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    Chapter 3
    The when I was younger I simply drew shapes. I drew circles, I drew squares, and the best shape of all, I drew triangle. Now that I’m older and better at drawing, I still draw shapes. You see everything is made of shapes. After breaking anything down in the world to its most generic form, one would see that it is merely a shape, for example: the world is just a sphere.
    With these shapes I draw things. I have drawn the alien world of Hertos: a super intelligent society composed of a race who are taller than everyone else and must look down when talking to another alien species. I sketched the glum world of Stidddes and the mysterious colony of Antos, it is on one of the moons of the barren planet Lantus. Recently, interestingly enough, I found my pencil making the world of Cilb, a place where its residents know their place in the in the galaxy and don’t mind it. To the people of Cilb there are just happy that they are not on Stidddes. After Cilb I discovered the planet Dimind which is barley over two light years away. Dimind houses individuals who find themselves in the shadow of Hertos.
    But today I am not creating anything new, I am using something old. His name Zenious, and he is currently hidden from the other Hertons. I like to draw Zenious, well because he is the shortest of his race and hides behind his heart shaped mask. The others always watch, I don’t know why they just do, and because he is always being watched, he finds himself hiding. Today he is hiding form a rather tall Herton. I recognize the Herton my fingers draw, I draw him normally when I draw Zenious.
    This Herton looks after Zenious. I think they are related in some way, but I am not completely sure how. I do know why he looks after Zenious, for Zenious is this Herton’s weakest link.
    “Henry,” I hear the irritated voice of my elder brother (he is my senior by two years) entering my thought process. He was looking for me, I had disappeared again. “Henry,” he repeated a bit closer. How long did I vanish this time?
    I dropped my sketch book on the ground, hooked my legs on the branch I had been relaxing for who knows how long, and then fell backward. I was like a monkey in the picture books I read when I was five. “Nebby,” I cried excited, “Nebbykanezer.” That wasn’t his real name, the name he was dubbed is Nebakanezer. Out of all my siblings I was given the most normal name. The first name was Cleopatra, second was Aristotle, third Anastasia, then Nebby, and then me, Henry.
    I began to absorb the day that was to day. It was sunny and the grass was so green it seemed to be fake. The camp stood towering in the distance, it both looked like a prison and a wonderful castle. The world then started to become fuzzy.
    I felt a hand tap on my face, “Henry are you okay? I know the all your blood could not have rushed to your head so quickly or you would have fallen on your head by now.”
    “Huh,” I said blinking. Everything became clear again, it was like when the maids back my parents’ home cleaned the windows. I liked to watch as the foggy became clear with them. He sometimes helps with the cleaning.
    “Get down,” He crossed his arms. I don’t know why he was upset, I don’t know why he gets mad when I disappear, I don’t know why anyone becomes angered when I disappear, but they do. I looked at him for a while, he doesn’t say anything more, just raises his chin. He expects me to go down, so I do. Nebby expects allot of people to listen to him, he currently studying political science and intends to be in charge one day. Everyone expects him to be in charge one day. “I am the Ace of Hearts,” he grumbled shaking his head disappointedly as he watched me slowly climb down, “Not your glorified baby sitter.”
    “Yes,” I cheered celebrating his accomplishment of becoming the Ace last year, “It is quite wonderful how successful you are.”
    He glared at me as if I was making fun of him, “How are you the smartest Wittens?” he asked frustrated. I smiled, he admitted that I was smart, and so I felt smart. I patted my pockets and found my glasses’ frames and put them on. Nebby frowned, “Why do you have to be weird on the new arrival day.”
    “New arrivals!” I screamed shocking Nebby enough to make him jump. New arrival day meant new people were coming, new people to watch chose them paths and become their older selves. I want to watch them pick their possible jobs, like when I picked to be an engineer.
    I then scooped up my sketch book, jammed my glassed into my pocket, and ran back toward the campus to catch a glimpse of the new faces. Faces made of eyes, noses, mouths, and other features.
    The red, black, and white hall ways flashed before my eyes as I speed toward the Cafeteria. I know the Camps. I looked at a map the first day then after three weeks I walked around the Camps with my eyes closed to test my knowledge.
    Left, left right, strait, right and here.
    The only thing though was I forgot one important detail, to slow down. By the time I relised I had to deaccelerate, it was too late and I had already pushed the doors open ran in the room and into a support column not too far from the door.
    It hurt, and so I felt the impulse to laugh. Laughing makes me feel better, it relieves the pain because it helps me think that I am not in pain. The others looked at me. I don’t know if they looked at me like I was crazy or if it was the normal look I receive from my peers, but they all looked to see what the chuckling was about and quickly looked away when they saw it was me.
    My giggling stopped when the pain went away and I sat staying were I was because I realized that I was quite content were I was on the ground. My eyes looked around for shapes, they looked for Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades.
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        electra replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        Wow, this is so good. What year is Henry in?

        espilce replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        He is 15, so he has been there for 2 years

        kiko55 replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        Awesome chapter! 😉

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        Cool chapter! I liked it a lot 😀

        espilce replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        Thanks guys

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