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    Hey peeps! I’m sorry for the very late update, this week has been a very busy week. So yeah, I might be posting once a week starting today. So I’m gonna stop ramblin and start with the tags…
    Tag List: (Sorry if I ever forget to tag you. And if ya’ll want to be tagged, I would love to add you to my list. Hope you enjoy this!)
    Chapter 11: Love. Is so…
    Corrine’s POV
    My heart thumped wildly. Ever students walked past me, as I held a book by Shakespeare closer to my chest.
    “Excuse me!” a squeaky voice boomed. I turned and saw a brunette Evergirl carrying a ginormous pile of books. I stepped aside.
    “Coming through!” a blonde Everboy said as he carried large amounts of cucumber in a large basket. I stepped back, again.
    Cucumbers? What for? I just shrugged and made my way through crowded corridors. I reached the sunny Clearing, my eyes squinted at the bright golden rays and began to scour the students who were piling on two rows. My eyes continued its never ending search until a long black hair caught my vision at the corner of my eye.
    My grip tightened around the book, and I quickly hid under a shrub.
    His long hair covered his greenish eyes, and he sat on a large rock, his head lowered on a book as he read. The sun shone on his pale skin almost making it shimmer, his lips were pressed together, and his fingers rubbed against the rough pages of the book that rested on his crossed legs.
    My heart did a double flip.
    “What are you doing?” a voice hissed behind me in a whisper.
    “I’m just looking at the most gorgeous boy in all the Lands, so please be quiet,” I hissed back. And I froze, What did I just say?
    I turned and saw Fiona and Jane hiding behind me, and they peered at Romeo with a mocking smile.
    “Ooooh, someone’s in love,” Jane teased.
    My cheeks blushed furiously, and I tried to hide my face through my short hair. I turned away, and Romeo was gone.
    “Where is he?” I asked, my voice shaking.
    I stood up, but I didn’t realize that the shrub had a low tree above it. My head collided with the branch hard.
    “Oooof,” my voice came, as the whole world spun. My head went light, the book slipped out of my fingers, and I fainted. Both girls behind me caught me by my arms and kept calling my name.
    My vision went foggy, and my mind blacked out.
    Romeo’s POV
    “Corrine! Corrine! Wake up!” I heard voices behind me.
    I froze in my tracks, and spun my head. Corrine was in Fiona’s and a red headed girl’s arms in the most awkward way. My brow arched.
    Altair jogged next to the princesses with a worried look. Suddenly, he carried Corrine on his back and Fiona picked a large book behind a shrub. She carried and followed Corrine and Altair inside the School.
    My mind itched for the book. I just saw that it was by Shakespeare. My head whipped from side to side and I quickly followed behind my ‘friends.’ Or were they?
    They came to the infirmary and laid the strawberry blonde hair princess to a bed. The school nurse, Padmé, quickly examined the unconscious girl. She looked at both Altair and Fiona and they all let out a puff of relief.
    Fiona sat on a chair, and Altair rested his palm on her shoulder. Ugh, he’s being too romantic.
    The large book caught my eye, and my feet moved on its own towards them. Both Evers’ heads whipped.
    “I know, I know, it’s weird seeing me here. But I kinda’ saw that book, and it caught my eye,” I began as I pointed the book that was still in Fiona’s hands.
    Fiona and Altair exchanged looks, as if they were communicating through eye contact. A smile plastered their lips, and Fiona handed me the book.
    “Sure, you can borrow it. But, since you don’t have class in the next two hours, would you be kind enough to watch over Corrine? You see, we have a class right now, and you are the only one who is available.” she said in her most sweet voice.
    I let out a deep sigh, and sat at a stool in defeat. They smiled, almost in a devilish way. I felt something suspicious was going on. They left and closed the door softly.
    Padmé emerged from behind a screen. Her lips formed a big smile.
    “Oh, so you’re her boyfriend,” she said as she pointed the still unconscious Corrine. My face must have gone beet red, because Padmé let out a laugh.
    “You’re so sweet to watch over your girlfriend. She’s a lucky girl to have you as her man.” The nurse said giddily, and left without another word.
    “I’m not her boyfriend!” I mustered to call after her, but she seems gone.
    “Romeo… book… give… you…” Corrine muttered as she twitched on the infirmary’s bed. I looked at her face, so serene, and beautiful.
    Wait, what?
    I shook my head, and took the book and rested it on my crossed legs. I opened the cover, and saw my name written in beautiful golden calligraphy.
    Corrine tossed and turned, but I continued flipping and reading.
    “Romeo! Romeo!” I heard Fiona’s voice. A slap followed. My eyes flew open.
    Fiona had her hands on her hips, and she breathed in and out deeply. Her fury was so obvious.
    “What is it?” I groaned. I stood up on my chair and stretched. My muscles screamed exhaustion, and my eyes began to get more heavy.
    “Corrine is gone! We told you to watch over her, Romeo!” she exclaimed.
    “She said she had to go to class,” I lied. Fiona took me by the collar, “Idiot! She has no class today, and how could you let her leave? Who knows where she is right now?”
