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    Chapter 7
    “Christine,” Megan said in the carriage ride home. Megan was a tad annoyed that she was just dazing off. Megan was excited for the break because she would be able to hang out with her best friend, who was also her sister. Well they weren’t biological sisters, Christine was adopted since both her parents had died, but neither of them pay attention to that fact.
    “Christine,” She repeated irked and when Christine continued to ignore her, Megan decided that this was probably the time to confront her about the pipes. “Who do you meet after classes?” she asked coolly like a snake.
    Christine blinked a bit, “What did you say,” she mumbled.
    “What did you expect?” Megan smiled, “I am your sister and when you don’t tell me I investigate.”
    There was quiet between the two as the carriage shake as it rode on the dirt road. “You had Joseph follow me didn’t you?” Christine snapped folding her arms and thinning her gaze.
    “Of course because if it was me you would be suspicious, any way who is this person you’ve been meeting after school.”
    “You have even had him listen to our conversations!” she screamed.
    “No, Joseph is my boyfriend not a side kick. He spied on you because we were both worried about you, He could have said no. I stepped in when I learned the location and that it was dark enough so I could not be seen,” Megan than added, “It’s been awhile since you have sung, I am kind of sad it wasn’t for me.”
    Christine giggled in an attempt to sound light hearted, but instead only sounded uncomfortable, “It feels nice to sing.”
    “Who is the boy?” Megan asked well forcing eye contact. Her voice, like always, was friendly command. It was intimidating, but it was better than what it once was. When Megan was younger she was quite bitter, so her voice was always a stern angry. Of course that changed with the help from Christine and later Joseph. “Come Christine, I just want to know who you have been seeing.”
    “You say that as if I have been dating him,” Christine snapped, but her face did turn pink, “And I can take care of myself.”
    There was still silence, Christine had never snapped like that before. “Finally,” Megan thought, “She is growing a spine, but…” her eyes looked deep into Christine’s, “I am not sure how comfortable I am with that.”
    To Christine’s surprise Megan looked away first, “It will be fun to go back home,” Megan smiled while looking at the scenery, “Mom has allot of parties planned, for when we return and you know how much I love to dance.”
    “Eric. Eric. Eric! Eric!!”
    Eric snapped out of his thoughts. He looked were the sound had come from and saw it was his younger sister Iris. He sighed and rubbed her head, “Yeah,” he mumbled as if waking up from a dream.
    “Miss. Clith said Dinner’s ready,” She smiled, “Also what were you humming, it sounded nice.”
    “What humming?”
    “It sounded like this,” she said and right after she began to hum a sweet cheerful sound. Eric recognized it, it was the sound of the duet the girl sang.
    “Oh that one,” he smiled, “I don’t know the name but it goes something like this,
    The grass is soft upon my feet,
    As I dance with my lady true.
    She smiles at me, so gracefully,
    And calls to me with care.
    For I have never known the world to be so quite as bland,
    Until I met my wonderful dame,
    Who became why I am so glad.
    Be well, Be well, Be well,
    For Spring has come today,
    Letting children far and near,
    Sing and dance the night away.
    So be well all of you,
    For spring might not stay.” He paused this was the girls solo. Eric felt sad when he relised that she wasn’t there to sing it.
    Then entered the middle aged Miss. Clith as she laughingly began to sing the rest of the song in an extremely off-key way and, to add a dramatic flair, she also waved her hands around dramatically.
    “Ah my lord I thank thee,
    For it was a wonderful dance,
    And in the end I wish to see thee once again.
    For my lord has aided me,
    And tis he I stay true.
    So dance with me for one more time,
    And I will cherish you.
    Be well, Be well, Be well,
    For Spring has come today,
    Letting children far and near,
    Sing and dance the night away.
    So be well all of you,
    For spring is still here,
    And with her life but blooms,
    In the gladdest season of the year.” Miss. Clith then grinned the biggest grin one would ever see, “Ah a song of lovers,” she said then winked and elbowed him, “Who is the girl?”
    “You have a Girlfriend!” Iris screamed.
    “No I don’t” Eric impulsively answered, but his blush gave him away even more.
    Miss. Clith leaned against the door with her arms crossed and shrugged, “Well they might not be dating, but I think he likes someone,” she defended Eric while winking at him. She then left the room.
    “No!” Iris screamed, “He is my brother!” she then looked at, “Eric you won’t leave me right?”
    Eric, in an instant, comforted Iris, “No, I am not going to leave you,” he then hugged his sister. Yes, he might like this girl he sings with under the school, but, although it sounds silly, she would eventually have a Prince and Eric would just become a memory to her.
    “You shrank an inch,” Iris mumbled.
    “Maybe, you grew,” he replied not believing in his own words. He chucked a bit, he was becoming a crow, and he had five new feathers to prove it.
    There was a long quiet. Nickel had stopped and his enter body was tense as if he was preparing to pounce.
    “Nickel,” Iris snapped, before Dean Sophie could say something, “Continue reading.”
    Nickel looked at her and in one movement slammed the book shut, “You know where Fernand is don’t you.” Iris didn’t respond, but a small smile formed on her lips. “That will be all for tonight,” Nickel growled as he left before anyone could tell him otherwise.
    There was, again, a moment of silence.
    “I guess that will be all for tonight,” Iris said emotionless.
    Dean Megan shook her head and then said, “Maybe not yet,” She then folded her hands and looked to Iris, “Do you mind singing one song? Christine always did say you sung as good as your brother.”
    Iris simply shrugged and then nodded,
    “That was once light,
    Now it only falls from view,
    As the darkness comes now for me too.
    What was it that I asked from you,
    That now fads into nevermore?
    And what was it you said to me,
    That I will forget forevermore.”
    Random song

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        thedemigod1112 replied 2 years, 3 months ago

        😀 Great!!!

        wenteo replied 2 years, 3 months ago

        I think your writing is AMAZING!!! And If you want some opinions, you can probably end the story with a cliffhanger…I don’t know really. 😀 😛

        espilce replied 2 years, 3 months ago

        Thanks WENTEO and THEDEMIGOD1112, also thanks for the advice WENTEO. I almost ended it with a cliff hanger (It would of been with my charature Carlotta were it would explain her back story).

          wenteo replied 2 years, 3 months ago

          Oh… your welcome 🙂

        thedemigod1112 replied 2 years, 3 months ago

        🙂 You’re welcome!

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