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    Hello, I am back! Some of you might still remember me, it depends who still uses this. I haven’t been on for a while so I understand. I have decided to come back to this again and before I start writing new chapters, I decided to post all my previous chapters as I refresher. There is a lot of them so I understand if you don’t have time to read them all, but I have tweaked some them a little, so even if you have read them already it will be a little different (not very though). Anyway, please read if you get the chance and also please leave any feedback to help me improve. THANKS!
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    Name: Pamela Woodlit
    Origin: Great Granddaughter of Snow White and her prince
    School: Good
    Fingertip Glow: Midnight Blue
    Personality: Does not bother in class much but could certainly do better, is pretty much your average student at the school for Good, but will do ANYTHING to be noticed or liked. Is not afraid of much but is very proud of her looks. She is very blunt and is not afraid to speak her mind at any time, is partial to lemon meringue pie and loves attention.
    Appearance: Very much like her great grandmother. Very fair with black hair grown to her waist (and just so you know she is growing it longer, she hopes for it to be down to the floor before she graduates)
    Age: 13
    Pet: No pet yet, but like her great grandmother she has a special bond with most animals.


    Pamela Woodlit gazed out the window of Foxwood Castle. Today was the day. She had her flowerground ticket, her massive midnight blue trunk and was totally ready. The School for Good her she came. Her pale blue dress was at the perfect angle, her hair was styled into a perfect bow that matched her dress and her ballet slippers were spotless. She looked the perfect Good student and she intended to make her mark. But maybe not exactly what they expected. Because every Ever was going to love her. No matter what it took. She stepped out into the sun and walked towards the Periwinkle Line.
    “Thank you for calling the Flowerground. No spitting, sneezing, singing, sniffling, swinging, swearing, slapping, sleeping, or urinating in the flowertrains. Violations will result in the removal of your clothes. Tickets?”

    Pamela stepped onto the train with her best princess smile plastered across her face. Within ten seconds she lost it. All the girls on the train were crowded around one girl. The girl had long blonde hair a bright turquoise eyes. The girl wore a pale pink dress and a smile that looked suspiciously fake to Pamela. Pamela stepped forward towards the girls and one by one they turned to look at her. Turquoise eyes looked up at her and smiled with the fake smile Pamela already hated.
    “Oh hello!” The girl giggle ridiculously and whispered something to the crowd of girls surrounding her and they all giggled back. Pamela got a strange feeling that whatever the girl had just said revolved around her. The girls giggled harder and Pamela realised how much she was scowling. She quickly smiled to the girls, but the damage had been done. She tried to maintain a smile as she sat down slightly askew from the rest of the girls. As Pamela sat there, she noticed that a few girls had come and sat with her. Trying her best not to look victorious, she began to chat with them about boys and the Snow Ball until the rid was over and they arrived.

    Rising from the ground is pretty much as strange an experience as one might expect. The sight of around 60 beautiful Ever girls rising from the ground is also strange to watch, because pretty girls don’t just rise from the ground. Pamela finished rising to find herself in a beautiful clearing with lovely flowers with a sign that read:
    The School for Good Education and Enlightenment
    She looked to her left just in time to see the stymphs drop the Nevers into the half way bay and start swimming towards the black, rotten Evil castle. Pamela then turned behind her to see the magnificent School for Good, with it’s white domes and magnificent four towers- Purity, Charity, Honour and Valour. She noticed one girl standing slightly apart from the others and who she didn’t recall meeting on the train. She was a little bit short with thick brown hair and vivid green eyes. Pamela walked up to her.
    “Hello, lovely to meet you. I am Pamela Woodlit of Foxwood. What part of the woods are you from?” She smiled and politely waited for a reply, but all she got was an annoyed glance before the girl stalked off, muttering to herself.
    Pamela had no idea what to make of her, but she didn’t think anymore of it because a nymph came and dropped a uniform, some school books and a time table into her hands. Grabbing her trunk, she rushed into the School for Good, reading as she went.

