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    Heyo Evs and Nevs! Here is the next chapter to my story The Birth of Fire and Ice. And also the first chapter of my new story ‘Fated Heroes: Chaos’…
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    The Birth of Fire and Ice
    Chapter 12: Rejected but not Rejected
    Fiona’s POV
    “Why are we here again?” Altair asked impatiently as he held a large pile of books in his arms.
    I smacked his head with a History book.
    “Hey!” he protested, and he rubbed his jet-black hair with one hand.
    “We’re here to help, Garnet, okay?” I said through gritted teeth.
    “Fine,” he grumbled.
    I turned from him and continued arranging History books on one shelf. From the corner of my eye I saw Garnet, the assistant librarian carrying piles of books in her two strong arms. Her brunette hair was bouncing as she walked past studious fellow Evers.
    After a few hours of helping at the library, we met up with the others for lunch. It was Sunday, so rest day!
    We took our lunch and sat on our usual spot. Everybody was busy doing their own thing. Akira and Opal were busy making plans for the Spring Dance, and Cal and Callis were busy tutoring each other, Altair and Ember were food sparring, Corrine and Romeo were five meters away reading Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. I saw Jane arrive with a boy and girl that looked like twins, she waved at me before sitting beside the new Evers.
    I ate in silence.
    “Can I sit with you guys?” a voice interrupted everybody’s attention. We all looked up, and frowns crossed our faces. It was Demarcus.
    Ember tried to smile, but you could see hints of pain in her eyes as she watched her ex-best friend sit beside her. She was silent. Demarcus returned the smile. I felt a gaze burning on my neck, it was Jane. She was looking at me from her table with determination as if to say, You know his motives, Fiona.
    I stood up, and sat in between Demarcus and Ember. Ember looked at me with wide eyes.
    “Trust me, this is for your own good,” I whispered to her. Demarcus gave me a frown, but I ignored him.
    We finished eating and left the Clearing. Before any of us girls could climb Purity staircase, Akira pulled us to her dorm room.
    “Where are you taking us?” Corrine and Jane shrieked in unison. “Jinx!” they chorused and gave each other a high five.
    These two are always hyper.
    Akira opened her dorm room and revealed a nature themed room. Our mouths hung open as we stepped in.
    “This is Nature-tastic!” Corrine and Jane joked in unison.
    Akira looked at them with a sarcastic expression. Ember tried to hide a snicker from the awful joke the hyper duo came up with.
    “Prepare to be amazed, my friends,” Akira said with a loud voice. She snapped her fingers loudly, then waved her arms in small circles before us.
    Vines around the room moved and brought various gowns in front of us. Corrine took a peach gown with thin straps, and Jane took an emerald gown with floral patterns on the skirt, I took a baby blue gown with a black sash on the waistline.
    “Try it on,” Akira squealed excitedly.
    Akira then summoned three vine walls as a screen. We all went behind it, and began changing in our gowns.
    “Ember, come here. I have something for you,” I heard Akira say.
    Footsteps receded from the room. A gasp came. Then silence.
    Jane, Corinne, and I went out of our vine screen. Our mouths hung open when we saw each other’s changed selves. We were all mesmerized by the transformation the gown gave us.
    We saw Akira and… “Wow,” my voice mustered to say.
    Ember was wearing a sleeveless pure white gown, the skirt’s edges had a light pink touch to it, small silver diamonds were embedded at the whole skirt. A long cream ribbon was tied over the waistline, and the long gown covered Ember’s feet. Akira smiled from ear to ear.
    “Did you make all of this?” Corrine asked in wonder.
    “She did all of ours,” a deep but feminine voice stated. We all jumped and saw Opal standing by the doorway, her mouth in its usual frown.
    “Oooh, I even made one for Callis,” Akira said. She then clapped her hands, and a vine gave her a midnight blue gown with silver embellishments. Jane took it from her politely.
    “Can you all go now?” Opal said impolitely and impatiently.
    “Opal! Don’t be rude!” Akira said in a raised tone. We all smiled and went back to our makeshift wall and changed back to our clothes. We said our goodbye to Akira and brought our gowns to our dorm room.
    I sat on my bed idly and began thumbing my covers. Corrine sat on her bed reading ‘Hamlet’ as she drank a cup of tea.
    Where is Ember?
    Ember’s POV
    When I was about to follow my two friends inside our dorm room, a hand pulled me. I yelped. We were running, I saw Cal holding my hand as we continued running.
    We got to the Library. Garnet, the assistant librarian was busy arranging books on a far shelf. Cal panted and he looked directly in my eyes.
    My heart didn’t thump. (Sorry Cal and Ember shippers)
    “Will you go with me to the Spring Dance as my date?” Cal continued to pant.
    I smiled sadly. “I… sure. But…,” I told him.
    He returned the smile, then he frowned. “But, what?” he asked, his voice faltering. He squeezed my hand tighter. I rested my palm at the top of his hand.
    “I can only go as a friend,” my voice shook.
    “Oh,” he said sadly. I could feel him growing sadder and sadder by the minute. I mentally screamed at myself, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING EMBER?!
    “Is it because of Demarcus?” he asked suddenly. It hit me hard. The thought of Marcus made my mental thinking shrink. He smiled at me sadly, and he looked at my hand that was on his.
    “No,” I lied. Tears threatened to flow, so I bit my bottom lip hard.
    “I know you’re lying, Ember. Because I know you love Marcus more than anybody in this whole Lands,” he said, and a single tear dropped at the back of my hand.
    “And it hurts a lot, knowing that you do,” he added. I looked at him, tears were flowing on his face. Tears fell on my shirt, then I realized that I was crying as well. My arms wrapped around Cal and I sobbed painfully, my heart felt like it was being pricked multiple times, my chest was heaving heavily and I choked on my tears.
