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    everneversophieaggie posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    When your writings are done can you comment them on this post. They are due by Saturday.

        lightningbug367 replied 6 months, 1 week ago

        Lilli’s POV
        “MOM!!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” I yelled as my mom began to walk out the door.
        She smiled, patting me on the head but I pushed her hand off. After that she sighed. “Even mother’s need to get out sometime, Amanda will watch you.” I groaned, wanting to protest, but mom was already heading out the door. “See you later, sweetie!”
        When she was gone and I heard the door lock, I repeated her words mockingly. It wasn’t that I was mad, I was just upset it had to me Amanda watching me. Why couldn’t it have been Haley, my other cousin? They were both my cousins but on different sides of the family. After my dad had died, Amanda seemed to hate me, and punished me every time she got a chance because she was older and had more ‘experience’, or whatever she called it. Hmm, maybe I’ll just call Sarah to come over, that way it won’t be so bad.

        Sarah’s POV
        I received the call from Lilli, and headed straight over. I was home alone since my mother had left to go somewhere and my dad was on a work trip. Unlike Lilli, I was aloud to stay home all by myself. Lilli had also told me she invited Lua, Olive, and Jessie to come over as well to annoy Amanda. Perfect.

        Lua’s POV
        When Lilli called me, along with my twin Olive, I knew something was going on. How could all of out moms be gone? My dad was here, but he willingly had let me go. “Just don’t get into any trouble.” He cautioned.
        I laughed when I was walking over. My dad was so naive. Not get into trouble? That’s me and Olive’s lifestyle!
        Jessie’s POV
        Party? Sure! My mom was gone too, and like Sarah my dad was gone on work business. I arrived with Sarah, Lua and Olive must already be inside. We were gonna mess this place up!

        MOM’S POV
        “Hey there, Sadie!” said the twin’s mom to Lilli’s mom. “How’s life with kids?” Lilli’s mom had two kids. Lilli and her little brother Jason.
        Sadie laughed. “How’s life with twins? That must have hurt so much at birth, those two little brats on the way!”
        Now it was Carissa’s turn to laugh. “Lua’s better than Olive, I’d say Olive is the bad twin.”
        “Of course!”
        As the mom’s gathered to party, they talked about life with their kids. And other things of course, but no matter where they went with their conversation, it always somehow twisted itself back to kids. Little did they know, there kids were having lots of fun at Lilli’s house.

        Lilli’s POV
        We were having so much fun, and causing Amanda so much trouble. Amanda couldn’t boss us all around. Around 11:00 Amanda was trying to shoo us into my room to go to sleep.
        “Oh, come one!” I said. “It’s not even 1:00 am yet! At least wait until then!”
        Sarah nodded her head in agreement, but before Amanda could do or say anything, we went over to go watch Jessie drink a whole gallon of water.
        Lua was smirking the whole tie. “You know someone once died from drinking to much water.” she pointed out. It was funny because it was true. Jessie didn’t touch the water after that, but he did manage to drink about half the gallon.
        Olive instantly began texting all the people she knew to come over. “Your moms going to kill you, you know that right Lilli?”
        I nodded. “That’s what I’m hoping for! It’s so fun to be grounded, because then I can do whatever I want in my room without mom to call me down and interrupt me!”
        “Wow.” Lua said.

        MOM’S POV
        It was now 2:00 in the morning, and they decided to go home after drinking more beer. “The kids must be asleep by now.” said Amelia, Jessie’s mom.
        “How’s it like having a bot that old? I would like to know for when Jason get’s that age.” Sadie asked.
        Amelia laughed unpleasantly. “Oh! It’s a handful alright, but I’m sure you’ll do fine!”
        When they go home, they realized none of the kids was at their houses, except for Lilli’s of course. The rest of the mother’s and one dad rushed over immediately to see the destruction. It was horrible.
        All the kids lay one ground, asleep. Amanda smiled smugly. “I put a sleeping pill in their hot chocolate.” she said, proud of herself. It explained the stains all over the carpet. Their was also an open halfdrunk gallon of water sitting out. An empty jar of cookies laying openly on the oven. Half-eaten chunks of cheese scattered around the dinning room table. “Sorry?” Amelia told Sadie awkwardly.
        Well, looks like party night was over.

        Hope you liked it! It was quick, so it’s not the best, but it’ll do!

          everneversophieaggie replied 6 months, 1 week ago


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