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    emerald886 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year ago

    Hi so i’m starting to write my first rp/series and thought i would introduce the main characters kinda like a blurb about them so here goes comment any ideas for the story if you have any 🙂

    Evie has known she would one day be queen since she was born and has been training for it ever since. She can’t wait to get to the school for good and evil and then become queen but can one letter change all the plans shes made since she was a child.

    Hunter is the child of one of the most evil villains ever but hes never felt well evil but he has to make a choice will he choose to fulfill his own destiny or follow the path his parents want him to take

    The perfect princess. When you imagine a princess that’s exactly what Lacey is like. She’s smart, kind, beautiful and anything else you would think a princess is like but she has a secret and the question she keeps on asking herself is. How many lies can you tell before the truth gets out?

    Tell me what you think 🙂

        indigosky12 replied 1 year ago

        oh wow, this is quite incredible, @EMERALD886. Can you comment on my post below?

        beachbionic replied 1 year ago

        Awesome! Tag me please!

        evergirl391 replied 1 year ago

        Tag me!

        elviaofcamelot replied 1 year ago

        This sounds so good, tag me please

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