    “I… didn’t mean to… hurt you… Cal,” I sobbed loudly. He caressed my hair and cried at my shoulder and kept whispering, it’s okay.
    But it was never okay. I don’t deserve being okay. I hate myself for breaking a friend’s heart. I’m sorry… so, so sorry.
    Cal’s POV
    Hearing the person you love tell you that ‘you’re just friends’ hurts, right? But seeing them break down in guilt for hurting you in that kind of way, just stops you from hating them.
    I tried sleeping, but I just couldn’t. I slipped off my bed and went to the balcony for some fresh air. The night was long and gently cold. My eyes stared at the bright moon that stayed aloft at the starless skies.
    “Guess I’m rejected but not rejected, huh?” I asked the moon. Then, at the corner of my eye… I saw a hooded figure riding a large black timber wolf. My brows furrowed in confusion, then the hood was blown from the figure’s head. My heart plummeted.
    It was Ember.
    Sia’s POV
    I flew high above Ember and Tucker. Then we reached the Blue Forest, and halted to a stop. I landed beside the wolf, as Ember slipped from the wolf’s back. Her hood was thrown back, probably by the wind, showing her bright fire-like hair that was in a loose braid. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes bright, wild, and the light in it danced with excitement.
    I changed into my human form. As soon as I did, Ember took her bow and arrows that used to be strapped on her back. I snapped my fingers, making it echo through the woods. Wooden targets appeared out of thin air, then it flew in all directions.
    “So, your task today is, accuracy,” I started as Ember nocked one arrow and shot, hitting the bull’s eye of one target. Then, it bursted in flames.
    “Perfect!” I cheered.
    At least, she knows what she’s doing.
    Soon, the floating targets were burning, all of them impaled by arrows. Ember strapped her bow to her back. I summoned my sword, and Ember unsheathed her own.
    “Showtime,” I spun my blade.
    Ice blasted from the earth, but Ember jumped just in time to avoid the pointed edges of the ice. She slashed her blade in the air, sending a wave of fire that made the ice melt. She landed on both feet perfectly, her body unscathed. I lit my finger sky blue and summoned ice darts flying everywhere. This time, Ember was too slow to dodge the attack. Blood trickled on her cheek where an ice dart cut through, she brushed it with her sleeve casually. She clenched her fist and it glowed scarlet.
    Weird. She hasn’t even undergone the Unlocking yet.
    I was distracted, that I didn’t feel Ember’s attack. My back exploded in pain, and a scream erupted from my lips. I saw myself under a tree which was probably eight meters away from Ember.
    I know I’m a transparent lady, but I can still feel pain like any normal being.
    Strong heat rippled the air, and I saw Ember, her eyes wide. She ran towards me and the heat subsided, she lifted me and kept muttering ‘sorry for being carried away.’
    “Idiot. This is what our training’s all about. To make you stronger, for a bigger fight that you’ll face,” I told her as she supported me. When we returned to our area, somebody was already there.
    “Why are you here, boy?” I asked the young Everboy.
    He was probably shocked, for he was speechless. He eyed us then suddenly, he fainted. If it wasn’t for Tucker the poor boy would have collapsed on dry earth.
    So princes are the new princesses.
    Callis’ POV
    Cal just woke up. His blue eyes foggy, and his pale face started to regain color. He drank some tea that the school nurse, Padmé gave him.
    “Who brought me here?” he groaned.
    “A transparent lady brought you here,” I retorted softly. He propped himself on his elbows, and his throat gave a little cough. A knock came from the other side of the door. Padmé opened it, revealing a girl with chocolate skin and hair, her eyes were icy blue.
    “Cedar! How have you been? Care to lend me a hand?” Padmé beamed. Cedar nodded and entered the infirmary, as she entered a scent of cinnamon filled the room. The nurse and Cedar disappeared through a screen, Cal stared at the screen where the Evergirl disappeared through. I nudged him gently.
    “Hey, you okay?” I asked.
    He nodded. “Ember doesn’t like me,” he said all of a sudden.
    “What? Of course she likes you,” my voice came loudly. He gave a sad smile, “Stupid, she doesn’t like me, like me… she said we’re just friends,” he said.
    “Oh,” I said.
    We stayed silent. Then Cedar appeared with a bright smile, she carried a box filled with medicines. I returned the smile, but I saw Cal smiling brighter.
    At least he’s still okay. Or is he?
    Jane’s POV
    How do you feel when you see your crush in love with someone else? Do you feel rejected but not rejected? You know what I mean? It’s like your heart is torn in millions of pieces, because you already hoped for a chance to be with them.
    That’s what I felt when I saw Timber holding hands with a blondie Evergirl. I cried lots that day, and avoided him for the whole day.
    The day after tomorrow will be the Spring Dance. Who would go with a girl like me?
    I was busy thinking, that I accidentally bumped into someone else. I stumbled on both feet.
    “Are you okay?” a familiar deep voice asked. It was Timber. I looked up, and I was right, it was Timber. He held out one hand to help me, and his other hand was wrapped around the blondie’s hand. I bit my lip, to stop my tears from flowing. I stood up on both feet, and faked a laugh.
    “Silly. I don’t need your help,” I laughed and quickly ran when I felt the tears falling.
    “Are you alright?” I heard him call after me. Silly. My heart is torn and you’re asking me if I’m alright. Stupid. I’m so stupid. I’m never okay, Tim.
    I locked myself at our dorm room, but Timber didn’t even bother to look for me. I hugged my knees and stayed silent, until Callis arrived. She comforted me. That night, my eyes were weary but I couldn’t sleep.
