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    fairytaleendings posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 7 months ago

    Hello again! I know it hasn’t been that long since my last part but I was excited for this one. Please enjoy, leave feed back and let me know if you want to be tagged!

    CHAPTER 12
    An emergency meeting was held in Professor Dovey’s office. Petunia and Aria were the only Evers there and the only other students were the ones who had known Jet. Professor Dovey’s face was dead serious as well as every other teacher in the room. The Deans both sat at the sugar plum desk Professor Dovey used, and if the situation hadn’t been so serious, Pamela might have laughed. But the situation was very serious, so Pamela set her face to match the mood.
    “First of all we need to know where Aria came from.” Professor Dovey glanced around the room, but all she met was blank faces. Pamela glanced at Petunia but Petunia acted just as everyone else had, so maybe she had never known where Aria had come from.
    “We need ANSWERS! A student is in danger and we need to help her. And you kids might be the only ones who can help us. So if you know anything, SPILL!” Dean Sophie now glared around the room, getting only blank stares and head shakes, until she reached Petunia. Petunia broke down crying. She sank to the floor and her sobs echoed through the room.
    Finally, she managed to speak.
    “She’s a reader. She’s a reader. I know I should have told earlier but she so desperately didn’t want anyone to know.” Petunia kept crying, her face now red and puffy and the top of her blouse soaked in tears.
    All the teacher’s faces paled. Dean Sophie stepped forward.
    “No, she couldn’t be a reader. There isn’t a School Master. I killed him. Who could bring her here?” No one could answer her question, until Pamela remembered her dream, one part in particular. ‘Some people who looked vaguely familiar’.
    “Jet’s a reader too. He knew. Aria knew he knew. She was scared of him. He must have threatened her not to tell. She knew Dean Sophie and Queen Agatha. She recognised you and Queen Agatha recognised her. That’s why Jet knocked her unconscious. He didn’t want anyone to know, and he thought she was the only person who recognised her. Dean Sophie didn’t recognise her, but he didn’t realise who else knew- Petunia.”
    Shock plastered itself onto the face of everyone in the room. One Never spoke up.
    “But, Jet said he was from Bloodbrook. And he had fairytale parents!”
    “He was lying, for some reason he has been trying to hide the fact that there were two readers in the school,” Pamela explained.
    “But how did they get here. There’s no School Master, no teachers brought them here, who would?” Professor Dovey asked the question no one had an answer to.
    “Maybe Agatha will know, when she wakes up.” Dean Sophie tried to shed light on the situation.
    Professor Yuba shook his head.
    “If she wakes up. We’re not sure what spell she got hit with, but it’s going to take a lot to bring her back, if we can.”
    Everyone paused to take in what that meant.
    “No…No. She is coming back and I am going to get to the bottom of this.” Dean Sophie left the room, slamming the door behind her.
    “Well, we can’t look further into this until we have someone who knows more than we do know. We’re going to have to wait for Agatha to wake up. She will wake up.” Professor Dovey added this last part whilst glaring at Yuba.

    On their way back to their room, Pamela and Petunia spoke about the situation. Both of them realised how serious it was and were worried about Aria.
    “Where do you think she went?” asked Petunia. The fact that she had kept such vital information secret was weighing down on her.
    “I don’t know. I can’t believe this happened. I even had a dream but, I didn’t see what it meant until it was too late.”
    Both girls walked in silence to the room and went about their own business until Petunia spoke up.
    “The diary.”
    “What diary and what about it?” Pamela asked, confused deeply. What could Petunia be talking about?
    “Aria’s diary. It’s still here. Maybe they’ll be some answers there. I only read a few sentences and I gathered that she was a reader, who knows what we might find out if we read through it.”
    Pamela though about it. It was a good idea. A really good idea. But…
    “Wouldn’t that be snooping? I don’t want to invade her privacy.”
    Petunia shook her head.
    “After what I did, I don’t ever want to snoop again, but do you want to find and save Aria, or leave her to die because there were questionable morals in looking at her diary, the one thing that might be able to give us clues, considering Queen Agatha’s current state?”
    Pamela considered it and realised Petunia was right. She nodded understandingly at Petunia and both girl’s gaze fell on the little pink book on Aria’s bed.

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        Great job!

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          nice job 😉

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        Nice, good job. 🙂

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        thanx for tagging me great chapter!

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        Great job!

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        Thanks for tagging me! 😉

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        Cool, great job!

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        good job!

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