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    Before The Clock Strikes Twice
    Chapter 13

    Thylane once again had an encounter with the evil white fox, namely Miss Umbra.
    Miss Umbra was a kitsune, with her fluffy white ears, and fluffy white tail. Thylane touched it once and Miss Umbra almost ate her. She had a porcelain complexion, a small waist, but a sharp tongue.
    “Today, you will live through your fairytale!” She barked, pacing around.
    “Does it mean the School Master is writing our story?” Holly said, a scarlet haired girl with dark green eyes.
    “No.” Miss Umbra said, cutting down her joy.
    School Master? Thylane thought. I wish. There’s two of those Jack Frost people.
    They had been rude, well mainly the one with a cold gaze. How do icy blue eyes look warm? It’s like they were defying gravity, no,
    “So you’ll be fighting some intermediate beasts today.” Miss Umbra continued, showcasing the Great Silver Stag, the Emerald Snake, which was made of emeralds, and a Manola, an man eating praying mantis.
    “Oh heck yeah! Let’s go conquer some bugs-“
    “Not you.” Umbra said, sitting her back down. “Only the Princes.”
    Thylane let out a healthy stream of curses under her breath, muttering about gender inequality and males being incompetent.
    She sulked on a wooden bench, glowering at everybody who dared to approach her.
    I want to murder some things too! Thylane wanted to whine.
    Ah, if only she could get her hands on a weapon. This was an extremely gender biased community, and women were literally only there to repopulate the population. Some girls managed to rise to fame, but so far she knew only Miss Umbra was considered a swordswoman.
    Maybe it’s better if I was born as a guy, Thylane mused, pondering the thought. Then I can go fight stuff!
    As if her wish had been granted, the Manola stopped fighting an Everboy. It turned it’s head, beady red eyes meeting Thylane’s. And charged.
    “Miss Umbra!” The boy yelled. “Um- I think the Manola broke your control!”
    “WHO DARES TO DEFY MY COMMAND-“ Miss Umbra boomed, stepping up and realizing that the big was scurrying towards Thylane with incredible speed.
    “I actually don’t want to fight anything today!” Thylane yelped, picking her skirts up and running as fast as she could.
    She could feel the slimy breath of an annoying insect on her neck, as she tripped on a twig.
    The ground and her face had a heart to heart conversation about her life choices, as she stared up in horror at the bug, snapping it’s mandibles.
    The first time hearing Roxanne talk, was sorely funny if she wasn’t going to get eaten. “DO YOU WANT ROSES FOR YOUR FUNERAL?”
    As it dove down, Thylane raised a hand to protect herself vainly, screaming her head off. “KYAAA!”
    Through her closed eyelids, she thought she saw a faint light. A second passed.
    She opened her eyes.
    A navy blue bunny with fluffy cornflower fur surrounding it’s neck, and cornflower tuffs in his hair. She had dark blue eyes, and was touching the Manola’s forehead with the tip of her paw, her claw just barely in contact with it.
    The Manola shrieked, pulling it’s head back, as a wave of blue went through the insect’s body, ice starting to form around it.
    The praying mantis was frozen.
    Thylane blinked, looking at everyone. Everyone was staring at her, including the teacher, her hair and tail puffed up.
    “What? What?” Miss Umbra said.
    “What?” Thylane said, repeating her words.
    “What was that!” Said Hayden, gawking.
    The rabbit, who was later dubbed ‘Kya’ since that was the word to summon her, butted her head against Thylane’s thigh.
    “Kya!” The Kya said, seemingly smiling.
    —Daily Check in with Jack Frost no. 1 & 2—
    “First summoner in a hundred years, she’s getting too noticeable.” Rafal said.
    Rhian nodded. “Right, brother, didn’t we tell her to keep a low profile?” -sad mistake-
    “Yes, I think we did.” Rafal said -more sad mistakes.- “she’s not a good listener, is she?”
    “And her summoning abilities are magnificent, considering she summoned the Ferocious Kya Tundra on first try, so we have to-“ Rhian said.
    “Kill her yes,” Rafal said. “We’ll dispose of her quietly, bribe the Storian to stop her fairytale, which doesn’t even have her name on it, and say that she expired in her room.”
    “Um,” Rhian said, frowning. “Yeah, that wasn’t what I was going to say. We should communicate with her with a scrying stone, and teach her to control her power.”
    Rhian nodded grimly. “Yes.” He snapped his fingers.
    “What the-“ Thylane yelled, her vocal chords strained, as she once again fell on the floor of the School Master’s
    “DON’T YOU GUYS HAVE ANY MANNERS?” Thylane bellowed, at the School Master’s faces, pummeling them. “I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS!”
    “Apologizes,” Rafal said, waving her away.
    “Here, this is a scrying stone.” Rhian smiled, handing it to her. “You can talk to us through it.”
    Thylane made a face. “Why would I want to talk to you? Well mostly that i.d.i.o.t over there.”
    “Well, you just became a-“
    “She got it.” Rafal said, snapping his fingers again.
    “I’M GONNA KILL YOUR MOM’S SON ONE DAY.” Thylane protested, as she disappeared.


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        That roses thing, my friend texted the same thing to me lol

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