    Stop it. Make this feeling stop, please. I wished in my head.
    Bryce’s POV
    Being rejected twice by Ember was more than I could bear. I laid my homework on the library table and I sighed deeply. Then, the doors opened a blonde boy and Ember entered. Curiosity itched my head, I stood on both feet and followed both Evers through shelves. I hid behind the Potions Sections.
    I heard blonde dude ask Ember to go with him at the Spring Dance. Then, I heard Ember’s voice, so sad and broken.
    Stop pitying her, Bryce!
    Then I couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation. A sob was all I could hear, then silence. I sighed, This is too boring.
    I sulked back to my desk and plopped on the chair with a squeak. Garnet passed me, her brunette locks bouncing as she carried piles of books.
    “Garnet! Will you be my date to the Spring Dance?” I called after the brunette. “Sure!” she called back, not bothering to look behind who asked her as a date to the Dance. I smiled crookedly and continued doing my homework.
    At least I have a date to the dance.
    Demarcus’ POV
    Tatiana and I always did walks during lunch, but today I kinda felt bored being with her.
    I’d rather spend a day with Em.
    Zombie cold hands wrapped around mine. I didn’t look. “M, look at me,” Tatiana commanded. Still I didn’t look.
    “I said, look at me,” Tatiana said through gritted teeth. I looked at her with a glare. Out of annoyance I yanked her hood away from her face. Revealing… (I know, I won’t say her ****** features yet. It’s not the right time yet.)
    I found myself running, running away from Tatiana. She screamed loudly that it made my ears ring. The School of Good came to view and I ran faster. Ice blasted in front of me, one almost impaled me and made me a kebab. I dodged continuously from the ice, Tatiana was advancing towards me, veins on her arms pulsed with rage. She let out another scream and a wall of ice erupted from the earth before me.
    “You have nowhere to go, Demarcus,” Tatiana roared. Her palm glowed an icy blue and ice darts came from it. It stopped an hairsbreadth, then it dropped. I saw Kyla sashaying casually towards us, as Evers and Nevers cowered from whatever just happened. Kyla stopped where Tatiana was and leaned to her ear. The ice walls and other ice thingies subsided, then Kyla looked at me.
    “You’re free to go, Everboy. I won’t take over your useless mind anymore. But when the time comes, do not get in my way,” she said. Then suddenly, something inside me wanted to see Ember.
    Ember. Wait, what happened the whole three months?
    I ran. My feet carried me to Purity staircase and halted at a room. I knocked. The door opened, it was Ember. Her fire golden eyes peaked through the gap. She gasped and quickly closed the door.
    “Wait! Em, I wanna talk to you,” I knocked again.
    Silence. It didn’t open. I started to walk away. The door creaked open.
    Ember stood there wearing her usual skinny brown jeans with matching brown boots, and she wore a white button down shirt that fitted her body perfectly. Her hair was longer that it reached her waist, and it curled at the edges, her eyes glowed with wisdom and sadness. You can really tell that she has changed.
    How come I didn’t notice that?
    We went for a walk around the campus. She was silent, and so was I. “So, what do you want to talk about?” she asked uncomfortably.
    “I…” my voice came out squeaky. “I want to say I’m sorry. For everything.”
    Ember looked at me, and she managed a smile. “I… have forgiven you already, Marcus. But, everyday when you crossed my mind, my head can’t stop reliving how you told me you never needed me,” she said as she looked at the blue skies. I took her hand and held it in mine, I traced my forefinger on her palm and drew letters on it. Just like old times at Netherwood, whenever we fought I used to draw the word ‘sorry’ on her palm.
    “What does it say?” she asked, her eyes trained on my fingers.
    “It says. ‘I’ll never leave you again.’” I answered softly. She twisted her hand and interlocked her fingers with mine. “Promise me,” she whispered as a tear gently fell on her face.
    “I promise,” I told her firmly. And it was no lie. No Kyla controlling my head. Ember let out a sob.
    “Stop crying, love. You know I hate seeing tears flow down your precious face,” I leaned towards her. She laughed through her tears.
    “I love you, Ember. And even if you don’t love me back, I won’t let anything stop me from loving you,” I whispered to her ear. Her eyes widened and she took my cheeks in her small hands.
    “You’re crying,” she said as she wiped my face. I didn’t care, because I knew I loved Ember than before, I was just too afraid to tell her before. I was afraid that she would hate me for it.
    “I love you too, Marcus. I love you more than you could ever imagine,” she cried and leaned on my face. Our lips met. Tears mixed with the kiss, and even when we broke apart it lingered. Somehow, I felt whole.
    For I found my other half.
    Kyla’s POV
    You must be asking why I set the Everboy free. It’s because he was getting out of hand. His mind kept slipping from my grasp.
    I decided that there were more bigger fish to fry.
    The boy was useless. But Tatiana wasn’t. She’ll be the tool from now on, and when I graduate I will be tracked as Leader. Father will be so proud.
    I walked through classes with high ranks with the help of my new ****. Still, even with my huge victories everyday Ana kept her distance farther from me. The brat even asked to move to another room.
    Am I not enough Ana? I thought.
    Her disgusted expression seemed to say, You’re a fool Kyla. You will never be enough.
    Rage boiled inside me, making my whole body rattle. I smacked my fist on Tatiana’s face. I made her thinking more naïve and innocent, that made her tilt her head in confusion.
    “It’s all your fault!” I spat at Tatiana’s face. Her face shifted and hissed like a snake. “No Kyla, it was all you,” Tatiana’s voice hissed, then returned back to her naïve self.
    “Nooo!” I screamed and storm off our dorm room.
