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    fairytaleendings posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 5 years ago

    Hi! Here is chapter eight of my (Pamela’s) story! Earlier chapters @fairytaleendings and enjoy and leave feedback please!
    Staring at the sign, Pamela twisted her head in several directions before realising the sign obviously wasn’t intended for her. She had never made a mess of anything except a gelato her parents got her when she was six. That had been bad. And this wasn’t gelato. She kept walking to the lake and hovered close so that Princess Uma would choose her first, or at least relatively quick. The rest of the class gathered at the lake and some of them whispered to each other about it. Aria gasped and Pamela turned to face her. Just in time to see a shadow run into the forest. Aria was white. Pamela started to walk towards her, but Princess Uma started talking to the class.
    “Okay, please form a line over here,” clearly she hadn’t noticed the sign.
    Pamela raced to get to the front of the line, but Petunia “accidently” bumped into her and she fell flat on her face. She pushed herself up and wiped the dirt off her face. Fuming, she hurried to get in the line before the last person. She managed to get to the end of the line just before Aria. The line kept shortening with girls all wishing for boys. Petunia wished for the ******, misty eyed, boy from the Welcoming. Typical, thought Pamela. When it finally got to her turn, Pamela confidently stuck her finger in the lake. The fish swam in an array of colours and finally showed a colourful image of her and Fredrick kissing at their wedding. Pamela sighed with content. That, that was what she wanted. She smiled at Princess Uma and waited for Aria to have her go so she could get her rank. Pamela watched Aria shakily walk up to the lake and dip her finger in it, looking pale the entire time. The fish zipped and zagged around. Pamela saw two different images before they disappeared and the fish went grey.
    Princess Uma shook her head and sadly smiled.
    “Foggy mind, my dear.”
    Aria took a seat, looking even worse than before.
    “Now girls, I have a special announcement to make. In one month, King Tedros and Queen Agatha will be making a special visit. You will have the day off, but there will be an assembly in the Theatre of Tales, located in Evil. More information will be brought to you soon; you may now have your ranks.” Before Princess Uma could give them out, Aria fainted.

    Aria’s face was pale, white and still. Princess Uma tried to ask some animals for help, but they weren’t really in the mood for it. Gisela suggested pouring some water on her and got some from the lake. It worked, and Aria came around, hyperventilating.
    “Are you okay?” Asked Pamela.
    Aria started to respond but fell back onto the grass. Princess Uma rushed to her side and got some nymphs to carry her to her room.
    “Girls, please be good to Aria, something has obviously happened to her. Maybe the boy she got her rose from didn’t like her, maybe something else. Here are your ranks, enjoy your next class.”
    Pamela got a four, and went off to Surviving Fairytales with a whirling head. What had Aria seen? What had happened to her? She was so lost in thought, she nearly walked into a pale blue tree, causing the Nevers to laugh. One Never looked worse than all of them. He had black hair, pale skin and a cruel smile.
    “Who is he?” She asked Renaye, her only friend in the class.
    “Jet. No one knows where he’s from, but he’s become quite popular among the Nevers, obviously.” Renaye gestured to Jet amusing the Nevers.
    Yuba the gnome walked up to the class.
    “Right, you’ve had plenty of time to talk, socialise, now onto class. We’re going to do a quick Good-Evil test.” Yuba quickly went over the rules and explained the challenge. The girls would be disguised as identical princesses and each boy would have to go along the line and pick out the Evers from the Nevers. The challenge went fairly well, luckily for her, Pamela was always singled out as an Ever and secured a fifth place ranking, leaving her fourth for the entire School for Good. Happily, she walked back to her room for a quick session to relax before dinner. She remembered Aria and decided to just quietly walk in and do her thing. When she opened the door, there was no sign of Aria, just an open book that read; What am I doing here? Where even is here?
    Not usually one to snoop but suddenly intrigued, Pamela lent down to read it, when Aria came out of the bathroom.
    “I knew it! You keep claiming I can trust you, that you have Good intentions, but no! Leave me alone! Go be Good somewhere else!” Aria snatched up her book and ran out of the room.

    Pamela walked towards the Groom Room. Never, never had she snooped on anyone! She was internally shaken. What had possessed her to do that? She glanced out over the bay towards Evil castle. Strange, she thought, she’d never seen a tower in the middle of the bay. She rubbed her eyes and shook her head. Gone. Something was up, but she had no idea what it was, and what to do about it. She kept walking, her mind racing. Jet had looked Evil beyond measure. Petunia had been totally opposite to what she had expected with Ever girls. Aria, well she was a level of different. She seemed always clueless, but in Animal Communication it had seemed like she knew more than any of them. And the diary, a sense of secretiveness and darkness had crept over her. Where had that come from? Last year had been a war between Good and Evil and as a result the School for Good and Evil had been left without a Schoolmaster and a new Dean for Evil. There were no Readers because of that and so many old heroes dead, no one was even sure if the Reader world even had faith in Good. Pamela hoped they did. As she pushed open the door to the girl’s Groom Room, she wondered what was going on, and left with the question of what to do about it.
    If you have read all this thank you so much especially if you have followed this story from Chapter 1. If anyone would like to make a bio for Jet, please leave it in the comments but please follow this template more or less.
    Full Name:
    Villain Talent:
    Finger glow:
    Weapon (optional):
    Feel free to add a nick name but please don’t add parents or backstory. I will ask for a backstory later once I reveal his parentage.

        reaperthecat290 replied 5 years ago

        I love the story!!! Here, to help you out, I will try and make a bio for Jet
        Name- Jet ???(parentage=help for last name, so I am leaving it up to you, but he doesn’t have to have one)
        Villain Talent- Excellent knife thrower and can put people under a spell temporarily so that they either following his directions, or do not feel/act like themselves briefly
        Appearance- he was black spiky hair, pale skin, and blue eyes filled with wickedness. He prefers to wear Black pants, shirt and cloak when not at school. He also sometimes carries a dagger
        Age- 13
        Fingerglow- (I think you should do that part based on his backstory/parentage because if something happened to him which left him heart broken, maybe his glow would be a pinkish color or if one of his parents died, maybe charcoal)
        School- Evil
        Weapon- Dagger

          reaperthecat290 replied 5 years ago

          I hop that helps

        dovelove replied 5 years ago

        This is soooo good

        fsa161 replied 5 years ago

        Love the Story!

        emanresu1234 replied 5 years ago

        Once again, great job! I don’t know if you noticed, but I just posted chapter 4 of my story yesterday. I know that you usually read them, and I thought you would like to know. Read it here: @emanresu1234 Keep it up! 🙂

        fairytaleendings replied 4 years, 12 months ago

        Thank you all so much! Thanks for the bio as well, I’m going to use it!

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