    Pamela of Foxwood
    GOOD- 1st Year
    Charity Tower 34
    1. Good Deeds
    Prof. Dovey
    2. Princess Etiquette
    3. History of Heroism
    To Be Advised
    4. Beautification
    Prof. Anemone
    5. Lunch

    6. Animal Communication
    Princess Uma
    7. Surviving Fairytales
    Yuba the Gnome

    Pamela got to her room as soon as possible. When she got there, there was a banner over the door reading;


    Not recognising any of the names, she pushed open the door filled with curiosity and her pretty face set straight into a frown and her heart nearly stopped. Because she already knew Aria and Petunia, just not by name. Aria was the mystery girl and Petunia was turquoise girl. Silently she cursed.
    “Looks like it’s going to be a long few years, doesn’t it?” Pamela couldn’t have agreed more, no matter who it was coming from.

    Pamela needed to sit down or possibly even lie down. Her. And her. What were the chances that she would be paired with the two people she had had the worst start with? Why? She knew they wanted everyone to try and get to know one and other and be Good like they were supposed to be, but who could manage it with them? Walking into the room as fast as she could manage, she placed her midnight blue trunk down next to the only available pink bed. She would have preferred midnight blue, but pink was fine. Then collapsed onto the bed, for a second forgetting who was in the room. But then she remembered and sat up straight, trying to look as composed and dignified as possible. Aria wasn’t looking at her, or anyone, and now that Pamela studied her she noticed Aria didn’t have a trunk and the looked like she had been dragged out of bed- literally. Her hair was a bit of a mess, she had no make up on and her feet had only thick bedroom slippers on, not proper shoes you would were anywhere but your bedroom. It was strange, most students that came to the School for Good and Evil brought trunks or suitcases full of supplies for the year. Pamela’s thoughts turned to Petunia, who was sitting on the edge of her bed, filing her nails. Pamela scowled and stared at her. She prided herself on being a Good person, but this girl was bringing the worst out in her. Shaking her head daintily, she focused on brushing her hair and fixing her make-up again. She only had a few minutes until the welcoming and all the Ever girls knew the boys were going to be there with their roses and she didn’t think any of the girls would think of even being there with a single hair out of place. Having a prince was a lot more important than having a date, it could be the difference between you failing and passing. If you didn’t have a date for the Snow Ball, you failed and no way was she failing and no way was she not getting a rose when Petunia had one. Quickly adjusting her uniform which a nymph had shoved onto her, quite rudely if Pamela thought about it, she noticed Aria didn’t have a hairbrush or make- up and her hair was actually a bit of a mess.
    “Would you like to use my spare brush? Or my spare make-up kit? Normally you could go to the Groom Room but ranks haven’t been awarded so nobody can go in there yet,” offered Pamela giving the girl her sweetest smile. For a second, Aria’s confused, sulky expression changed and she looked kind of touched, before muttering a small thank you and taking the hair brush straight out of Pamela’s outstretched hand and going back to her closed up self. Pamela thought that Aria was strange, but her thoughts were interrupted by Petunia.
    “What is that?” Petunia gestured to her trunk.
    “It’s my trunk. Haven’t you ever seen one before?”
    “I have, it’s just, never one that atrocious. It looks like something a Never would carry!”
    “What? Just because it’s not pink?”
    “No, because it’s dark and miserable.”
    “It’s midnight blue. It’s a very dignified colour.”
    “It’s Evil!”
    “It’s not!”
    “Ugh, I’m not doing this. I have princes to get.” Petunia sashayed out of the room to the Welcoming, leaving Pamela fuming. Pamela sat down her bed, but then shook her head and realised Petunia was right about one thing. She had to get to the Welcoming. She dashed out the door but then remembered Aria.
    “Aria, come on! You’ll miss the Welcoming! We have to catch up to them!” she exclaimed, grabbing Aria’s hand.
    “No thanks, I’m not interested. I don’t really want to go.” Aria shook her hand free and sat on her bed.
    “Aria, I don’t know why you don’t want to go, but you need to. A, they answer all your questions and most importantly, b, the boys will be there with their roses. If you get a rose, it pretty much secures you a date for the Snow Ball, and you need a date or you fail. Come on!” Pamela managed to grab Aria and drag her out of the room. Seeing that Pamela wasn’t giving up, Aria allowed herself to be dragged, but got sick of it pretty quickly.
    “Alright, alright! I’m coming. We’ll go faster if we’re not attached to one and other. The girls sprinted and managed to just catch the end of the line before they left through the doors and walked off to Evil’s castle, because the last time there had actually been a Circus of Talents, Sophie, who was now Dean, had won it for them. You could tell none of the Ever girls, including Pamela, liked having to walk to Evil. They were all determined that this year they would win it back. But when they sat down on their side of the Theatre of Tales, all thoughts of the Circus of Talents vanished, because the doors were starting to open, and the Ever girls began to scream, much louder than the entire Evil school put together, who were trying to get a “boo” in over the screaming, but failing. Pamela was jumping up and down on the spot, trying to get a look at the the 60 boys who could be heard dueling as they walked. When she looked to her left, she saw that Aria was the only girl not remotely excited, she was just looking at the ground, as if deep in thought. After a few seconds, which honestly felt like years to the girls and centuries to the teachers (who had their hands over their ears), the first pair walked in, looking dashing and handsome in their Ever boy uniforms (blue with slim knotted ties with their initial embroidered on them), then the second, until they were all inside, ready to throw their roses away to the screaming Ever girls.