    Nobody can be stronger than me. Not even Tatiana. She cannot slip from my grasp ever. Never.
    Chapter 13: The Doubt, the Unlocking, the Attack, and a Death
    Ember’s POV
    Morning light streamed in from the balcony. Wind gently blew and everybody was still asleep. Well, except me that is. Marcus was next me, his eyes closed. He accidentally slept on my bed, because we spent too much time talking the previous night. I propped myself on my elbows and took the time staring at the most beautiful, imperfect creature beside me. I brushed his mocha hair away from his eyes. He caught my hand and he gave a light chuckle.
    “What are you doing?” he asked, and he opened his eyes. My heart pounded so hard that I thought my chest would burst.
    “Good morning, handsome,” I smiled and gave him a peck on his cheek. He slithered one arm over my waist, and pulled me close. Millions of butterflies danced in my stomach.
    “Good morning too, beautiful,” he finally said. We stayed silent for a few moments before standing up. Marcus said his goodbye before leaving.
    As soon as he left, I took a shower at the Groom room and changed in my uniform. When I got back at our dorm room I saw Fiona and Corrine awake, but with big frowns crossed their faces. Confusion made my eyebrows furrow.
    Before I could ask them what’s wrong, Sia intervened my thoughts.
    Class time, kiddo. She called.
    I heard a loud bark from below the balcony. My feet carried me towards the balcony and saw Tucker, his electric blue eyes twinkled with excitement. I ran back towards the room, and stripped my pink, girly uniform and changed into a faded jeans, fireproof sneakers, and a silk shirt. I put on a cloak and strapped my quiver of arrows and bow at my back, and sheathed my sword to my belt, and tied my hair in a bun. I quickly climbed the balcony and jumped. Tucker caught me, and we ran towards the Woods.
    We wove through trees, and Tucker’s paws gave small crunches as he ran and stepped over dead leaves and twigs. I heard a flap of wings, I looked up and saw a falcon flying over us. We came to stop, and I slid off Tucker’s back. Sia landed and turned back to her human form, she coughed a few times.
    “Are you okay?” I asked.
    “A small cough won’t hurt me, kid,” she coughed.
    I raised both my hands in surrender. “Alright, I was just worried for you,” I told her. She rolled her eyes.
    Then, she took a golden key that was attached to a necklace. I gave her a confused look.
    “Today is the Unlocking. We shall unleash magic that is within you,” Sia solemnly said as she eyed the key.
    I gulped. My imagination made me more nervous. An image of me being stabbed by an innocent golden key, made me want scram away from my mentor. Sia took my forefinger and looked directly at my eyes, her gaze burned and she looked so serious.
    “May I?” she asked. I nodded nervously.
    She raised the key and plunged it in my index finger. It went through my skin and my breathing and heartbeat stopped. Sia turned the key, and I held a scream. She pulled it out, and I expected blood dripping at the tip. Instead of blood, my finger glowed scarlet.
    “Wow,” I gasped.
    “It goes by your feelings. Whenever you feel strong emotions it glows. But careful kid, that finger holds pure magic, and you better use it for good,” my mentor said. I gave a little nod and kept staring at my glowing finger.
    So cool.
    Fiona’s POV
    I can’t believe it. Wasn’t Demarcus planning to kill Ember?
    “Gah!” I sighed.
    Corrine had the same thought when we saw Ember and Demarcus together last night. A light thud came beside me. I turned, and saw Demarcus. He accidentally dropped his books.
    Speak of the devil.
    I glared at the boy, and walked past him coldly.
    “I’m sorry Fiona,” I heard him say. Confusion and rage bursted inside me, and I found myself shouting at Demarcus’ face.
    “No, you’re not! You’re even trying to be close to Ember so that you’ll fulfill your promise to your cold-blooded girlfriend!” I shouted.
    He looked at me with shame written in his face. Ever students gawked at us, and they whispered at each other’s ears furiously.
    “What promise?” a familiar voice asked.
    Demarcus and I stopped cold. Ember stood there her face flushed and her finger glowing scarlet. Fear was etched in her eyes, and I felt guilty.
    What have I done?
    Demarcus’ POV
    Hesitation caught my throat. My tongue twisted inside my mouth.
    “Ember, uh… Hey…?” Fiona stammered. But Ember wasn’t looking at her, she was looking at me. I tried looking away.
    “Marc, look at me,” she commanded firmly. “Tell me what promise did you make with Tatiana?”
    How did she know Tatiana’s name?
    “I promised carelessly. I was being controlled at that time by Kyla,” I said, my voice shaking.
    “What promise did you make Marcus?” she asked again. Her finger glowed brighter, and I became more afraid.
    “What promise are you talking about, Fiona?” she asked Fiona this time.
    Ember stopped short, and a hand flew to her mouth. She looked at me wide-eyed and walked towards me. Her eyes searched mine and she pressed her lips together.
    “Sia…” her voice broke. So, it was her mentor that told the promise in the end. I felt guilty. “Is it true? That you promised Tatiana that you would kill me?” she asked and I felt strong fear from her voice.
    I nodded guiltily. She pressed her lips harder. I tried taking her hand, but she pulled away.
    “Is that why you said sorry to me yesterday? Is that why you’re trying to get closer to me again? So that you’ll have a greater advantage in killing me?” she asked.
    “No, Em, I wouldn’t do such a thing. My apology yesterday was very sincere,” I told her, and my fist clenched.
    Fiona looked at us both helplessly.
    “You lie. I can’t even bring myself in believing you right now,” Ember said tightly.
    I felt slapped. I felt somehow, degraded. I felt myself drowning in guilt.
    “I’m not lying, Em. I won’t ever kill you, not in a million years. Never,” my teeth gnashed. My whole body rattled, and I felt my ears heating.
