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    Lost in a Fairy Tail

    Chapter One

    The warm lights of the circus falls into its whimsical music, the chatters of conversation drowning out the evening crickets. Corn pops, buttered slathered on as the quick snack is given to customers.
    And inside the red and white striped tight, two children stand on a wooden platform, thirty to sixty feet above ground (Remember, this isn’t the twenty-first century. I think) Twin hats with fake pearls and dark green sashes are atop their heads.
    Lyra finally lets go of Lyre’s hand, as he turns to look at her. “We’re going up when Boss calls, you ready?”
    She nods, straightening her top.
    They can see the faint outline of a man in a suit displaying his arms to the crowd. “And for the lambs of our show, the Flying Siamese!”
    Lyre grabbed onto the bar of the swing, as he swung himself off the edge. When he reached the other side, he pushed his legs up, hooking them on the bar. He stopped in place. Lyra went next, doing the same thing. Her arms were outstretched, as her brother grasped them, pulling her from her swing, and flinging her to the other platform.
    A thump indicated that she had landed safely. He once again grabbed the bar, climbing up so he could stand on it. He inhaled until his ribs were poking at his vest, then jumped. Lyre trusted his instincts, as he felt his hands touch the other swing, and propelled him off to the platform, opposite to Lyra.
    They didn’t smile, but bowed, giving off the impression that they were smiling. Applause hit the tiny tent furiously, as the twins walked off into the practice tent.
    “Good job, yer doing good.” Dog said, ruffling their heads. Lyre lip curled, as he stepped back. Lyra brushed her hair back into place.
    They were the ending act, which was nice. “Thanks,” Lyre said. They sat on top of a barrel, waiting for Boss to praise them. Lyre didn’t know how they ended up there. He knew one thing. The circus accepted them. They were abandoned by their families when they turned… how old were they? Well, that was when their family finally discovered they didn’t age.
    Lyre didn’t know why. It wasn’t such a big deal, he thought. But it was. They were always shunned, then eventually living in gutters. The circus provided them a place to stay.
    “Calliope is out tonight,” Lyra said. “wanna go see it?”
    “Sure.” They hopped off from the barrel, strolling out of the tent’s flap. The night sky was painted with stars, constellations glowing faintly, a midnight bird coming out from the sky.
    Wait, a man? Lyre squinted. It was a bird.
    “What’s that?” Lyra asked, as the bird descended from the sky.
    “No idea.” Lyre said, as the bird touched the ground. It had wings. Black, bony wings, jutting out from its shoulder blades.
    The bird stepped forward.
    “Maybe it is lost.” Lyra said. “Like the dumb guy in the last show?”
    “It looks like a skeleton-” Lyre said, but was interrupted when the bird picked up Lyra in his talons, and started flapping his wings to ascend once more.
    “Lyra!” Lyre beat the ground with his feet, as he reached up. It was like trapeze. Grab her hand.
    “Lyre!” Lyra said, extending her arm.
    Wait, why was he having second thoughts now? Lyra was his twin!
    He took the hand. The bird tried to yank him off, but he held on tightly. The world had taken everything he knew, and they weren’t taking Lyra away.
    The bird tried to step on him, but Lyre climbed onto its back, sitting on its shoulders. The bird shook its head around. They were so high up. The circus looked like a red ball now. Lyre felt the cold, grey clouds pass his head, as he whacked the bird’s beak to keep him from distracting him from the view.
    “Lyre, are we going to die?” Lyra asked calmly. If they were going to die, he guessed that would be okay. Lyre didn’t have anything else to live for except Lyra.
    He was about to shrug, then stopped. “Look at that!” He said, pointing in the distance. Sunlight was streaking from an invisible source, illuminating two castles. One black, and one white. They shined, like pearls and dark sapphires.
    “Is this heaven?” Lyra said.
    They were nearing the castles. Lyre said little people on the grounds. Little people in gowns. Suits, with swords strapped to their waist. Girls in tiaras, boys with badges. Uniforms of black and white.
    The bird dropped them on the ground, as Lyre screamed, Lyra too stunned to scream. Lyre kicked through the air to place his arm around Lyra’s shoulder, as they braced themselves for impact.

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