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    eviel posted an update in the group Book 5: A CRYSTAL OF TIME 9 months ago

    Did anyone else think that Rhian and Japeth were kind of like Sophie and Agatha? Because they were both conceived under illegitimate causes, but the difference is that Rhian and Japeth were raised together.
    Also, who is Hort’s dad? Cause I swear it was Hook. But through the end of the book Hort referenced his dad, but acted like Hook wasn’t his dad. I’m confused.
    I am also conflicted about whether or not I ship Sophie and Hort or Sophie and Rhian… Because… sigh* well, Sophie and Hort I feel is meant to be because of Hort’s wish fish vision and plus she was his first “love”/crush. But Sophie and Rhian? I think that’s even better, plus now Hort has Nic. RIght?

        redslippers replied 9 months ago

        Horts Dad was one of the pirates in Hooks crew

          everneveragathasophie replied 9 months ago

          yes they always said that

        eak333 replied 9 months ago

        I think Hook was his grandfather and his dad was someone in his crew. Also, I know Hort has a girlfriend but I still ship him with Sophie and she can’t be with Rhian.

          slm333 replied 9 months ago

          yes i realy ship hort wit sophie because like, one the wish fish, but not just that

        slm333 replied 9 months ago

        i mean Hort loves nic cuz she has all the good parts of Sophie but the bad parts of Sophie are why Hort likes her right? so i am QUITE confused.

          redslippers replied 9 months ago

          Nicola is kind of domineering of Hort, she treats him like a little kid, but… idk

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