    She let go and dragged her palm over her face. A knock came softly, the door opened. It was Padmé.
    “Corrine is here. She just went for a walk with me,” the nurse squeaked.
    She entered with Corrine behind her. Our eyes met and I saw Corrine blush before she looked away. Fiona tackled her in bear hug, and she wrapped her arms around her best friend’s waist.
    I cleared my throat, and they reverted their attention to me. Fiona glared daggers, but Corrine stared at the marbled floors.
    “I’ll be leaving,” I said.
    Fiona’s brow arched. “Hmpht!” she responded as she turned her head away from me.
    This girl is weird.
    “Take the book with you, before you leave,” Corrine whispered. I nodded, and took the book in my hands. I walked past them and didn’t even mutter a goodbye. I closed the door behind them and made my way to our dorm room.
    Ember’s POV
    I dodged another catapult of fire.
    Trying to run away from the problem does not solve the problem, Oblivia’s voice echoed.
    The lion in front of me clawed its way towards me, and drew fire from its mouth. I dodged for the thousandth time. Another voice echoed in my head. It was Sia.
    Fight Ember. Prove that you’re worthy of the fire.
    I asked, clueless.
    No response.
    The lion pounced towards me, and I rolled away just in time its paw landed with a loud thud. I stood up on both feet. My eyes met with the feline’s and I froze.
    I saw myself instead of the lion. The rage, the confusion, the fear was written in front of me. It lunged towards me, but instead of attacking I knelt on my knees. It stopped an hairsbreadth, its fangs bare.
    The image of myself shifted, it turned back to the lion. I smiled and rested my small hands on its nose.
    “It’s okay now,” I soothed in a sing-song voice. “It’s okay to be afraid.”
    Its wild eyes softened. I cupped its jaws on both hands, and let our foreheads touch. Its fear coursed through me, and the lion started to fade in sparking embers. Our eyes met once more before it disappeared.
    A hand touched my shoulder, and I turned. A girl made of fire looked at me with a serene smile, blazing golden wings sprouted from her back. She flew towards me and grabbed my shoulders and we flew higher.
    I tried to scream, but my voice was silenced by the sharp wind. We flew higher and higher, then she stopped.
    Look down princess. The girl ordered. I followed. My mouth gasped. The scene below me was breathtaking. I could see the whole Lands, the large blue and pink spires of Good stood tall with the black rotting spires of Evil. Tall green trees and roaring rivers were seen from different parts below.
    This is your responsibility. To protect this beauty that our world holds. To protect the people of the whole Lands.
    I looked up at the magnificent creature who still held me. She flapped her strong wings against the strong winds.
    Are you ready to face this destiny? The creature asked.
    I nodded confidently.
    Her grip loosened, and I fell. The girl’s image faded away. I screamed at the top of my lungs. My loose hair whipped my face, warm air enveloped my body. I closed my eyes. And I felt something soft underneath me. My eyes fluttered open.
    Sia, the bald eagle caught me. She looked over her wings, and smiled.
    Thank you, I told my mentor through my mind.
    It was all you, kiddo, she winked.
    She landed, and turned back into her human form. My head suddenly went light and my legs wobbled.
    You should rest, kiddo. You’ve been out for three days, Sia thought.
    “What?!” I exclaimed loudly. My trial seems like minutes, but the truth was, three days have already past.
    “Just come with me. I’ll bring you back to your friends,” she whisper-shouted.
    I nodded airily. I closed my eyes, as exhaustion washed over me. Somehow, I felt peace inside me.
    Cal’s POV
    I ran as fast as I could. Ember was falling from the sky, her legs and arms flailing.
    An eagle soared below her, and caught her mid-air. They quickly landed. I ran towards them.
    When I got there Ember was being supported by Sia. She had her eyes closed, and her head rested on Sia’s neck.
    “I’ll take her from here, Sia,” I jogged towards them. Sia smiled and nudged Ember gently. She opened her eyes, and a smile kissed her lips.
    “Hey,” she managed to say.
    “Come here,” I gently retorted.
    She walked up to me, but her feet wobbled and she tripped. I caught her by the waist. Our eyes met, and we both blushed.
    “Break it up, lovebirds,” Sia interrupted.
    We looked away, and I let Ember stand up straight. My arm was still around her waist, and her arms were slung over my neck.
    “Go ahead. Move along you two. Ember needs some rest Cal, so you might as well bring her back to her room,” the shape-shifter said. I nodded and we walked towards back to School. Ember fell asleep right on my collarbone, her hair ticklish on my skin.
    We climbed up Purity Tower, and I opened the door of their room. It was empty. I lifted Ember and laid her on one bed. I pulled the covers to her chest.
    She breathed slow, her chest rose up and down gently. I brushed a strand of hair away from her face. A spark went through my hand.
    I blushed furiously. What am I doing?
    Then I found myself staring at Ember’s face. Her face so gentle, and beautiful. My heart thumped.
    Oh no.
    Please do not tell me I like Ember.
    No, I cannot let that happen. We’re just friends, and besides, she’s in love with that Demarcus guy.

