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    fairytaleendings posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 5 years ago

    Oh my gosh I feel terrible for not updating for weeks. Sorry! If you need to read earlier chapters – @fairytaleendings for that. Please give feedback and enjoy! Sorry once again.
    Pamela walked out to lunch with her most charming smile painted to her face. She lined up to get her lunch, using her time in the line to inconspicuously glance around for her prince. He was nowhere to be seen. Her heart froze up. Had he left? Was he avoiding her? What had she done? The nymph passed her a picnic basket but she hardly noticed and took it, still in a daze. She found a quiet spot near under a tree and tried to breath. It didn’t help when someone snuck up on her and put their hand on her shoulder.
    “Hey, are you okay?”
    Suddenly that did help a lot. She whirled around and saw him. His brown hair, tanned skin, green eyes, everything about him was perfect.
    Pamela jumped inwardly back into reality.
    “Oh, um, hi. Sorry just, um, you know, um, lost in my thoughts. Yeah, um, right, I’m fine now. Thanks.” Pamela turned red as a beetroot.
    “That’s fine. My name’s Fredrick, what might yours be? I haven’t actually spoken to you before.” He reached out and gently kissed her hand.
    “I’m Pamela, lovely to meet you.” She smiled as gracefully as she could.
    “Hey, I’ve got to go, maybe we could um, see each other at lunch?” Fredrick helped her to her feet, “I think your friends are waiting.”
    He pointed to Gisela, Renaye and Farrah who were sitting at a picnic table in the sun.
    “Sure, sounds delightful! Same time, same-” She was very rudely cut off by a ball of gruel or some other unknown substance smacking into her dress.
    She turned around and got another ball in her face, but not before seeing a Never prepare to throw it. She saw another Never launch some at a large group of Ever boys trying to introduce themselves to some Ever girls, and it hit home. Once the Evers realised what was happening, the Ever boys ran and each took an Ever girl into their care (or really just shielded them from some of the gruel, or whatever it was.). Some of the Ever girls started crying and right on queue, the two Deans appeared, Professor Dovey and Dean Sophie. Professor Dovey took the Evers inside and congratulated the boys on their quick thinking. Pamela couldn’t have cared less if they were throwing celery, Fredrick had picked her up and carried her to behind a bush until the Deans had appeared and let them inside. She did notice how strong Fredrick was, sure the other boys were but they weren’t carrying her, so how could she know? The Evers could hear Dean Sophie telling off the Nevers for their attempted food fight.
    “You do not ever start food fights at this school! It is disruptive and look at all the mess that has to be cleaned up now! Just because you don’t like Nevers doesn’t mean you make mess for other people to clean up! Nevers should have pride! You can throw taunts at them and make fun of them, try to prove yourselves better, but this is out of the question! There is now extra laundry, cleaning and all in all, more work for everyone, including you! All of you will who threw even a drop now have to go to bed one hour earlier and see me for extra work! Do you hear me!” Dean Sophie was really ticked off, she was still slightly calm though, something Pamela admired in her even though she was a Never.
    “Okay, okay, everyone can go straight to your rooms. New, clean uniforms will be waiting for you when you get there. Get changed and wait until you hear the clock to go to class. Those with Groom Room privileges may go.” Professor Dovey left them and went off to do other work.

    “I cannot believe the Nevers would pull something like that! They don’t even know us!” Pamela was so annoyed about loosing time with her friends and Fredrick the prospect of Groom Room didn’t even lighten her mood. She was even complaining about it to Petunia. She would have talked to Aria about it, but she hadn’t been able to talk to her so she had given up.
    “Ugh, they’re Nevers! What did you expect? Flower bouquets? Honestly I’m glad they got in trouble for it.” Petunia drew her curtain and began changing (so Pamela assumed, why else would she draw it?). Pamela copied her and reapplied her perfume while she was at it. The unidentified substance reeked. She glanced at her time table. Her next subject was Animal Communications. She hoped the school had replaced the Wish Fish, she really wanted to have a turn. She pulled back her curtains and walked towards the girl’s Groom Room and spent a few seconds gawking at it. She could spend hours here. She walked over to the make up station and started picking out some sets. There were colours she didn’t even own here! She glanced at the pink clock that let the girls know how long they had to pamper themselves and gasped to see she only had five minutes. She quickly grabbed a dark red lipstick and eyeliner and skilfully but quickly applied them, just in time. She smoothed her dress and went off to Animal Communication.

    Animal Communication was held just on the edge of the Blue Forest, which really was as blue as everyone said. There was a lake that ran near were there were and she tried to peer over to see what was in it. But Princess Uma came up and began the lesson.
    “Welcome! I hope you have all had a great first day of classes, excuse the Nevers, and I hope- “She stopped to listen to a passing bird.
    “Sorry,” she giggled, “I am pleased to tell you all that today, for your first lesson we are doing Wish Fish.”
    Pamela gasped in delight. This is just what she had wanted! She ran down to the lake and saw a sign sitting on the bank. It read:
    What ever did that mean, thought Pamela.

        reaperthecat290 replied 5 years ago

        Can’t wait for the next chapter ( no rush ) Could plz though read my story @reaperthecat290

          fairytaleendings replied 5 years ago

          Sure, for a second I thought you were me, our profiles are so similar.

          fairytaleendings replied 5 years ago

          I will let you know when I have finished reading in my next chapter and in the comments of this.

        fsa161 replied 5 years ago

        Awesome, can’t wait for the next chapter

          fairytaleendings replied 5 years ago


        reaperthecat290 replied 5 years ago

        yeah, i can see how one could get confused, and thanking for taking the time to read my chapters. I letting you know know: yours are wwwwwaaaaayyyyy better than mine

          fairytaleendings replied 5 years ago

          No, yours are great, keep writing!

        emanresu1234 replied 5 years ago

        Great job! I’ve missed your story. I just realized I haven’t posted in a month…. keep it up! 🙂

          fairytaleendings replied 5 years ago


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