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    emilymcd posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 days, 9 hours ago

    Name: Katherine of the woods beyond
    Age; 15
    School: Good
    Pet: Not really a pet but she has a crow that hangs around her in the town, she named him Edgar Allen Crow, but Ed for short
    Crush: You gotta find out
    Personality: You also gotta find out.
    Favourite colour: Black, white and blue
    Least favourite colours: Pink and green
    Fairytale parents: Average people, who abandoned her at a young age.
    Appearance: Dark brown eyes with abnormally long eyelashes, thin peach lips, messy long light blond hair kept down or in a ponytail, overgrown thin bangs that hang in front of my face, a hollow bony face, abnormally skinny, bonny arms and legs, a rather skinny waist, not very curvy.
    Clothing: I usually wear black shorts, a white tank top covered with smudges of dirt, a knee lengthen, brown coat, a black cap and knee socks.
    Talent: I can glamour myself (disguise myself) using magic. Without glamour I have a mouth that goes from ear to ear full of sharp teeth , horns, wings and solid black eyes with white X’s for pupils.
    Birthplace: ???
    Backstory: When she was born, her parents were horrified by her disturbing face and left her for dead. She was taken in by someone, someone she don’t remember because they always wore a mask. They taught little Katherine how to glamour herself and took care of her until she was 6. Then they left her on the doorstep of the of the city orphanage where she lived for years to come. Since she had a rather ordinary appearance people didn’t think twice of her not being fully human. She was never really a “feminine” girl and liked to play in the woods, talk to the crows and rats, wrestle with the boys and goofing off. She did have decent manners and was a good kid, she just wasn’t very lady-like so the orphanage started trying to teach her how to be a proper lady. Katherine objected and ignored every lesson, failed every test and skipped the class as much as possible, they realized it wasn’t working and decided that it may be best to send her to a boarding school for bad girls. She wasn’t a bad girl, at least to the people who knew her well enough, she just rebelled the system that wanted to make her a “normal” woman. That night, she packed up her limited belongings and left the day of her transfer… it was also the day 2 children would be kidnapped. She was an easy target.

    So, this is the main character for my entire story.
    Btw, what is the best way I can post chapters?

        cat2020 replied 2 days, 9 hours ago

        The best way too post chapter is to write them in google do them in google docs then copy and paste them into the post and then you’ll always have your chapter if something happens to your account also it is easier

          emilymcd replied 2 days, 8 hours ago

          Thank you

        emilymcd replied 2 days, 9 hours ago

        Sorry, I just realized that I have a few grammar and spelling mistakes in it. Please don’t call them out.

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