    Pamela couldn’t help goggling at the boys, who were without doubt sweeping their eyes over the field of girls who had stopped cheering, sat down and tried to look as elegant and choosing who to throw their rose to. One rose was as good as sixty. You only had one true love. Whilst Pamela did some choosing of her own, she noticed one boy who looked different, certainly not in a bad way. He looked as if he thought he was above them. He definitely had most of the girls’ attention. He was tall, muscular and handsome, but Pamela knew she could find (in her opinion) way more handsome boys in the room. He was blonde with cloudy blue eyes, that made him look like he was about to cry. The way he stood apart from the other boys made him look ****** so Pamela kept scanning the crowd. The boys were yet to cast their roses, but in some cases it was clear who they had chosen. A tall, light brown headed boy with shocking blue eyes had his eyes fixed on Bianca, one of the girls she had met on the train. Another muscular boy was eyeing Gabriella, a girl who she remembered had been sitting with Petunia on the train. She looked at the cloudy eyed boy and noticed he was looking at Petunia. Good for her. Let her get the snob. She kept looking until she saw a boy staring right at her. He was exactly what an Ever boy should be. Tall, muscular and extremely handsome. When he noticed she was looking at him, he winked at her and along with the other boys, threw his rose, but unlike the others, his landed right in her hands. Pamela blushed, smiled and winked back. She was no longer afraid about finding a date. Pamela saw that Petunia had managed to score five roses, but she didn’t care. Let her have to worry about who her Ever After was, Pamela was happy to just have one, dashingly handsome option. She quickly flashed one last look at her admirer before he took his seat, and she saw the letter F on his tie. Leaving her wondering what it stood for, she quickly turned to face the stage, because a two headed dog was standing there and one of the heads was looking very impatient.
    “Welcome to the School for Good and Evil. I am Pollux, and this is my brother-” Pollux was cut short by his brother, otherwise known as-
    “As I was saying, welcome. We will now begin with explaining classes and rankings.” Whilst Pollux droned on about how you scored ranks (you did challenges in class, and were given a score from 1-20) and how rankings worked (based on your scores in class, you were given a ranking in conjunction with your entire school’s performance) before moving onto curfew inspections, Pamela began to get bored. She decided to cut the Evers some slack by asking question they would be interested in. She shot her hand up.
    “Yes?” asked Pollux.
    “What about Groom Room?” she asked.
    “Yes, how do we get in?”
    “Who is allowed in?”
    Soon nearly all the Ever girls were asking about it, whilst the Nevers pulled faces and shouted, “NEVERS RULE!”
    Pollux sighed and muttered something about “every year” and “no one is interested in rules” and started to respond to the increasing demands for information.
    “Yes, yes okay. Settle down. Please, quiet.”
    “QUIET!” Castor intervened.
    Pollux continued.
    “The Groom Room is available for the top half students from each classes. The top half boys can use the boy’s Groom Room and vice versa for girls. Now if we could please continue onto curfew inspections.”
    Pamela sighed and survived the next half an hour they were there for pondering why Pollux was so in love with rules and curfew.

