power for Good?” the phoenix spoke in a young girl’s voice.
    “Yes,” Ember said with composure.
    The phoenix took one last look at Ember before disappearing.
    “Then prove it,” Oblivia boomed and made Ember disappear with her.
    Kyla’s POV
    I’m so bored. Nothing special was happening yet, well, you could count Tatiana getting the guy, special. I walked through the corridors of Evil, and accidentally bumped into Ana.
    “Hey, Ana,” I greeted. She ignored me and kept walking. I took her by the wrist, and let her face me.
    “Why do you keep ignoring me, Ana?” I asked with a raised tone.
    She simply pushed my hand away, and left without a word. I stood there, struck.
    “Kyla, we’re not done yet with the job,” a raspy voice spoke behind me. It was definitely Tatiana.
    “Why aren’t we done yet? Well, you got the boy and all, isn’t that enough?” I asked bluntly.
    Next thing I knew, I was pinned to a wall. Tatiana’s hooded face snarled right on my face, “We are not done yet. In fact, this is just the beginning.”
    Her face was so close that I could feel her breath on my face. It was cold. She snarled one more time before letting me go.
    Ana was right, I am just a tool for Tatiana.
    A tool that can also be a weapon.
    I know there are lots of confusing parts, especially with the dialogues. So please, bare with me, my mind is almost running out of ideas.
    And to let me know you read this type down ‘Today is Mojo’s bithday,’ at the start of your comment. Please don’t judge the phrase, it’s just that today is our dog’s birthday and it’s a very special day for him.
    Thank you for reading this, and love ya’ll!
    Have a nice weekend Evs and Nevs!

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