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    everbound posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Before the Clock Strikes

    Chapter 12
    Elixir had been invited /kidnapped by Thylane, demanding another explanation. He brought in Xi and Alejandro to suffer with him.
    “You finally found out?” Alejandro said, gawking, his fork missing his mouth by a few inches. He always got the delicate wicker baskets of food for Evers, though he was in another school.
    “Well, yes.” Thylane said, smiling pleasantly like it was a lovely picnic.
    “Wow, you’re pretty dumb. I found out. I found out like, 14 years ago.”
    Thylane’s smile widened.
    Why… why is there a murderous aura in the air?
    (Thylane: kIlL, kill, KILL KiLl, kiLL, KIll, dIe, DiE. mUrDeR.)
    Xi tapped his fingers together, looking around nervously. “Um, so, could you keep this a secret? We can’t have this going around, so far only five people know, counting you and Elixir.”
    “Yes, but if you agree to it.” Elixir said.
    “Just saying, you have no choice in matter of this, it’s a rhetorical question, we’ll put a binding spell on you if you don’t-“ Alejandro said, picking at his nails
    “Wow.” Thylane inhaled sharply. “Very reassuring.”
    Elixir whacked Alejandro on the back of the head calmly, bringing the cup of tea to his lips.
    “What was that for?” Alejandro demanded, rubbing his head.
    “For being an idiot.” Elixir said coolly.
    Xi stared at her though, and for a second Thylane thought there was a red glow in his eyes. “But a warning, if you tell-“
    “Jeez, you guys have serious trust issues.” Thylane grumped, waving a piece of bread in the air. “You’re life isn’t that interesting, I have my own problems, I don’t wanna babysit someone else’s!”
    They were silent for a moment.
    “WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST SAY SO?” Alejandro roared, exploding. “NOW YOU MADE US LOOK LIKE PRATS-“
    “Well, you are one.” Thylane admitted. “And I was about to tell you, until you just start rambling on about secrecy and stuff like that!”
    “WHAT THE-WHAT THE FHFKWHJOD-“ Alejandro said, falling on his face.


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        Nice job!

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        kIlL kIlL xD

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