    When Pamela finally got back to her room, she put her rose in a vase on her bedside table. She saw Petunia put all five of hers in separate vases, seemingly to show off the fact she had gotten five. Ignoring it, Pamela thought about her prince. Her dark haired, blue eyed prince, who she determined to find out the name of. She was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t notice the swarm of girls hovering outside the door, undoubtedly waiting for Petunia. Petunia threw open the door for her fan club and began boasting about her roses.
    “I mean one rose is cool, I guess, but five roses are something. Oh, and they are all so handsome! The boys I mean, not the roses,” Petunia giggled and noticed Pamela glaring at her, “Oh. Sorry Pamela, I forgot you only got one rose. Are you sure it wasn’t meant for me? They might have been off aim.”
    Pamela snapped. Time to take Petunia down a few thousand pegs, she thought. Weren’t Ever girls supposed to be nice? Whatever. Pamela didn’t care about Petunia’s soul and whether it was really Good or not. All she cared about was revenge for her earlier comments.
    “Petunia, I don’t really think my rose was for you and I don’t really care you have five roses. All it means is five innocent suckers thought you were their Ever After because at first glance you looked pretty. And I don’t know that much about my prince, but I know he is definitely mine and because I know that you can keep your little followers because for all you know they’re going to dump you before you’ve had a full conversation.” Pamela then finished her speech, smiled, twirled a little and sat back on her bed with her legs crossed, like a princess. Petunia looked like she had been kicked, which gave Pamela even more reason to smile.
    “Girls, I think I need to do my make-up. Follow me to the bathroom won’t you?” asked Petunia. Pamela could see she was eager to get away from the situation.
    “But there are mirrors here. Lovely jewelled mirrors. Why don’t you just use them?” Pamela was not letting Petunia just walk away, maybe soon, but not yet. Unfortunately for Pamela, Petunia was not as shaken as she thought, and was ready to leave.
    “It’s much better lit, don’t you think? Anyway, I’m off, catch you later!” Petunia beckoned her followers and strutted away, shutting the door behind her. But Pamela realised a few girls had stayed, and she knew she was on the right track. She went to properly meet them all.
    “Hello, I’m sure you all know who I am, but how about you?”
    It turns out the three girls who had stayed were in the same room. Honour 12. There was a tall girl with dark hair, dark but not too dark red lips and beautiful light brown skin called Farrah, a girl who was just a little bit short with shoulder length blonde and sparkling blue eyes called Renaye and a girl with thick red hair ******* in the most elegant bun imaginable and the palest and creamiest skin imaginable called Gisela. Soon they were all talking about the Welcoming and the roses they had gotten. Farrah, Renaye and Gisela had all gotten one just like Pamela and they were all chatting about what their prince’s name would be and what they would be like. Pamela looked for Aria, who it turns out was sitting on her bed looking more confused and sulky than ever. But the strangest thing was, even though she looked upset and sulky, her beside table now had an item on it. A single red rose.

    When Farrah, Renaye and Gisela left- 5:00pm, Pamela was left alone to her thoughts. Petunia was still avoiding her and Pamela couldn’t care less and Aria still was sitting on her bed, looking as confused and sulky as ever. Pamela couldn’t make out that girl. She looked lost, but wouldn’t ask, she had a rose, but she wasn’t happy. What was it with her? When she had tried to introduce herself, she had walked away, when she tried to make her come to the Welcoming it had taken force to get her to willingly go. So many girls would have been thrilled to be here, but hadn’t been accepted. So why wasn’t Aria? Pamela sat on this thought for a few minutes, but then was interrupted by the clock signalling dinner. Pamela wondered down to dinner, but then realised for the second time that day, Aria wasn’t coming. First the Welcoming, now dinner? Why would you miss dinner? Maybe she’s on a diet? Pamela thought, but it didn’t seem like that was the problem. Aria was certainly strange. Just in case Aria wasn’t coming because she didn’t know it was on, Pamela raced back to the room, in the most lady-like way possible. Just before she turned the handle, she stopped, because inside she could hear someone crying inside.
    “Why am I here? They said they had stopped! I want to go home!” Then they started crying. Pamela could be willing to do anything for popularity, but she was Good, and couldn’t bare the sound of another in pain. She knocked on the door.
    “Go away. I’m not supposed to be here and I don’t want to talk. To anyone.” Said the voice.
    Pamela pushed the door open slightly and gasped. Bundled under blankets and sobbing her heart out, was Aria.
    “It’s dinner Aria. Are you coming?”
    “Go away. You’re probably just going to tell all the others and have a laugh about it. So just go.”
    “Aria I wouldn’t-” Pamela started
    “Spare me. I know girls better than you’d think.” Aria went back to sobbing into her pink pillow and Pamela creeped out, knowing there was no convincing Aria now. Going down to dinner, an aroma Pamela was familiar with filled the halls. Greek salad. Careful to keep her speed walking to a princess like pace, she hurried so she wouldn’t miss out. She quietly entered the dining room and sat down in a seat Farrah had saved her.
    “What kept you? We were worried you wouldn’t show.” Gisela asked, passing her a plate of food.
    “I was held up, there was a-” Remembering what Aria had said, Pamela diverted from talking about Aria. “There was a crack in the paint outside my room. I had to report it. It could have spread and left peeling paint everywhere. Have you seen Petunia?”
    Renaye pointed to the other end of the hall.
    “She came in at the start of dinner with the other girls looking a little subdued. She hasn’t even looked up all night. Something you said must have kicked in.”
    One of Petunia’s followers looked over and saw them looking. She lent over and whispered to Petunia, who immediately looked up and scowled at her. Pamela stuck her tongue out at her. Shortly after that, Petunia pushed her empty plate away and hurried out of the dining hall on her tip-toes.