    It was settled. I cannot fall in love for Ember. Never.
    But, why does it hurt? Whenever I think we’re just friends, my heart tears in two.
    My eyes searched her face for answers. But all it gave me was a sweet smile. My heart did another thump.
    “Ugh!!!” I scratched my blonde hair furiously.
    Love. Is so confusing.
    Demarcus’ POV
    I watched Cal and Ember walk towards School. As they disappeared, I felt something inside me boil. It was just like the feeling that I had when I saw Bryce and Ember kiss.
    “M?” a raspy voice broke me from my trance. I turned. Tatiana and her friend, Kyla was behind me. My feelings for Ember washed away and was replaced for Tatiana. Her face was hooded (as always, I was always curious why she keeps hiding her face), and her hands were wrapped tightly.
    I came closer to her, and wrapped my arms around her small frame. My chin rested on her hood, and her head was on my chest.
    “M, can you do me a favor?” she asked in her sweet voice.
    “Sure,” I said.
    “Promise me, you’d do it for me no matter what,” she said, as she traced her forefinger on my chest. I nodded.
    “So, what favor is it?” I asked.
    She broke away and looked straight in my eye. Her lips curled in a smile.
    “Would you pretty please, kill Ember for me?” she said with a maniac grin. I pulled away with much aggression that she stumbled on her feet, and landed on her behind.
    “No way, Tiana. Killing her would get me expelled,” I said as I ran my fingers through my hair.
    Tatiana stood up, and rubbed the skirts of her uniform. She leaned closer to me, and pulled me by my shirt.
    “You’re so selfish, M. That’s what I like about you. You worry of the consequence, of your expulsion, instead of worrying for your best friend,” she cooed.
    She pulled me closer to her face, and our lips met. She quickly let go, and turned away from me. Her friend, Kyla, smirked beside her as they left.
    Tatiana looked over her shoulder. “You promised, M. To do this favor, no matter what,” she said.
    I stared in space. I’m so foolish. How would I even kill my ex-best friend?
    “GAH!!!” I shouted. That made most of the students look at me with a questioning look.
    I turned away from their gaze, and helplessly sat on the grass.
    Breathe Demarcus. You must get a grip.
    But unknown to Demarcus, a red-headed Evergirl was hiding behind a bush. As soon as she heard the plans of Tatiana, she quickly ran towards her friends.
    Jane’s POV
    Tears started ******** my eyes.
    My cousin is going to be a murderer. My precious cousin is going to kill his best friend that he had all his life, for a desperate Nevergirl he just met. He seems like a mere… stranger.
    I ran around School perimeters for my friends. My red hair was starting to loosen on its ponytail, I felt my face flushing from all the running.
    I was too busy thinking about Demarcus and his girlfriend’s conversation, that I accidentally bumped into somebody. I fell on my behind.
    “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going!” I said loudly. A hand appeared in front of my face. I looked up with wide eyes.
    Probably, he was the most gorgeous person I’ve ever seen. His icy blue eyes, and chocolate brown skin and eyes, and his charismatic smile. My world went frozen.
    “Uh, will you take it or not?” he asked in a deep voice, interrupting my thoughts.
    “Huh?” I asked bluntly.
    He laughed. It was like honey to the ears. I blushed.
    “Come on. Time to get up,” his hand still outstretched.
    I reluctantly took it, and he pulled me up with great force. I brushed my skirt and muttered my thanks.
    “Timber Wood,” he said. My head tilted at his statement. He laughed.
    “My name’s Timber Wood…” he gave me a questioning look.
    “Jane. Jane Pan,” I responded.
    Before he could even respond, a silky voice echoed through the halls.
    “Tim! Let’s go!” a girl that looked like Timber called. He looked at me with those gorgeous eyes. I just nodded in response, signaling that he could go.
    “See ya’ around, Jane,” he waved a goodbye. I waved back.
    I’m helpless.
    I shook my head gently. I need to find my friends. So, off I go and bounded towards Purity staircase.
    Fiona’s POV
    “What?” my voice came out loudly.
    Ember jumped from her sleep. Her eyes bloodshot and foggy. Cal, beside her, tried to sooth her back to sleep. She reluctantly laid back on her pillows and closed her eyes and instantly fell asleep. Once she did, Cal gave us a glare.
    “Sorry,” I mouthed.
    He turned away. I snorted, and returned my attention to a weary Jane.
    “What do you mean Demarcus is going to kill Ember? I thought they were friends?” Corrine asked in a soft voice.
    Jane’s expression looks serious. “I know right. I never expected him to follow his bossy, cold-blooded girlfriend,” she spat bitterly.
    She rested her face on her palms, and her eyes were glassy.
    The door bursted open. A panting Akira stood there trying to catch her breathe.
    “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE, CAN’T YOU SEE I’M TRYING TO GET SOME SLEEP HERE?!” Ember shouted in her sleepy frustration.
    “Sorry, darling,” Akira apologized. She breathed in and out heavily.
    “Dean Dovey said that spring dance will be in two days. Just wanna tell ya’ll for earlier notice,” she gasped as her braided auburn locks fell on her face.
    Corrine and Jane went silent. Cal eyed Ember as she slept once again. How could I forget? A thought drifted my mind away.
    Will Altair take me as his date? I wonder how would that go? Eeeeek! What dress should I wear?
    I was thinking so deeply that I didn’t notice that my neck was getting hot. Jane, Corrine, and Akira looked at me with crooked smiles.
    “What?” I tried to act innocently.
    “Nothing,” Jane teased in a sing-song voice, and started picking the skirts of her pink uniform.
    I threw a pillow at her face. We broke out in giggles.
    “So, who’s the boy you want to take as your date?” I asked, to change the subject. To change our once sad mood.
    “We all know that Corrine wants to take Romeo,” I said, and that made Corrine blushed and she hid her face under a book titled ‘A Mid-summer’s Nightdream’.
    Since when did she start reading books by Shakespeare?

