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    Before the Clock Strikes Twice

    Chapter 11

    “Gahhh!” Thylane yelled, flailing her arms, chucking the silver platter on Elixir’s head.
    His eyes bolted open on impact, pupils flying to find Thylane, plastered against a boulder.
    “Thylane?” Elixir said, brows furrowing, accessing the situation. Then realizing he for once, had no shirt, and was a siren right in front of her sky’s.
    “Ahhh!” Elixir screamed, bunching his tail to his chest, and covering his chest with his arms.
    “AAAAAAA.” Thylane replied with equal enthusiasm.
    Elixir opened his mouth again, repeating the cycle.
    Xi walked from a room that suspiciously looked like a sauna, in a fluffy white robe, sipping a green smoothie. “Hey, Elixir, quiet down, will you?”
    He noticed Thylane.

    Thylane choked, making a sound that sounded suspiciously like a dying camel.
    “Oh my stars, what are we going to do?” Xi screeched, running over to Elixir to pull his up from the pool.
    The scales slowly shriveled up, until it was almost-
    “PUT ME DOWN, YOU B-“ Elixir yelled, blushing furiously, while pushing Xi away until he dropped him, reforming his lower half as a fish.
    “What the heck!” Thylane wheezed, clutching her heart. “What the actual ****?”
    “What do we do?” Xi screamed, running around in circles, with his hands to his head.
    “What’s going on?” Thylane said.
    Elixir’s face was as red as a beet as he reached for a towel, flopping up, and wrapping it around his waist.
    Thylane jumped out of the pool, thoroughly aware of the situation, burying herself in the bucket of clean towels.
    Xi seemed to be dying in a corner, twitching feebly as Elixir put on a robe behind a screen.
    “What..” Thylane said, slightly hyperventilating. “I got a fish boy for a friend, I i I i-“
    Elixir’s face had cooled down to a marvelous shade of red. “It’s not fish boy. It’s a siren.”
    “OH MY GOD, THE LITTLE MERMAID RETURNS.” Thylane cried out, pointing at Elixir through the basket.
    “What?” Elixir asked.
    “Nothing.” Thylane said. “Explain!”
    Xi coughed, staggering up, blinking rapidly. “Um, oh my gosh, do we kill her? No, she’s our friend. But she knows.. should we kill her? No? Kill?”
    “Not kill, thanks!” Thylane said.
    It would be easier if she died and went back into the rebirth cycle at this point.
    She marched up to Elixir, grabbing the collar of his robe. “You- you cause me so much trouble, I’ll suppose to get my Ever After-“
    “Okay!” Xi said, taking a breath. “Uhh… Elixir got a curse!”
    “A what now?”
    “Every time I come in contact with water, I return to my siren form.” Elixir said, plucking Thylane’s fingers from his neck. “So yeah.”
    She wanted to scream at the young School Masters, “FAIRYTALES, FAIRYTALES MY EYE, GET ME OUT OF HERE!”
    —Meanwhile, in the School Masters Tower—
    Rhian popped up from a bookcase, looking at the silver ball that projected Thylane’s image. “Is she okay?”
    Rafal yawned, sipping his tea. “Ah nah, she’s perfectly fine.”


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        I finally understand the “Sleeping Seaweed” reference.

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          AHAHA THANKS xD

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