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    fairytaleendings posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 7 months ago

    Hello again!! I know it hasn’t been too long but chapter 11 is here! Please enjoy, give feedback and let me know if you want me to tag you!
    CHAPTER 11
    Pamela studied the situation. Aria’s eyes were looking at Petunia, full of fear like she was worried that Petunia was going to say something. Petunia was looking at Aria, full of delight and smugness, daring Aria to say something. Pamela was weirded out. What did Aria have to hide? And how had Petunia found out about it? Finally, Pamela asked her burning question.
    “What happened?”
    There was a pause, before Petunia smugly stated to answer the question.
    “Well, I was just-”
    “NO!” The floor shook in response to Aria’s cry. “That’s fine Petunia. She doesn’t need to know.” Aria glared at Petunia intensely as if sensing her pleasure in the situation.
    Pamela went to speak again, but Petunia stopped her.
    “You heard her, you don’t need to know.” Petunia gestured towards her bed and Pamela gave in, her tired eyes drooping. She fell asleep before she even pulled back the covers.

    Three weeks passed since the incident with Aria and Petunia. Pamela had tried talking to Aria about it several times, but Aria had said nothing each time, refusing to talk about it, one time even yelling at her to the point where she felt the ground shake, much like the time when she had tried to apologise for looking at her diary. It was strange. Pamela sensed that Aria really wanted to say, but had no idea what could be so big a secret that Aria would actually subject and bow down to Petunia instead of sharing it with the school or letting Petunia spread it around. There wasn’t much Pamela could see that would cause anyone to not just spill the beans. But Aria refused to say anything so Pamela just gave up.

    The poster caught Pamela’s attention when she was walking to breakfast.
    King Tedros and Queen Agatha to visit tomorrow!
    Pamela could hardly retain her excitement, and neither could the sixty other Ever girls. It was the subject of conversation between every Ever girl in every class, except for Aria, who looked rather pale. Pamela could barely sleep, and instead chose to talk to Petunia (she was really that excited) to pass the time. In the morning she jumped out of bed in the morning and made her way to breakfast, nearly forgetting to button her blouse. No one could wait to get to the Theatre of Tales and for once no one minded the walk to Evil. Hastily Pamela scrambled to take a seat towards the front row and was confused to see Aria sitting at the front with her. She put it aside as she heard trumpets roaring and turned excitedly to see the King and Queen arrive on stage. Pamela gasped. King Tedros was pretty handsome, with short, wavy blonde hair and blue eyes (even though she though Fredrick beat him by a mile, she wasn’t going to say that), but it was Queen Agatha who caught her attention. Her smile was radiant and her eyes seemed to sparkle. Her dress was black but elegant and it was strung with silver. She stepped forward to address the crowd, anxiously awaiting her.
    “Good morning SGE students. I once sat here, where all of you sit now.” She paused to scan the crowd, and when she reached Pamela, her smile faltered. Shocked, Pamela looked at herself to see what was wrong. Was she not wearing make-up? Pausing, she realised that she was actually looking at Aria, but that rose even more questions. Queen Agatha spoke again, but this time in more of a hushed tone.
    “A-AA-Aria?” She stuttered.
    Aria grew wide eyed and fainted, falling to the ground. Somewhere on the Never side of the Theatre, laughing broke out, not the regular kind though, the manic, Evil laugh that only came from a true villain. One name popped into Pamela’s head. Jet. Sure enough Jet pushed his way through the crowd of Nevers and into the crowd of Evers. He smiled, looking down at Aria’s limp body.
    “Sometimes secrets shouldn’t always stay secret.” He smiled in the creepy, Evil grin that was his smile and before anyone could do anything his finger glowed blood red and he shot a spell at the Queen, knocking her unconscious and disappeared, taking Aria with him.

    Thanks for reading, remember to let me know if you want to be tagged, I promise that you will find out where Aria comes from next chapter if you haven’t already guessed. Thanks again!

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