    Tatiana will pay for this.
    “Prove it then,” Ember asked.
    I looked at her and knelt on one knee. I pulled my grandfather’s dagger out of my belt and raised it to my chest. A glint of fear shone on Ember’s eyes. I plunged it in. A scream resounded the halls, then everything went dark.
    I was dreaming. I saw King Faix pinned on a wall, his firelike eyes held bravery. A girl held him tightly against the wall. She held a jagged dagger and smiled maniacally.
    “Time to die Uncle,” the girl said.
    King Faix stayed silent. The girl plunged her dagger coldly. The king screamed and blood started to drip from the dagger. The girl withdrew the blade and eyed it with satisfaction. A thin layer of ice formed where the deep wound was, and the girl let go letting the wounded king fall on the cold stone floor.
    Footsteps neared the girl and the King, then the girl disappeared. I saw Ember run towards her dad and a necklace hung on her neck, it held a purple pearl on one circle of metal.
    “Dad, what happened?” she asked, her voice filled with fear.
    The king held out his hand and touched Ember’s necklace. A bright orange glow filled the darkened space where Ember and her dad was. Then, a firelike pearl appeared next to the purple pearl. The king’s hand fell, lifeless.
    “NOOOOOOO!” Ember cried, her voice broken and miserable.
    Then the dream faded and I woke up. My dagger was on a nightstand and I was on one infirmary bed. Ember’s finger flickered scarlet, then it dimmed. She was standing and was watching the black skies from a window.
    I sat up, and a groan came from my throat. Ember turned and she walked towards me, she slapped me. My head whipped back towards her.
    “Stupid. Idiot. Crazy *******,” she said. “You scared me to death.”
    I smiled at her and I took her hand. She sat beside me, in a very ungentle way. I groaned. Then I remembered stabbing myself at the chest. I looked down, bandages were wrapped on my shirtless body. My arms flew to my chest in instinct.
    “Why are you here when I’m so underdressed?” I asked.
    Ember glared at me, and she ignored my question. A shirt fell on my head, and I jumped in surprise. I quickly dressed and the doors flew open. Clarissa Dovey entered, her long turquoise gown trailing behind her.
    “How have you been, child? We were worried sick,” the Dean said.
    “I’m all better now, ma’am. But I’m pretty sure I missed the Unlocking,” I scratched my head.
    “No worries child,” the Dean said and she took out a golden key.
    Suddenly, I didn’t feel bad for missing the Unlocking. I felt scared. A hand held my other hand, and saw a fuming Ember looking past me.
    That makes me feel better.
    I nodded towards Clarissa and she took my free hand and plunged the key in my forefinger. She turned the key and took it out of my finger. It glowed leaf green.
    “Cool,” I marveled.
    “Say what now?” I asked Fiona. (We made up after she visited me.)
    “Yes, Padmé did heal you from your knife wound,” the dark haired princess said.
    “That’s so cool. And one thing, don’t insult my dagger as a knife,” I told her. Ember stood beside me, her arms crossed.
    I can’t believe she’s still mad. Well, she probably hates me for promising to kill her. I hate Tatiana right now.
    “Good thing was, your kni-… I mean, dagger wound was shallow or else you could have died,” Fiona continued to say.
    “I would’ve been glad if he did,” Jane’s voice came from the open door of the infirmary. I froze. “Hey, *******,” she greeted.
    “Look Jane, I’m really-…” I started. She held out a hand. “No need to explain. Fiona told me everything,” she said. I chewed on my bottom lip. Before I could even say anything else. A girl with chocolate skin and curls with icy blue eyes appeared behind a screen.
    “Hey Jane, Timber has been looking for you since this morning,” the girl told Jane. Jane gave the girl a small nod.
    “Thanks Cedar,” Jane thanked the girl, Cedar before leaving the infirmary.
    “Am I the only one who noticed that Jane’s eyes are a bit puffy?” Ember asked.
    “Nope,” Fiona and I chorused.
    What happened to her?
    Jane’s POV
    I continued to walk away from the infirmary. I have no intention in finding Timber, but I felt bad for him.
    Stop it, Jane.
    “Ugh!” I shouted and grabbed a clump of my red hair and I began pulling it. “I hate this feeling. I hate him, I hate him.”
    I continued chanting ‘I hate him.’ Then I got tongue tied and my mouth got tired of speaking.
    “Hate is a strong word, you know,” a voice said.
    “What do you want?” I snapped back. I turned and saw Timber, alone for the first time in forever.
    His icy blue eyes searched mine, I gave him a death stare and spun on my heels and walked away. He grabbed my wrist, I tried pulling away. His grip was like steel, but I tried harder to pull away.
    “Let me go,” I tried pulling away. “Please, just let me go. Leave me alone, I hate you. I don’t wanna see your face anymore,” I snapped harshly. He let go, and he looked hurt.
    “Why?” he asked.
    I dropped my head and turned away from him. Rivers of tears freely flowed, old wounds opened and my heart broke.
    “Because… Because,” I stuttered. Strong arms wrapped around me from behind, and I felt a head rest on my spine.
    “I’m sorry, Jane. I was a fool,” he said. “Yeah, you are a big fool,” I agreed. He chuckled and he lifted his head and rested it on my neck. Warm, constant breathing tingled my neck.
    “I’m sorry,” he repeated.
    “Sorry is not enough, you know,” I whispered, annoyed.
    I am so confused right now.
    He let go of me and let me turn towards him. “Tell you what, I’ll bring you to the Spring Dance tomorrow as my date. As a peace offering to milady,” he said.
    My heart fluttered. Butterflies exploded inside me, and I bursted in joy. I jumped in joy and hugged Timber so hard. Then, all my hopes plummeted.
