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    Chapter 8
    Joseph leaned back in his seat, it was the first time in the evening in which he had a chance to sit. It was the village of Nimes’s Winter Festival and like every festival of Nime it was full of endless dancing and cheery moods for all. Once upon a time Joseph thought that Nime had too many parties, but now, upon reflection, he relised that the parties were the only reason he could dance well and his ability to dance was the only reason Megan gave him a chance.
    In all honestly, he wished Megan was here so that all the girls from his home town would stop flirting with him or asking him to dance. It was a large ego boost, but he didn’t need it currently. It was one of his final farewells to his roots.
    He doubted that Megan and her family would refuse to give up their title and position, and if he wanted to marry Megan that would mean that he would have to give up his past. It was a hard to think about and he joked that if she said no that all his worries about leaving his roots wouldn’t matter, but if that happened it would hit him hard. Well he will find out after graduation because that is when he planned to propose.
    “Everyone, everyone, take a seat,” Ember Clith rose her voice well standing on the poorly made stage. At this festival it was a tradition that Ember told a story. Joseph smiled, The Cliths were the heart of Nime. They were the loudest, the roundest, the craziest, and the nicest people one would ever meet. “Gather round, I finally convinced Eric to sing for us.”
    There was quiet, Eric Day. Mr. Day (Eric’s father) was a kind man till he married Miss. Day. She was never pleased and always nagged him. Thus Mr. Day became the town ***** to drown out his wife constant insults. One day Miss. Day became sick for some unknown reason and died. Everyone hoped Mr. Day would become better after that, but by that time he was an addict hunted by the words of his wife. Everyone felt bad for Eric until, well there are only rumors about what happened that night.
    The night Mr. Day was found dead, and the night when Iris Day just appeared.
    There are numerous theories about what happened, but no speaks about these myths in front of the Cliths. The Cliths were the Day’s neighbors, and they were the ones who adopted Iris and Eric.
    Joseph never spoke to Eric, Eric was the type of kid who would run all way from his shadow. He never had any courage unless he was with his little sister Iris. Joseph did, however, chat with Iris. She was so lively that one could not, but help speak with her. Iris was known to be the gem of Days, but Ember always claimed that Eric had a jewel himself, his voice.
    “He is replacing your story with his song!” someone from the crowd dared to shout.
    Ember gave a slight glare at the direction of the person who said, but then smiled and laughed off the comment by giving her own retort, “I promise you that his song will be better than any story I could tell you, just give him a chance.”
    There was a mummer, then everyone stayed quiet. Joseph let out a quiet laugh, singing that is what Christine and that unknown never boy were doing in the pipes. Those two voices where the best singers he had ever heard. Joseph doubted Eric Day could have a voice any better.
    Eric walked across the stage almost stumbling to where Ember was. He shyly looked at her then took a breath and sung.
    “O winter’s day, o Winters night,
    O winter may, o Winter might.
    Dance upon the snow that’s white,
    Call upon the shining light,”
    In an instant Joseph recognized the voice. Eric was the one who sang with Christine after school. That’s a relief, he is the weakest Never there ever was, and if he hurts Christine then it would be easy for Joseph to get revenge, if Megan didn’t already tear Eric to shreds.
    Joseph leaned back in his seat. He was going to talk to Eric when Eric was done singing, but now might as well enjoy the song.
    “O shining light up in the sky,
    O shining light up in the sky,
    Glistening upon Winter’s smile,
    For Winter comes ever so quiet.”
    “M’lady” Carlotta heard her lady in waiting meekly calling her.
    “Yes,” she said, of course her voice was terrifyingly slow and clam. Unlike at the School of Evil, here at Neristmast she had to constantly maintain a terrifying hold of power. The nice thing, though, was that here it was easier to scare people, here they saw what happened to people who betrayed her, here they saw what happened to people who betrayed here family. “Well spit it out!”
    “Lord Nertious has been accused of Treason.”
    Carlotta mouth curved into a slight smirk, “And who was he accused by?”
    “Lord Tarrin”
    “Tell them both I wish to talk to them,” Carlotta commanded. When the girl left, Carlotta walked over to her axe. It was always dull.
    “Whose blood will you eat next,” She muttered to it while griping the handle. “It might be Lord Nertious’s, it might be Lord Tarrin’s, or maybe it will have the pleasure of being stained with little King Angel of Eveleice’s. “
    Of course she won’t kill Angel, no no no, but she will try to hurt him. His parents died of sickness, her family was murdered. She had to reestablish her right to the throne, well he was simply given his. Angel needed to learn pain.
    But now Carlotta could only fantasize about her battle with Angel in February. She had a Kingdom to run over the break, and they had to be reminded who is in charge.
    Thanks for reading. If you have any helpful advice on something you see me lacking, in my writing, please tell me.

    Anyway random questions 
    What is your favorite Christmas song? (Mine is white Christmas )
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        Amazing chapter! Hmm… O Holly night

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