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    evilsqueen001 posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 2 days, 7 hours ago

    Molded pt 3
    (I actually am starting to like this so here)

    “Yeah?” Sophie responded, her stomach knotted. She was embarrassed as well.

    One of the guards spoke, “You are needed else where.”

    “Where?” Sophie questioned, taking a step back. The guards took a step forward.

    “Im sorry,” One of them said, “You dont have a choice.”

    “What?” Sophie gasped. Her breathing grew heavier as the two took her under the arms and threw her in the carrage. She was shocked how helpless she was against them. As they shut the door she threw herself at it, “LET ME OUT!”

    No one responded but the sounds of the carrage starting to move. Her breaths and heart filled her ears. The queen of [enter kingsomy name] was officially kidnapled.

    She sat down, at least she could be comfortable in transport. Maybe. She noticed the inside was padded with black emroydered thingys in the shape of roses. The seat she was on was suprisingly comfortable. She looked at the seat next to her to see a pink glittery present with a silk bow. Naturally, Sophie was interested.

    Sophie slipped her muddy laced gloves off. She rubbed her finger on the bow. It was silky smooth (duh bc it was silk). Soohie concluded the man or woman responsible for this kidnal had money. Most likely a king or queen. But of what kingdom?

    Sophie methodically unwrapled the bow and placed the ribbon in her hair to tie it back. She was quite drenched but the rain got some of the mud off. She opened the present to find a black gown with pink jewels around the hem. She took it out to find it was the exact size. Odd.

    She quckly undressed and slipped the material over herself. It was quite difficult for she was used to someone helping her dress every day but she got the dress on with only a few curses muttered under her breath.

    She shoved her old pink, muddy dress in the corner of the carrage. She looked out the window. Rain droppled obscured her view but she could make out many trees.

    Then the fear sunk in. The last time she saw her sister she was comp,etely jelous. That would probably be the last time ever she would see her. She grabbed her hair and started twirling it to soothe herself. It wasn’t working. Her hair wasnt floofy or soft anymore. It was damp and muddy. “Auuughhh,” Sophie huffed out.

    She had to make a decision. When she met her kidnapper, she could either be cold and brutal, kind and sweet, or sad and pitiful. She would have to aim for number two. Maybe she could wrote a letter to Agatha and tell her she was alive.

    Sophie dug her nails into her leg as anxiety hit her like a tidal wave. To get her mind off of her situation, she fiddled woth her neck line. It was cut so low that you could see some clevage. Sophie felt a bit embarrassed that she would have to show this much to a man who kidnapped her.

    The carrage came to a holt. She looked outside the window to look apon many guards with matching dress-codes. She could see a castle cut in the middle of the large woods. It was gray. She couldnt tell if it was the rain or it was just… gray.

    The door opened to a woman, older than soohie by like… a million. She held out her hand. Sophie wasnt sure she could take it. But she didnt want to tempt her fate.

    The woman led her up to the castle wich she was ishered in by another boy. This one caughte her attention. He had black hair but purple eyes. He looked quite annoyed but despide his face he bowed. Sophie noticed the foyer looked similar to her foyer only the marble was black and the gold had a slught green hue to it.

    “Queen Sophie,” He began, “The master has sent for you.”

    Master? Sophie thought.

    “I see you wore the dress he gave you,” he pointed. Then he shook his head, “My name’s Aric.”

    Sophie wanted to say hello but she dwasnt sure if she was allowed too. She was in someone else’s castle under someone else’s rules. She stayed silent.

    “It would be polite to say hello,” Aric folded his arms.

    “Oh um,” Sophie stammered, “Hello.”

    Aric was not ammused. He rolled his eyes and started off underneath the two staircases, “Follow me. The master’s waiting for you.”

    This would’ve sounded creepy if it wasnt for Sophie’s inruege for the surroundings. Black gold, shed never seen such a thing.

    As she stepped into the dining room, she saw many candles and a fireplace that roared with life. Then she saw it. Him.


        arcticsorcerer replied 2 days, 6 hours ago

        YESSSS GIRL!

        sophieforever33 replied 2 days, 6 hours ago

        OOOOoooooOOOOO SO GOOD!!!! (Again XD but ur a great writer!)

        cat2020 replied 2 days, 6 hours ago

        Cant wait for part 4!!!!!!!!!!!

        ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss replied 2 days, 3 hours ago

        Ooh amazing!!!

        ruby789 replied 2 days, 1 hour ago

        Tag me please Great story so intriguing too!!

        kitkat13 replied 1 day, 21 hours ago


        sophieforever33 replied 1 day, 14 hours ago

        Can’t wait for part 4

        (I’m dying I need to read it)

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