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    evernever24 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 4 months ago

    Bellatrix, in the Shadow
    Chp 5

    “Hey, Trixter, can you grab the file for me?” Sophie asked
    “Since when was my name ‘Trixter’?” Bella asked back, “And also, I think you can get the file yourself, it’s right next to you.”
    “True!” Dat pipped
    Bella was in her dormitory with the ‘fashion monster’ and Dat. She and Sophie were having a fight earlier that day, so Sophie made a bet, it was whoever could get Dat to give them caramel, which was stupid because, whoever went first, would get caramel. Anyway, Sophie went first, so obviously she won, so Bella was her servant for the rest of the day, but Bella didn’t follow the bet, she was upset with Dat for giving Sophie the caramel. Dat was very gullible, which meant she eagerly gave out her sweets, but she was also very sensitive, which made her even MORE gullible!
    “If you won’t give me the file, can you give me a manicure?” Sophie asked hopefully
    “No.” said Bella
    “A kiss?”
    “Then what will you give me?”
    “Nothing!” said Bella, “You can get all this by yourself! I can’t do a manicure, you already have way to much perfume on you, your cucumber basket is right in front of you, I’m not Dat, and why do you want a kiss?!”
    “Of course your not Dat, your Bella, wait, what is your name? Oh yeah, Bellatrix!” Dat said stupidly
    “I know I’m Bellatrix! Sophie was asking for CARAMEL!” Bella snapped, she leaned into Dat and whispered, “Remember, you almost gave away our mission, and now I’m Sophie’s servant, and I’m not allowed to leave this room, so we have to wait ’till tomorrow to see why Sophie’s our roommate!”
    A day later,
    “Dat, be quiet! We’ll be heard!” Bella whispered
    “Sorry, I can’t help it!” Dat replied
    “Ouch! Your stepping on me!” Bella said
    “I can’t see anything in here!” Dat yelled
    “SHHHH! we’ll be caught!” Bella said
    They heard footsteps coming.
    “Dat! Hurry, we need to hide!” Bella said urgently
    They hid behind some armor, to people came to view.
    “I know, I know! Didn’t you hear voices hear?” came a sharp women’s voice
    “Yes I heard voices!” a softer, but urgent voice came out.
    Behind the armor Dat murmured, “It’s Lady Lesso and Professor Dovey!”
    “Did you hear that?” Lady Lesso said, “Surly you heard that!”
    The two Deans walked over to the armor, they peaked down…*pause for dramatic effect*
    “What are you to doing here?” Prof. Dovey said, “You should be studying!”
    “Uhhh, you see, ummm, Sophie is our roommate, and we were wondering why she isn’t a second year.” Bella admitted stupidly
    “SOPHIE’S YOUR ROOMMATE?!” Prof. Dovey screamed, “SHE’S A SECOND YEAR!!!!”
    “Calm down!” Lady Lesso said, “Let me handle this, for they are my house.”
    “That is how you handle this?”
    “This is getting out of hand.” Prof. Dovey said shaking her head, “And I don’t think they will be visiting the School Master the way Sophie and Agatha did!”
    “Calm dow-”
    “FOLLOW ME!”
    Bella and Dat looked at each other, the Deans were acting really awkward, and they had no idea what was going on, so they followed Lady Lesso to who knows where…

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        Oops! I meant

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