    After dinner, Pamela walked back to her room with Gisela, Farrah and Renaye until she got to hers and had to go in. She had wanted to stay with them but Gisela had actually listened to a little bit of Pollux’s lecture on curfew (Pamela could not understand how she managed it, it was so boring!) and apparently all your Groom Room privileges were provoked and you got dish duty for a week if you broke it. No Groom Room and dishes were two things that did not appeal to Pamela, so she went off to her room at the last possible. Who wanted to spend time with Petunia? She opened the door to find Aria asleep, still managing to look upset and Petunia reading a book. But the main thing she noticed was her trunk. The contents were all over the room and the trunk itself was at the top of wardrobe. Worst of all, she could feel Petunia’s smirk burning into her.

    There was one single thought going through Pamela’s head and it wasn’t anything like what a princess was supposed to think. Not even close. Petunia had crossed the line. Her clothes were everywhere; her trunk was on a WARDROBE! How did that girl get into the school for Good? Petunia would pay. After she cleaned up the mess and didn’t flunk curfew inspections. She ran around the room picking up skirts, lipsticks, dresses, blouses and shoes and neatly placed them in her suitcase (which she had had to stand on pillows to reach), folded and packed away. She shoved her midnight blue trunk under her bed and straightened her dress just before a pink haired nymph and Pollux, who’s head was stuck on an antelope’s body.
    “Curfew inspections. Everyone stand up and let us search.” Pollux stumbled through the room and started sticking his head under beds and in the wardrobes. From his performance at the Welcoming, Pamela was expecting him to go easy on them. That didn’t happen. Pollux got them for a crinkle in Aria’s bed, a crooked bedside table and improperly drawn curtains. As “punishment” they had to fix all their “mistakes” and go to bed immediately. Who would have thought curfew inspections would be that strict? Or Pollux? Pamela looked around and saw Petunia’s face looking darker than normal. They didn’t really agree on much but this was one of those things (the other things were beauty, make up, dresses and boys). This was unfair.
    “Tidiness is an important thing. You must learn to keep your spaces tidy. Nymphs will be patrolling the corridors to make sure all is quiet and you and all the others who have flunked inspections go to sleep.” Pollux exited.
    Since when was a crinkled bed sheet, a slightly crooked table and an improperly tied curtain untidy? Pamela thought as she roughly pushed her blanket aside so she could get into bed. Her first day at the School for Good had not gone as well as she had expected. Hopefully she could do well in class, popularity wise. She didn’t care about grades or how well she did in terms of school work, as long as she didn’t fail. For now, she would just have to sleep and wait until morning, which hopefully would bring better times.

