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    espilce posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 5 months ago

    Camp Wonderland Collab
    Chapter 6
    Henry POV:
    “Henry!” I heard Thersa Vin enthusiastically call from behind.  Thersa and her identical twin Farlin are both the age of Nebby.  Thersa is the nicer and more optimistic of the two.  She was placed in Spades, unfortunately, but she is trying to make the best of it.  The job that she chose was Kindergarten teacher, but right now she makes sure I don’t wander off.  She is normally good at keeping an eye on my, but yesterday was the exception.
    Her sister Farlin tested into Clubs and is practicing to be a secretary under Nebby.    She can be harsh, but deep down I know she is a very caring.  Aside from that she has a good work effort, it wouldn’t have been discovered, though, if her sister hadn’t recommended her to Nebby.  So far she has been his longest secretary (all the others didn’t meet Nebby’s sky high standards).
    “Hey Thersa!” I screamed matching her enthusiasm, “How is your sister?” I questioned when she finally caught up to me.
    “She is fine, a little tired from your brother working her like crazy, but fine none the less,” she answered as she patted down her skirt.  Her eyebrows bended down as she attempted to portray the emotion of anger.
    “Are you okay?” I asked as I felt all the muscles in my face relax in a bit of fear.
    Her eyes widening as if her face was impulsively readjusting to its old way of making everybody happy, “Don’t make that face everything’s fine,” she said, but then she remembered what she was going to say originally and everything on her face stiffened.  “No wait I mean something, gosh darn, is wrong!” she said raising her voice.  I took a step backward, “You have got to stop disappearing!  You were gone for an hour yesterday time and Neb said he found you in a tree drawing!  You can’t continue to scare us like that!”
    “I am sorry,” I whimpered, then I backed up against the wall sat down and began hugging my knees.  I don’t like making people upset, I feel like I let them down if I do.  I am a failure, I only cause people worry.  I try to be happy, to help, but I get caught up in my head and wander off, my existence only causes pain. “I am sorry!” I repeated as, I felt my tears drip down my face as my eyes closed.
    Than world went quiet.  It was dark, it was empty, there was nothing.
    I was alone.  I was alone! I WAS ALONE!
    “Hello!” I cried “Oh please someone be here!”  No one answered.
    It was like that for who knows how long.  Emptiness called me, nothingness wanted me to stay, darkness beckoned me to sleep.
    Then came color, yellow, red, and blue swirled in the darkness.  I rubbed my tears in awe of the colors that broke the darkness in my head,
    They began to create other colors: purple, orange, green, brown, pink, and others.  With the colors pictures were made.  People appeared as if frozen in movement, not soon after the hallway rose up from nothingness.
    I stood up walking through the recognizable corridors of the camps and regarded the familiar and unfamiliar faces in the halls.  Currently there wasn’t any classes so most of the other students were talking with friends or asking the Jackies questions about stuff they didn’t know.
    A mist all the people I saw two who stood out.  There was a girl, she was a spade, but unlike most of the Spades her eyes hungered for more than what she was told she could do.
    “Rosemary,” I my lips said her name without a thought, they continued as if they had their own mind, “She has a talent for speaking different languages and despite being a spade she has a promising future.” I laughed retaking over my mouth, “How do I know that?” I mumbled.
    My eyes then went towards the boy, he wasn’t from around he was he.  He clearly had a regal look to him and portrayed an expression of calmness, but his head wasn’t paying attention to anything except his own thoughts. “Tianna,” my lips said again without thought, then corrected, “Prince Tianna.” This time I regained control immediately.
    I looked at them one final time and then ran for it.  “What is happening?” I pondered, “This has never happened before.  It is rather peculiar.”
    I stopped, I saw myself, eyes closed with Thersa panicking.  Nebby was there too, shaking my unconscious body frantically try to wake me up.
    “I have to wake up,” I cried “I just have to.”  I went to myself and slapped my own face.
    There was sound, is was slight screams of people calling my name, but to me that didn’t matter.  It was quite unfair that I knew more about those student then they knew about me.
    In an instant I jumped to my feet.  It scared both Nebby and Thersa, but I think they were relieved that I had snapped out of my head.
    Then as if nothing had happened I walked the direction of the girl and boy retracing my steps to where they were in my dream.  To my surprise they were exactly where they had been in that delusion.
    “Rosemary, Prince Tianna,” I said to them in the most serious and stately voice I have ever used.  They just looked at me confused.  I could not blame them, not but a second ago they were nameless strangers to me as well “I am Henry T. Witten,” then the pitch in my voice changed back to its normal optimistic tone, “And it was nice to meet you!”
    Thanks for reading!
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        Oooh, cool chapter!!! 🙂

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