    “How about your blondie Evergirl? Aren’t you going to take her?” I asked Timber.
    “You mean, Janella Stales? Why would I?” he asked.
    “Because she’s your girlfriend…? Duh?” I retorted.
    He face palmed. “I would never ever take Janella Stales as my girlfriend. She’s too flawless,” he said.
    “But, you were…” I started. He put a finger on my lips, making me shut up.
    “Just forget about Janella okay?” he said, and I nodded obediently.
    All this time I’ve been stressing myself out because of love. Shoot, I was too dumb. I hated Timber for nothing. That just made me love him more.
    For once, I now understand Ember. Loving someone means loving the whole person, even their flaws.

    Cal’s POV
    (Time skip to the Spring Dance)
    Different fairy lights were hung on the Clearing’s trees. Chairs and tables were set up on different places. Evers and Nevers streamed in, and were separated in two lines.
    I straightened my tux and fidgeted on my shoes. I walked towards Callis’ dorm room and waited for Cedar. Note: I dropped Ember on being my date, since she’ll go with the Demarcus dude.
    The door opened, and Jane who wore an emerald gown sashayed out of the room and a prince that looked just like Cedar escorted her down the stairs. Cedar got out next, her chocolate colored locks hung loose over a purple gown with a huge ribbon over her waist. I escorted her down and my jaw dropped, Callis was wearing a midnight blue gown, her blonde hair was tied in a luxurious braid. She was with the blonde haired guy that usually carried cucumbers to the Groom Room. I think his name was, Flavion Giera.
    Cedar and I went to the Clearing and got to a table where Jane and Callis were.
    Where were the others?
    Altair’s POV
    “Come on, Fiona, we’re getting late,” I heard a muffled voice inside the dorm room. Demarcus and Romeo beside me, tapped their feet in unison. The door opened, revealing gorgeous, but late princesses.
    Corrine went out timidly. She wore a peach gown with thin straps and she wore a see-through shawl over her gown. A white lily was tucked on her ear, and I saw Romeo trying to look as passive as possible. Demarcus’ jaw hit rock bottom. I turned and saw Ember wearing a pure white sleeveless gown, the edges of it had a light touch of pink on it. Small silver diamonds were embedded at the whole skirt. Her fire orange hair was tied in a Greek style bun, different colors of flowers were intertwined between strands if hair. Then, it was my jaw that dropped. Fiona wore a baby blue gown, and her dark hair was tied to one side and the edges of hair curled. A blue flower was pinned on her hair.
    We then, escorted our princesses. We met with the others and enjoyed our time at the Dance.
    We all plopped on our chair tiredly. I sighed deeply. “Whew,” someone whistled.
    “Let’s turn things a little more upbeat,” a voice cried from the Never’s side. A finger glowed blood red, then shot a spell. Fire started and burned the grass. Evers screamed and ran. Nevers cackled with glee and shot more spells. Mostly, the spells were directed at us. The gang and I started to run back to School, terrified of what may happen. Well, all except Ember. She stood there in the middle of the fire, the edges of skirts were now burnt. “Em! Em!” I heard Demarcus shout through stampeding Evers.
    Ember started to make all the fire subside and the Dean of Good barked orders at fellow Evers. I ran back towards Ember, and so did Cal and Demarcus.
    “Stay back!” Ember shouted before we could even take another step. We saw a black robed girl, ghostly white hair fell over her hood. Her finger glowed an icy blue. The girl shot a spell towards us, and we dodged. It hit Flavion Giera, and he fell dead instantly. A scream erupted from afar, and I saw Garnet Giera being held back by Bryce Patterson as Garnet wailed for her brother’s death. She tried running back to Flavion’s lifeless body, but Bryce held her back firmly.
    Then the girl in front of Ember cackled. “Your dad owes me his life, Princess Ember,” the girl said.
    Ember’s finger glowed bright scarlet. Her jaw tightened. The girl in front us raised her head, her eyes were like two blackholes and her lips were so thin and pale. Her skin was deathly pale and tight-veined. A chill went through my spine.
    “Tatiana,” Ember and Demarcus gasped.
    “We meet again, loves,” Tatiana grinned darkly. “I will be here for a very short time lovable ones. I’m just sending a small package for the princess.”
    She threw a snake-skinned pouch to Ember. Ember caught it.
    “When you get back to your room tonight. I want you shatter the pearls that are inside the pouch. Of course, the pearls are extraordinary for they hold memories and remnants of the past. But when you shatter the pearls, make sure you are alone,” Tatiana said.
    “What is it for?” Ember asked.
    “For you to know, what I’m fighting for,” Tatiana retorted then she disappeared in cold mist.
    Tonight, the wind whistled.
    Ember eyed the pouch, and us three boys stood there frozen. Confused of the previous conversation of both girls.
    Fated Heroes: Chaos
    Chapter 1
    Night was starting to fade in orange fire. They were replaced by golden rays from the sun. It peaked through the leaves of the high maple trees, and sparkled among the dewy grass. The soft gentle breeze blew in a gentle whistle, the frail dandelion swayed with it.
    As the sun rose, the silver scales of a white dragon shimmered. It was resting underneath a tall tree, in its chest was a young 15 year old girl. Her long strawberry blonde hair was in a long impeccable braid, and her head was resting on the dragon’s chest. Her eyes were closed as she rested, in her small but calloused hands rested a small machine. Metal wires jutted out of it, her fingernails greased from fixing the machine.
    Her dragon’s head rested on her thighs, it constantly breathed warm breaths from its nose. The sun rose higher, and a loud voice called.
    “Liliana! Breakfast is ready!” the voice called.
