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    fairytaleendings posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 8 months ago

    Hi everyone! I know it’s really soon, but I am so glad to be back I had to write and post my latest chapter. Feel free to give me feedback, characters or plot ideas and let me know if you want to be tagged.

    The Groom Room hadn’t soothed Pamela. Normally, a relaxing spa would have but her mind was too crowed. Jet looked like an Evil maniac and Aria was a diary, locked with a triple lock padlock and buried in stone. She had never felt so confused. She couldn’t believe what she had done! Attempting to look at Aria’s diary, she had never done anything like that. The dinner clock rang. Renaye, Farrah and Gisela all tried to talk to her but she just picked at her soup and then picked at her lemon meringue pie, which was very unlike her, she loved lemon meringue pie. She saw Aria walking out from dinner and broke into a sprint (it wasn’t a very fast sprint, the Ever girl uniform is impossible to run in, plus, running isn’t something Ever girls do much of) to catch up to her.
    “Aria! Aria! Wait up, please! I’m so sorry about your diary! I really don’t know what came-“
    “Spare me. Leave me alone.” Aria kept on running up the stairs.
    “No, Aria, just please wait!” Pamela pushes as hard as she could to keep up with Aria.
    “No. Leave me alone. Go away. Exist around me quietly and don’t ever speak to me again.” Aria started to open the door to their room.
    “No, please listen to me!” Pamela reached out to grab Aria.
    “LEAVE ME ALONE!” Aria swept out her hands to push Pamela away, and the ground shook. Pamela fell flat on her face for the second time that day.

    When Pamela woke up she was lying in her bed with bandage around her head. It was pitch black and she could only barely make out the sparkles of one of the jewelled mirrors that covered the pink walls of the room. Aria and Petunia were asleep.
    “What happened to me?” Pamela murmured to nobody in particular. The light of one of the mirrors caught her attention as it shined down on two pieces of paper on the floor. Slowly but carefully Pamela got out of bed and retrieved them. They were cards. Pamela tip toed to her wardrobe and pulled out a candle and lit it. The first one was pink and had a simple ‘Get well soon!’ message in it from Renaye, Farrah and Gisela. The second one was different. It was a pink heart with a red rose on the front. It read;
    Dear Pamela,
    Firstly, I hope you are alright. You seemed to have taken quite a blow to the head. What happened? I understand if you cannot tell me. You seem really nice and I would love to get to know you. Would you like to meet me outside the Boy’s Groom Room tomorrow, an hour before dinner? Just give me a sign in class tomorrow to let me know your decision.
    Hoping to enjoy more of your company,
    With love,
    Pamela’s heart melted. Of course she would meet Fredrick. She blew out her candle and pulled her pink blanket over her, drifting off to sleep with thoughts of tomorrow.

    Class seemed to go on forever. She had gotten Fredrick’s attention and given him a nod, confirming their date, but that had been the only exciting thing that day. At lunch she walked out, ready to sit with her three friends when she noticed something. Aria was sitting on her own, but instead of looking sad and lost, she looked hurt and angry. She also wasn’t glaring at Pamela; she was glaring at Petunia. Pamela wondered what Petunia had done to Aria.
    “Pamela! Are you in there?” Farrah waved her hand in front of Pamela’s face to get her attention.
    “Oh!” Pamela shook her head to clear it, “I’m so sorry. Lost in thoughts. Do you have any idea what happened between them?” She gestured to Aria and then to Petunia.
    “Nope, no idea. But did you here that the Wish Fish are gone again?” asked Gisela
    “What!” Pamela nearly spilled her mineral water on Renaye. “Gone? How? When? Again?”
    “No idea. We heard some nymphs talking about it. I guess by again they mean from last year, you know, with the Agatha setting turning one of them human.” Said Farrah.
    “Yeah, maybe.” Pamela wasn’t really sure.

    Class seemed to drag on for the rest of the day, until finally Surviving Fairytales was over. Pamela was glad to get away from Jet, he looked like a maniac. She hurried to the Girl’s Groom Room to get ready to meet Fredrick. Just five minutes before she was due to meet Fredrick, she left the Girl’s Groom Room and waited patiently for Fredrick. He came out just on time, as she had expected. It wasn’t like princes to be late. When Fredrick stepped out, Pamela couldn’t stop staring. He was perfect. Curly brown hair, a dark tan and gorgeous dark green eyes, Pamela couldn’t make an improvement on him.
    “Hi.” Pamela swallowed. She was too nervous to say anything else.
    “Hello Pamela.” Fredrick took her hand and softly kissed it, then left it outstretched for her to take. Blushing, she took it, wondering if she should say anything. Fredrick solved that.
    “You look beautiful.” Pamela could not stop blushing.
    “Thank you, you look amazing too.” There was an awkward pause as they both stood there staring at each other until Pamela broke the silence.
    “So, where were we going to go tonight, Fredrick?”
    “Well, I found this place on the roof above my room, do you want to go there?”
    Pamela nodded and Fredrick led her to his room and then through the window and onto the roof. Pamela gasped as she pulled herself up the final phase and looked at the setting sky. She smiled at him.
    “This is beautiful, thank you so much.”
    “I thought you’d like it. So, why don’t you tell me about yourself?”
    They talked the rest of the hour they had. Pamela found out that Fredrick was the great-grandson of Cinderella and he was an only child just like her. At the end of the hour, Pamela heard the bell ring for dinner and sighed, it had been magical talking to Fredrick.
    “I guess that’s the bell, we’d better go,” Pamela sighed reluctantly.
    “Just a second,” Fredrick called, as he lent in towards her and kissed her.

    Also @reaperthecat290 I know you used to read my story and I loved yours as well, so I’ll tag you in this in case you’re still on this.

        dot111 replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        Nice chapter, good job.

        caramelprincess replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        Nice work, keep it up. 😉

        reaperthecat290 replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        Hey @fairytaleendings how are you? I’m still on here to answer your thought. Thanks for tagging me. Please keep doing g so. Oh and I guess this will make you happy! I’ve got more of my c story out and it suddenly takes a turn. @reaperthecat290 Enjoy! 🙂

          fairytaleendings replied 4 years, 8 months ago


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