    “We all know you’ll take Altair as a date, Fiona,” Corrine managed to say in a muffled voice. It was my time to blush. Akira and Jane let out a laugh.
    “Who do you want to take?” I asked Jane.
    She smiled timidly and stayed silent.
    No response.
    She’s probably daydreaming.
    “Okay…?” when no answer came from our daydreaming friend. I turned to Akira.
    “I’ll take Opal,” she said confidently before I could even utter my question.
    I smiled in response.
    Must be nice… to love someone as your own.
    Then, I was reminded of my mum and dad’s love.
    It really is nice.
    Kyla’s POV
    I smiled inwardly.
    Tatiana is a big fool.
    I watched as the moon shone upon my roommate’s bed. The blue ice lacing casted a faint blue glow on our dark room. My legs swung from my bed, and connected with the cold stone floor. I walked up next to Tatiana’s bed. A nightstand was beside it.
    I eyed a glass container that held a floating rose inside that was encased in ice. An exact replica of the rose that she gave to Ember.
    But the ice started to melt. It dripped slowly on the table.
    “What does it mean?” I asked Tatiana. She eyed me as I tapped the glass container with my index finger.
    “The ice is like an hourglass. It drops a single drop everyday, until the designated time. Once the last drop drips, it means the right time has come,” she elaborated.
    I looked up to her and just shrugged.