    Liliana fluttered her eyes open, revealing silver eyes. Her dragon, Silver woke up with a start. Liliana, or Lilly in short, stood up on both feet. The machine between her hands almost clattered in millions of pieces, but she caught it just in time. Silver also stood up and stretched his body like a cat, Lilly climbed up his saddle with one swing of her feet. She held the horn of the saddle in one hand and the machine in the other, she patted her dragon gently and leaned on his ears.
    “Let’s go boy,” she said, and she held tighter onto the saddle. The silver dragon started running, since the Montague’s mansion was just a mile away. They reached the mansion, and Lilly slid off the dragon’s back, and feet met grass.
    She ran towards the window of her bedroom. She opened it silently and climbed in. Lilly’s bedroom looked more like a workshop instead of a bedroom. Her bed was small and was set aside in a far corner, and blueprints, cogs and cams, screws, and metal wires laid on it. On her brown painted walls more blueprints were pinned. Footsteps suddenly went nearer to her bedroom, panic went through Lilly. She quickly rumpled her hair to make it more messier, and she coughed a few times to make her voice hoarse. The door opened with an irritating creak, a white-haired Esmeralda peaked inside.
    Lilly let out a puff of relief. Esmeralda entered, her boots clacking against the newly polished wooden floors of Lilly’s bedroom.
    “Where have you been, Liliana?” the maid hissed.
    “I’ve been here. Sleeping, Ms. Esmeralda,” Lilly lied with a fake hoarse voice. She tried closing her eyes heavily to make her lie more convincing, but Esmeralda was no one to be deceived.
    “The nails and boots explains a lot,” Esmeralda crossed her arms. Lilly looked down to see her nails smudged with grease, and her boots stained with dirt and blades of grass. She smiled sheepishly to her maid, and Esmeralda imitated her in a mocking way. Lilly just rolled her eyes, and quickly showered and changed into a knee length peach dress with a white cardi over it, and slid her feet on a double buckle faux boots. She brushed her hip length blonde hair, and let its wavy curls loose on her back, no make-up was applied on her face (“Mechanists like me don’t need make-up,” Lilly said.)
    Lilly quickly bounded down the stairs and went to the dining hall. Her foster mother and father sat on each side of a very small round table, she occupied a seat between them politely.
    As soon as she sat, Esmeralda laid a small plate of veggies in front of Lilly. She ate it happily, and her parents were silent for minutes.
    “So, second term of school starts today,” her father said as he chewed on a lettuce. Lilly nodded and snapped her fingers. A mechanical trunk rolled its way towards her. It beeped happily.
    “I see,” her mother acknowledged the machine.
    “Well, I have to. Silver hates bringing baggages,” Lilly said as she ate her last spoonful of veggie.
    She stood up and bowed to her parents and quickly bounded for the door with her mechanical trunk beeping furiously behind her.
    Silver was waiting patiently. When he saw the mechanical trunk, he snorted.
    We’re bringing that creature? The dragon thought to his rider.
    Lilly gave a small laugh and snapped her fingers twice. Bronze wings appeared from the machine and gave an approving beep to Silver.
    “Don’t worry, boy. I always come prepared,” Lilly smiled as she climbed the dragon’s saddle. Silver glared disapprovingly at the trunk. He quickly spread his silvery-white wings and took off with great force. Air was knocked out off Lilly’s lung, and her new trunk soared below them.
    I’ll name him Chuck, Lilly thought to her dragon.
    Don’t start giving names to your crazy machines, kiddo, Silver replied.
    She rolled her eyes. Huge rocky mountains were very visible, deciduous trees were abundant at the feet of it, and a vast ocean was roaring gently. The wind gave a small whisper.
    We need you, it seemed to say.
    Lilly always felt a connection with the wind. It always seemed to whisper in her ears. One time, she felt it sang in her ear, about great heroes of old times.
    Silver kept flapping through white cottony clouds, until the Academy appeared before them. Its high stone walls reaching the clouds, and several riders just like Lilly arrived with their luggage carried between the claws of their dragons. Silver dipped his wings and carefully landed on a clearing, his paws gave a sickening crunch as dead leaves carried his weight.
    Lilly slid off the saddle, and saw a glimpse of Chuck, the trunk landing beside Silver. She could feel her dragon resisting the urge of blasting Chuck into cinders.
    “Liliana Juliétte Montague…?” a deep voice spoke behind her. Lilly turned disapprovingly. She hated when people say her whole name. It was an elderly man with twinkling blue eyes, his gray hair started to grow thin on the edges, and he wore a parchment-like brown robe. Between his aged fingers, he held a turquoise sleeveless shirt and a brown denim vest with matching brown skinny jeans, and baby brown boots.
    Lilly smiled and took her clothes from the old man.
    “So, second term starts today. You can start with the new hatched draglins today if you like,” the man said.
    “Herold, I always start with the draglins,” Lilly replied, her silver eyes twinkled with excitement.
    Herold de Lanie nodded in agreement, and they started to walk towards the large wooden doors of the Academy.
    I’ll see you later, kiddo, Silver told her, and took off, his strong wings leaving sharp winds slashing through blades of grass.
    Herold and Lilly continued walking, with Chuck trailing in his mechanical wheels. The Academy’s emblem shone proudly, as the sun reflected against it. Herold swung the heavy doors and Lilly stepped inside, torches were hung in two neat rows on both side of the hall, and students were roaming around, finding where their room could be.
    They climbed up and came to Lilly’s room. Herold told her a few instructions and left with a goodbye. She went in, and her room was just like her room back at home. It’s cream painted walls pinned sketches of different machineries, a long wooden table were filled with rolled parchments and metal scraps, cogs and cams, ***** drivers, wrenches and more mechanical tools scattered over it.
