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    everagathaneverhester posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 7 months ago

    Hello, I put a new character in my rp in my last chapter so I’m going to do his bio.
    Name: Peter
    Age: 13
    School: evil
    smart, doubtful, he thinks he has no choice but to be in evil, does bad stuff, is good at the challenges, is near top rankings, not a teachers pet but they all like him, feels like doing stuff other than studying or evil stuff is a waste of his time (except when he’s with Ramona), rolls his eyes whenever another boy talks to him, kinda like Hort except he’s not considered a wimp, he’s not that easy to convince, knows whenever you’re lying
    he’s got dark brown hair in a common hair cut, his eyes look dark grey but if you get close enough they look misty blue, but he is not a people person so people don’t get close enough, he has slightly tanned skin, he has a demon tattoo on his wrist, he’s pretty strong but not the strongest, he normally wears a leather jacket, a grey shirt with a white skull on it, he wears black jeans (not tight), and black clumps. He’s considered average for his age in height.
    Hester and Anadil had a baby girl named Succumbus in Ravenbow and Sophie and Hort had a baby boy named Abigor in Bloodbrook (Hort would do most of the raising in Bloodbrook and Sophie continued being the Dean of evil) Succumbus and Abigor met each other in the school for evil and had Peter for a baby boy. His mother, Succumbus raised him in Ravenbow and his father, Abigor, went back to Bloodbrook. Peter was only made so their would be another villain in the family. So, to make it clear, Anadil, Hester, Hort, and Sophie are Peter’s grandparents. Peter learned all about the school for evil because his mom would always have him study about it since he was two and his grandparents were legends so they gave him a few tips. He now attends the school for good and evil as a never and currently has a secret crush on Ramona. But he is ashamed of how he feels and, although he does not deny it because it will just make his crush stronger, he always tries to push the thought of her away from him.
    He has three rats that follow him around and are considered his henchmen, they sometimes wonder off but they always come back (he got this from Anadil who is one of his grandparents). He has a demon tattoo on his wrist that he can use (he gets this from Hester who is another one of his grandparents), he, somehow, hardly ever gets a pimple and everyone thinks he gets it from one of his grandmothers, Sophie. He cannot turn into a man wolf like Hort but he and Hort do have a few things in common. He has a sister who is a year younger than him and her name is Pandora and she also has a demon tattoo, except it’s on her ankle. He also has four female cousins who are the daughters of Seth, Abigor’s (Peter’s dad’s) brother. His cousins names are Lilith, Lamia, Mara and Lezabel. His cousins can turn into man wolves like Hort but they don’t have demon tattoos. And he and his sister have demon tattoos but can’t turn into man wolves. His sister and his cousins all attend the school for evil with him but they don’t always stick together.

    I hope you guys like Peters bio! Comment if you would like to be tagged or untagged! Thanks for reading!

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