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    I hear a loud shriek from Saheera’s house and ran over to his bedroom window, looking inside. A shadow had grabbed my boyfriend by the neck, and then the shadow looked at me, I backed away, and it flew straight through the window.

    I thought I was done for, but instead it took me by the sleeve of my cotton red dress and dragged both of us into the Endless Woods. I was terrified. I had never left Gavaldon, and I had never imagined to be kidnapped like the legends told.

    Saheera saw me and his beautiful blue eyes widened. “Ezra!”

    “Shh.” I put a finger to my lips.

    Eventually we reached two huge gates and behind them two towers. I gasped. I had been told about this place. It was the School for Good and Evil. I hugged Saheera as the shadow let us go. At least we were in this together. Then I saw a huge skeleton bird and it flew us up into the sky, dropping me first. I screamed, watching Saheera’s body get farther and farther away, tinier and tinier. I reached out my hand, but he couldn’t reach. Tears formed in my eyes.

    I landed in black slime, and I jumped, disgusted. A girl looked at me and smiled. She had blonde hair and green eyes. “Well, now I know I’m not the only decent looking one in this filth. I’m Sophie. You are?”

    I was still at a loss for words from the terrible ordeal, but I managed to reply, “M-My name is Ezra.”

    “Oh. Well, this is the School for Evil. Of course, I’m clearly a princess. I’m going back to my right school as soon as possible.”

    I frowned. “Are you sure? I’m not evil at all! My boyfriend is at the other tower!”

    “Oh. Then y-you’re doomed.”

    My eyes widened even larger.

    We held hands, both knowing we wanted to go to the School for Good. We walked into the school, slime still staining our dresses.

    The clash of steel and boots–Then princes arrived. I looked and saw Saheera in the crowd, being knocked to the ground over and over again. He looked awfully uncomfortable, not willing to swordfight with the others. But when he saw me, he held out his rose and threw it to me. I laughed, realizing we would never be separated, even if we were in different schools.

    “Sophie, that’s my boyfriend!” I said cheerily, and she looked at me, emerald eyes twinkling.

    “He’s cute, darling, but see that one?” She pointed at a boy with curly golden hair and navy eyes, with a perfect tan and a beautiful sword and body. He was “the perfect prince” in most girls’ eyes, but to me, he couldn’t compare to Saheera.

    “That’s MINE.” she scoffed, nodding at him. “I just know it.”

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