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    Chapter 1 A Day of Dread
    I opened my eyes thinking it was a normal day, until I looked down at my black velvet nightgown. Today was the worst day of the year. A tear ran down my face. This day happened seven years ago, but still to this day I feel like there was something I could have done. I went to go check on Mom, this day was even worse for her.
    “Mom are you ok?” I asked with sympathy in my voice.
    “She meant the world to me.” The Queen of Maidenville said through tears. As I looked down at Maidenville no one looked happy, everyone was wearing black. Today wasn’t only the day Briar Rose started her hundred year sleep, it was also the day Maidenville lost one of their heros to the Snake. That hero is my aunt, Millicent.
    “Beatrix of Jaunt Jolie, and Reena of Pasha Dunes have arrived.” One of the guards said as Beatrix and Reena walked in.
    “Sophia!” Beatrix said as she gave me a hug.”I was also close to your aunt. The snake did horrible things to these woods. Luckily you were two young to remember.”A tear ran down Beatrix’s face.
    “I’m going to talk to Agatha.” I said as I walked away.
    My crystal ball was right where it always was. I picked it up.
    “Show me Agatha.” I demanded. The crystal was filled with blue smoke as it cleared I could make out Agatha’s face.
    “Hi Sophia. How has today been?” Agatha said.
    “Fine. But could you do me a favor?” I replied
    “Anything.” Agatha said with a slight squeak in her voice.
    “Could you give Japeth an extra beating today?” I asked
    “Sophia, we already did. Tedros did, Hort did, Sophie did, and all the guards did.” I heard a crash as I hung up with Agatha. I ran to Millicent-Briar’s room, I hadn’t seen my twin all day.

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