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    evilqueen13 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 8 months, 1 week ago

    Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long since I uploaded (like 6 months) but I promise I’m going to upload regularly for this RP now! (watch my irresponsible self slack off again) Anyways, here’s Chapter 4!
    Chapter 4
    “Hey, Celaena,” her roommate Aravis called over, a nasty grin on her face. “I need some help with Manley’s project – and since your ideas are sometimes not half terrible, I think you should give me some or your next bucket of Sophie’s health junk might find itself thrown to the rats.”
    Celaena smiled wickedly and rolled off her bed, sauntering over to where Aravis sat hunched over the black, shiny wooden desk they shared. “Like that would be a bad thing,” she scoffed. “She may be the best villain us Nevers have ever seen, but that doesn’t mean that I believe all her fresh-faced kale and cucumber nonsense.”
    Aravis laughed, throwing her head back and letting her short, algae-green hair brush the back of the chair. “You have a point there,” she chuckled. “Now – I have Rose Wittimer.”
    “Ooh, that one’s a real pain,” smirked Celaena, thinking of the tall, willowy blond girl who snubbed the Nevers every time she walked past them. She always had at least three boys on her arm, and she would have loved nothing more than to make all the Nevers her slaves so they could apply her lipstick each morning. How a girl like that had ended up in Good, she had no idea. “Are you sure the Storian didn’t make it’s first mistake?” she had mused to Aravis in the first week of school.
    Back in the present, she leaned over Aravis’ page, scanning her list of ideas. “None of these are original enough to make Manley respect you,” she sighed. Aravis frowned at her – well, frowned more than the usual frown that rested on Aravis’ face. “You need to be creative.”
    “Well, what do you want me to do?” Aravis replied coolly in return.”You said you wanted my help, didn’t you?” Celaena demande. “Let’s do all of them at once.”
    Aravis chuckled. “This is why I keep you around.”
    “Oh, please,” replied Celaena, “you’re just lucky I tolerate you.”
    That night, Celaena went to bed certain that this plan was her best, most wicked one yet.

    “What were you thinking?” Manley roared, spit flying from his mouth and nailing Celaena in the ear. “The whole school? I have Dovey coming at me like a mad dog, because you two bumbling buffoons couldn’t mind instructions! You don’t take on the whole school at one time – why do you think I gave you one student? Now I’ll have to dock marks from the rest of the class!”
    He swatted them both round the head, still screaming.
    Out of nowhere, Celaena started to laugh. He whirled on her, shouting, “What’s so funny?”
    “I just can’t believe you think I care,” she shrugged, still chuckling. Manley’s face turned purple with rage, and he started to tremble in his seat, so that she began to wonder if he was having a seizure.
    “Doom Room!” he finally managed to shriek out. “NOW!”

    “You’ve got guts,” Aravis muttered when Celaena limped into the clearing later on, battered but holding her head high. The entire clearing muttered – class had been in session during Manley’s lecture, so there were about 20 witnesses to the whole thing. “They’re going to respect you now.”
    “As if they didn’t already,” smirked Celaena. “I could make this whole Clearing shake in its boots.” Aravis laughed back and high-fived her.
    Suddenly, a voice rang out behind her, “What is *wrong* with you?” Celaena whirled to see Gracie glaring at her, two Everboys and an Evergirl at her back. Celaena scoffed and turned away, not wanting to talk to her after Gracie had so blatantly ignored her for the past week and a half. She was starting to like torturing her, to be honest – it put her in her place.
    “Whatever do you mean?” she asked, keeping her tone light as Gracie fumed.
    “I mean, look what you’re doing to our school!” Gracie shrieked, losing her temper for the first time that Celaena had seen in years. “We could have been friends, you ****. But then you were an idiot who went and ruined everything – EVERYTHING! Your parents were right about you.”
    She turned on her heel and stalked away, followed by her posse of Evers. Celaena’s jaw went slack as Aravis rolled her eyes and said, “What a loser,” just loud enough for Gracie to hear. She kept walking as if she hadn’t heard, but Celaena, in her daze, saw Gracie shake just a little bit.
    She turned away, sitting to eat her tacky health food lunch, but on the inside, her heart stabbed her with each beat of its drum. She swallowed hard and tried to pretend it didn’t matter, but on the inside, she knew it did. And as hard as she tried to pretend Gracie was wrong, she knew in her heart of hearts that she was right, just like she always was.
    She was just as much a freak of nature as her parents said she was.

        pencilpeytie replied 8 months, 1 week ago

        SO GOOD! Your writing style is great! Tag meee

          evilqueen13 replied 8 months, 1 week ago

          Thanks so much! I definitely will!

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