    I smiled, and stared at a serene-sleeping Tatiana. I smirked.
    She is using me. We’ll see in the end, who the tool was all along.
    I climbed back to my bed, but took one glimpse of Ana. She slept soundly with books and food wrappers scattered beside her bedpost.
    Don’t worry Ana. This tool will rise up higher than her supposed user.
    Because, I know one thing that Tatiana has forgotten….
    And that is that she has a price to pay.
    Never will a Never have allies. For they only make enemies.

    I tucked myself under my covers and slept with a big smile on my lips.
    Altair’s POV
    I fidgeted uncomfortably as I neared Fiona, Ember, and her friends. Jane bumped me softly with her shoulder, and leaned closer to my ear as soon as I plopped between her and a gloomy Opal.
    “So, will you take Fiona to the Spring Dance?” she whispered. I blushed beet red, and I turned away from her. She just smirked, amused of my reaction.
    Fiona was talking with Akira giddily, Cal was showing something to Ember, and Ember’s attention was fixed to the object he was showing. Callis was silent, that was unusual.
    “How have you been, Callis?” I asked her in a soft voice.
    She looked up, a sad smile brushed her lips. Then, she looked down at her untouched breakfast.
    “I mucked half of my classes this week,” she said, her voice faltered and she broke in tears. Everybody stopped talking and stared at Callis with a worried expression.
    “I don’t know what to do. What if I end up as a mogrif?” she cried.
    Her brother hugged her warmly, and whispered something in her ear. That calmed her for a bit.
    “Want us to help you?” Akira spoke.
    “Do you mean it guys?” she asked, her voice hoarse.
    We all nodded. Callis broke again in tears, but this time in joy. She wiped her face with the back of her palm.
    “I’m just so happy right now. Thank you guys,” Callis laughed through her tears of joy.
    Jane squeezed her shoulder. “Hey, that’s what friends are for,” Jane said
    We all smiled. Even Opal gave a warm smile for once.
    I made my way through Ever students. My eyes searched through the crowds, and finally saw her.
    Her dark curls pulled up in a high ponytail. It bounced as she walked down a staircase. Books held over her chest, a bright smile etched in her lips. Her uniform neat, and she had a glowing aura.
    “Fiona!” I called as I passed a brunette Evergirl that held heaps of books in her arms.
    Fiona looked up, meeting my eyes and she blushed.
    Wait? She did?
    I sprinted towards her, and good news was, she was alone. That made it less awkward to talk to her.
    “Wanna’ know if you want to come with me in the Spring Dance,” I asked.
    She stood there, bewildered. I gave her a questioning look.
    “Altair, honey,” she spoke in a mocking, motherly tone. I rolled my eyes, “What is it?”
    “Well, darling, I would very much oblige to come with you, if it have not been for your informal way of asking someone for a dance. But since you are ever so adorbs today, I would say a big yes,” she said, her eyes twinkling.
    Next thing I knew, Fiona was in my arms. We abruptly pulled away, and we bursted laughing.
    A loud squealing voice resounded the halls, “MY SHIP IS DEFINITELY SAILING!”
    We turned and saw Jane and Corrine dancing in delight. Fiona and I exchanged glances, then we bursted in peals of laughter. We neared our fangirling friends, with our hands interlocked.
    Love. Is so enlightening.
    I have very few questions:
    1. Who’s your favorite ship?
    2. Who’s favorite character?
    3. Who’s your least favorite ship?
    4. Who’s your least favorite character?
    Say ‘Enlightening Love’ at the beginning of your comment. Lol. Love y’all, and have a great day!! 🙂

        smartcleverbunny560 replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        Love is so enlightening
        1. Cal and Ember
        2. Cal or Calli’s… 😉
        3. Demarces and Tatiana
        4. Tatiana
        Great job!

          emberscarlet replied 3 years, 9 months ago
          smartcleverbunny560 replied 3 years, 9 months ago

          Your welcome! *Callis’s

        otaku88 replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        Enlightening love
        Mm…Demarcus and Ember
        I like Romeo
        Fiona and Altair
        Idk…they are all good. I suppose ember.

          otaku88 replied 3 years, 9 months ago

          Oh, and great chapter!

          otaku88 replied 3 years, 9 months ago

          And, did you know A Midsummernight’s Dream is my favorite shakespeare play, or did you just pick a random one?

        fsa161 replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        ‘Enlightening Love’

        1. Cal and Ember
        2. Demarces
        3. Fiona and Altair
        4. …I don’t know… Akira.

        emberscarlet replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        Thank you @otaku88 and @fsa161! Actually the Mid summer’s Nightdream was the first book by Shakespeare that popped in my head.

        cuteypie1mint replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        Enlightening Love
        Lovely chapter.
        I’d answer your questions, but I haven’t read much of your story (yet!)

        kenziecrystai replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        Enlightening love.
        Awww, this is so cute! All the happy couples! And that one guy who is being forced to kill his best friend… Ok, maybe not as cute or happy XD

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