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    Before the Clock Strikes Twice
    Chapter 10
    Lylan pulled away the poor choice of curtains, lilac and periwinkle dappled. In the midst of it all, was a blue lump of blankets, formerly known as Thylane.
    She had figured out how to use a quill, after multiple attempts. The first time she tried she pricked her finger twice, and stabbed her paper to shreds.
    The rapid sounds of stressed muttering, the scratches of pen against paper.
    “Um, Thylane?”
    Thylane turned around whimsically.
    Her eyes were bloodshot, her hair an absolute rats nest.
    “Uh.. yeah bye.” Lylan said.
    “No, stay,” Thylane said, reaching out and tugging at her dress.
    “You look like a zombie,” Lylan sighed, brushing the once chestnut now jet black hair in her fingertips. The dye was coming off, so her hair was noticeably brown at the edges.
    “So?” Thylane said, scratching her head.
    She’d been up for four nights researching the princes and princesses of Good, their fairytales, and all the *******. All for the purpose to avoid being turned into an cucumber or a squid.
    Squishy had been dormant in the snail, and had not reached out to Thylane.
    “You’re the third Ever in the ranking, the top ten can go to the Groom Room?”
    “A broom room?” Thylane said. “Brooms are for hitting people, not sweeping.”
    “A Groom Room! For goodness sake, what rock have you been living under? It’s the best, most wonderful place ever!”
    “All I need is my computer,” Thylane said, muttering and going back into the blankets. “Wifi and signal, yes, and love from strangers-“
    “Get up!” Lylan roared, cocooning Thylane in the blankets that was once her solace, throwing her over her back. “You’re going to have a nice hot bath, so you actually might look pretty for the Snow Ball!”
    “No!” Thylane said, wiggling around. “Human abuse!”
    “You’ll enjoy it!” Lylan said brightly. “Promise!”

    Sad thing was.
    Thylane actually did enjoy it.
    The gowns were light and airy, though unrevealing. She rejected them away, and went for the white short sleeved and shorts.
    The bath looked like it went on for half a mile, boulders of color varying from bague to nightmare, the hot water coming from a exquisite waterfall.
    There were so many bubbles!
    And the water was so warm, just the perfect temperature. The air smelled of a sweet, delicate fresh linen scent, and Thylane found a hand soap that smelled like pressed olives.
    It smelled musty and rich, a aroma that you wanted to hate, but adored.
    She never actually smelled pressed olives, but she assumed this would be what he smelled like.
    Thylane rubbed it between her hands, breathing in deeply.
    A plate of petite tea sandwiches was next to her, as she munched on it, much like a squirrel.
    Inhaling another one, one hand reaching for yet another, until she saw what was on the other of the pool, as the mist dissipated.
    A shirtless boy with dark hair, tinted violet. A pale complexion, chest and stomach rippled with muscles. Below… was aqua turquoise tail.
    A fish tail to be precise.
    The shiny scales of a glimmering beauty, as the dawn of the new knowledge revealed that Thylane actually knew this boy.
    She screamed, dropping her sandwich and throwing the platter on the boy’s head on instinct.
    It was Elixir.



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