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    Before the Clock Strikes Twice
    Chapter 14

    Thylane might’ve gone a bit over her head with the summoning.
    She figured out that Summoners summoned mystical animals by saying their names, and by luck Thylane just said ‘Kya,’ more or less.
    Speaking of Kya related words, the teacher of Animal Comication, Prince Kyan, broke down and started pouring his heart out that he was blessed to have a Summoner in his class.
    So, Thylane just started saying names off the top of her head.
    “Atlanta, Ally, Addy, Crystal, Monica, Kiki, Estrella, Evian, Zenith, Beth, Brooke, River, Spring, Autumn, Ian-“
    She got her first fire related animal, a brilliant orange fox with a Snow White underbelly, flames leaping from his ears, tail, and sometimes paws. The name? Ruve.
    Thylane eventually got the knack of guessing the names, just pick the weirdest ones. Soon, she was having them do everything for her.
    “Ruve, warm my bath! Wait, no, you’re too hot, Mochi come over here!
    “Kamil, make the cherry blossoms bloom!”
    “Kya, get me a mock tail!”
    “Ambrose, get rid of my hair dye!”
    “It’s so cute!” Roxanne squealed, bopping Kya on the nose.
    Marianne did a thumbs up.
    Lylan’s close friend, Ning Xia, daughter of Mulan, was busy dying Thylane’s bed with Ambrose, a rainbow serpent.
    “No touchy!” Thylane wailed, jumping over her bed to cover it. Her sacrifice was in vain, as her beloved white sheets were now a bright red.
    “Oops.” Ning Xia said, chuckling sheepishly.
    “You-you, I just got them changed-!”
    Lylan walked out of the restroom, her chestnut hair dolled up in pink rollers, yawning. “Come on, Thylane, we’re late for Beautification.”
    “I’m ready, you’re not even dressed!” Thylane said pointing indignantly at Lylan’s fluffy bunny slippers.
    She threw off her blankets, kicking off her bunny slippers, revealing the school uniform. “You said?”
    Thylane inhaled sharply. “I didn’t know that, yeah, let’s go!”
    Soon, they were back at Princess Lilac’s blue colored room. The princess herself, had beautiful coffee skin, and dark brown hair, her red, almost violet eyes glinting in the sun.
    “Ah, you.” She stared at Thylane like she was a unsightly pimple on her flawless nose.
    But it surely wasn’t because Thylane was the worst student in her class. (Sarcasm if you didn’t catch it)
    Thylane was never one for cosmetics. She only watched people apply them and mourn how she couldn’t. Or smiling on whim. Maybe she could’ve, if she’d actually tried.
    “Take your seats,” Lilac said, sniffing disdainfully and going up to her desk. “We’re practicing how to perfect your eyes, curl your eyelashes-“
    She almost gagged at the eyelash part, it just sounds so unsightly. Thylane had to ace this class, or she’d be turned into a turnip or something.
    Let’s call on, Squishy.
    “Squishy~” Thylane whispered, hoping the snail would come out. She’d only seen Squishy once, but she was confident that she was her guardian snail.
    Sure enough, thy snail slithered up her pencil. Automatically, it opened it’s mouth, swallowing Thylane whole.
    “Squishy!” Thylane hollered.
    “Dear?” Squishy replied, poking her head out to see Thylane.
    “I need makeup,” Thylane said, shaking her shoulders.
    Squishy looked confused. “Wait… what now?”
    Dang it, she used a word from Earth. Thylane thought for a moment. “Can I have a face cleaner? Oh, and a powder brush, liquid coral, dry rose dust, crushed black sand, and-“
    She hoped she had the correct non made man supplements for them.
    Looking at a circular mirror, she held her array of war machines brushes.
    First, we’ll apply a light layer of the lightest bague (Skin Foundation brightened.) Thylane’s present body’s face was a bit skinny, so we’ll only add the slightest carnation highlighting (Light Skin Tone,) and oak near the end of the cheekbone, cheekbones, bridge of nose, forehead, and chin.
    Tapping the brush a few times in the dry rose powder, which was actually met for food- smile, and apply it to the cheek area that lifts up the smile. Just a little bit on the nose, tap a few times near the edge of the face.
    Dip your hand into the liquid coral (Coral lip balm,) and smoothly glide it over the lips.
    Thylane fanned her mouth with her hands, making a duck face. Now for the eyes and brows.
    She had fashioned a make shift eyebrow thing.
    Brush the brows towards the end of the hair, applying the dark brown (Eyebrows) color ever so slightly to the skin, not too much though.
    Moving on to the eyes, no need for double eyelid glue since now she had double eyelids, and they weren’t invented yet.
    Start with a soft pink lemonade color (Eyeshadow,) add small flecks of glitter to the middle of the eyelid. Then line the lashes with black sand (Eyeliner.) Add dark bronze to the edge of the liner, blend it in with the pink.
    And voilá, here is the full face makeup.
    Those makeup tutorials paid off.
    “Thanks, Squishy!” Thylane said, hugging the guardian snail.
    Squishy looked stunned for a moment, her white hair trailing in the wind. Then she patted Thylane’s head. “You’re welcome.”
    “Must be speed,” Thylane said, waving as she threw herself through the portal.”
    Not a second had passed, though Thylane probably spent hours in the little Snail Vil.
    “Thylane, how’d you do your spell so fast?” Lylan gawked.
    “Ahaha,” Thylane grinned. Not a spell actually, was cheating-
    “I’m magical.”


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        Readers, BTCST is on a hiatus, due to the TbT and my life. I apologize, it will return!

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