    Lilly resisted the urge to flop on her bed and curl in a ball to sleep. She changed into the clothes she took from Herold, and clapped her hands and Chuck came near her and opened his mechanical body, revealing compartments filled with her clothes. She took her enchanted tool belt and her enchanted quartz necklace that her best friend, James gave her before he died.
    I miss him. Lilly thought to herself.
    He misses you as well, kiddo. Silver comforted, sensing her sadness from afar.
    Thanks, Silv. She thanked her dragon with a smile.
    Anytime, kiddo. Anytime. He replied and went silent.
    Lilly held onto her necklace and went for the door and opened it. She stepped out and climbed back down and saw familiar faces as she wove from corridor to corridor. She went outside and she saw Baron gathering new hatched draglins. Lilly jogged next to him, Baron turned and gave her a smile. He handed her a pail filled with bits of raw meat for treats, then he left for the stables.
    Lilly turned and hung the pail to her belt and jogged with draglins trailing behind her, desperately wanting a treat for themselves. They arrived in a desert-like space, for today the draglins would learn to fly. An indigo water dragon gave the first try, and succeeded flapping his wings. Then an emerald followed, and a brown earth dragon followed and more followed all of them succeeded. Except for a purple female draglin. Her left wing was bigger than her right, and her efforts of trying to fly were in vain. She sulked away after her tenth try, and Lilly ran after the draglin.
    “Hey, girl. You should probably give it some time. You know, my dragon, Silver gave his fire breathing two years before he achieved it,” Lilly kneeled beside the gloomy draglin.
    The draglin gave a look like she was saying, Alright.
    Lilly kept sketching. Her fingers wouldn’t stop, then she took a piece of purple fabric, and pieces of metal, and some nails. She kept working, her fingers just kept doing their thing. She followed her sketch’s pattern.
    After training with the draglins, and seeing the disappointed purple draglin, Lilly decided to make a substitute right wing for her.
    Lilly held out her work in front of her proudly. She smiled and hung the new wing on her wall, she climbed her bed wearily and eyed the wing happily.
    I can’t wait for tomorrow.
    The purple draglin flew in circles. Her makeshift wings worked perfectly. Lilly whooped with glee, and the other draglins seemed to cheer.
    After a few more moments, the draglin landed.
    “Hey girl, glad you like it,” Lilly told the draglin.
    Armada, is my name. Lilly heard a young girl’s voice echo in her head.
    “Nice name,” Lilly complimented, realizing that it was the purple dragon that spoke through her head.
    Armada gave a small squeak.
    “You can hear a draglin’s voice even if they’re not your own?” Baron asked behind Lilly suddenly. Lilly turned with a start, “I… always do,” Lilly whispered, trying not to brag her capability.
    “Cool,” Baron marveled.
    Lilly blushed. No one has ever complimented her like that. Then, a shadow caught all of their attention. It was a grey dragon, in its back was a co-elder of Herold. He wore the same parchment-like robe, his eyes were like emeralds, and his hair was black with white-gray streaks. It was Luther Black.
    He smiled when he saw both Lilly and Baron with the pack of hyper draglins. Armada bowed in respect to the elder, and the others followed her example. Even Lilly and Baron bowed their heads.
    “No need to bow, young ones,” Luther said, his voice naturally husky. They all stood up and Baron took another bow and left, escorting all the draglins to the stables.
    Lilly walked back to the Academy with Luther. They were silent for the whole walk, until Herold met them at the entrance.
    “Liliana! Douglas has been looking for you,” the old man called. She rolled her eyes in annoyance and ran off, leaving the two elders behind.
    Lilly reached for Silver’s mind and summoned him. In a matter of seconds, he appeared. She quickly climbed his saddle and both of them flew, her eyes drank the satisfaction of the breathtaking view of Terrain.
    Silver took her in a high mountain, where a mud-colored dragon was waiting.
    So Puppy is here. Lilly thought to her dragon.
    Why do you keep calling him, Puppy, again? Silver asked sarcastically.
    Duh, he has puppy eyes. And his name sounds like ‘Dog-las’. Lilly rolled her eyes.
    They landed next to the mud-colored dragon and they saw a red headed boy with a bulky frame, his eyes definitely puppy green. The boy slid off his dragon, and neared Silver. He outstretched a hand towards Lilly, and she took it mockingly.
    “You’re so manly, Puppy,” she teased the boy, Douglas as she slid off Silver’s back.
    “Hey!” Douglas protested.
    Then they both bursted in laughter.
    “So how’s training?” He asked.
    “It was fun, as usual,” Lilly started enthusiastically and continued to tell about her encounter with Armada. Then, they both shared their day, with both of their dragons curled, resting.
    For Lilly, nothing was more special with Puppy than being his friend. Nothing more nothing less. He was the second best friend Lilly had in her life. He was family, and also his dragon, Tera.
    When the sun started to set, they flew back to the Academy and returned to their rooms. Lilly rested that night wishing that her life would always be this normal.
    But what she didn’t know, tomorrow would change her whole normal life into something extraordinary and dangerous.
    So if you have read this comment ‘Silver hates baggages’at the beginning of your comment. Have a nice day Evs and Nevs. 🙂

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        Now. Where to begin on Fated Heroes: Chaos?!?! It was FANTABULOUS TOO! I love the way you started it as well! It sounds/looks like an awesome plotline!! Great start and job on this one too! Can’t wait for an update for both of these! I was so into the chapters that you wrote, that I never realized that my friend was talking to me the whole time at lunch!!!! Happy writing and hope that you NEVER get writer’s block! I have it major time right now!!!

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