    Pamela woke up at exactly 7am. She knew that because a large clock started chiming waking everyone up. Pamela knew it was so they would have time to get ready by 8am, but all they had to do was get dressed and in the girl’s cases put on make up and style their hair. Surely it wouldn’t take an hour. She’d never been more wrong. By the time breakfast rolled around, her hair was wet and her blouse buttons were half done. Breakfast, she thought and she looked down at her stomach, do I really need it? In response her stomach grumbled quietly, so she tried to blow dry her hair as quickly as possible whilst attempting to button her blouse with her spare hand, which didn’t work very well. By the time she was finished getting ready, she was fifteen minutes late for breakfast and her hair was dangling loose behind her as she quickly tried to tie it on the way there. When she pushed open the door, she noticed all the boys were there and only a few girls. Aria was one of them. Since neither Farrah, Renaye or Gisela were there yet, Pamela sat down on one of the free chairs next to Aria.
    “So, how are you feeling?” Pamela asked, remembering the other night.
    “Ugh. Don’t try to hassle me and make me spill my life story so you can just gossip about it.” Aria turned her attention back to her breakfast.
    “Listen, you and I got off to a bad start yesterday, how about a fresh start?” Pamela offered.
    “No thanks, I’m fine. I’d rather be lonely and keep my dignity than have false friends who gossip about me the moment my back is turned.” Aria once again turned to her breakfast.
    “Whoever was mean to you in the past was a ****. Not all girls are like that. I wouldn’t gossip about you. I just want to help, you seem really confused and lost. Want to be friends?”
    “No thank you. I know your strategies. Leave me alone.” Aria refused to engage in further conversation.

    Pamela’s first class was Good Deeds with Professor Dovey, which seemed like an interesting class. She had heard rumours that Professor Dovey was Cinderella and Agatha’s fairy godmother but she didn’t know if they were true. Either way, Good Deeds was a class that was really useful for winning your Ever After, so she was using every tip she learnt. When the clock chimed for class, Pamela walked with the students towards the classrooms and into Professor Dovey’s classroom. She took a quick glance around the room and saw five things that interested her. The first was Professor Dovey, sitting at her desk with her silver hair tied into a sharp bun looking strong and totally calm but in control. Then she noticed her friends Gisela, Renaye and Farrah were in her class, Gisela with her hand on a seat saving it for her. The third was that Aria was in her class, sitting at the front because no one had saved her a seat at the back. Then fourth, there was Petunia sitting with the ******, cloudy eyed boy from the Welcoming and by the looks of things she was flirting with him. Then finally, possibly the things she was most excited about was one boy sitting with the other boys but with his eyes on her, the boy with the F on his shirt from the Welcoming. HER prince, HER Ever After. He quickly winked at her before she sat down next to Gisela. Her heart melted and she went into a daze, which she was sharply brought out of by Professor Dovey.
    “Hello and welcome to your very first lesson at the School for Good. Let’s get straight into things. This is Good Deeds were I expect you to learn and listen and not slack off. Good Deeds make your soul purer every time you do one, so I suggest you not treat them like a simple chore. Winning your Ever After is vitally important and if you are serious about it, I suggest you focus less on your looks and more on your soul and personality. Nobody wants to marry someone whose soul does not commit to Good and a foul personality. Those things matter far more than looks. For your first lesson you will be…” Pamela zoned out from Professor Dovey’s explanation and stared right at her prince. He was so handsome. Slightly curled brown hair that was not too long but not too short, dark green eyes that stood out from his tanned skin. Pamela sighed with content, but realised Professor Dovey was staring at her so she turned her attention to the board and jotted down her notes. She managed to her a 5th place rank which was better than what she was expected. She guessed it was because she had written down extra notes to make up for her day dreaming, but whatever the reason was, she was happy. 5th place students could use Groom Room, so as long as she kept it up, she would be sitting at one of those make up stations in no time. As she made her way to Princess Etiquette, she wondered what that would hold.

    In Princess Etiquette they learnt about posture and slouching. Pamela had always prided herself on being a person with excellent posture, so she excelled at this and earned a top place ranking, narrowly beating Petunia. She had graciously accepted it, not wanting to seem boastful but inside she was ecstatic. She was really interested in History of Heroism because she didn’t know who would be teaching and to her surprise, it Little Red Riding Hood, now looking very old and not at all little. She talked about winning your story and staying on track. They then had to complete an activity involving travelling through an imaginary woods and avoid being lost or accepting offers from strange creatures. When it came to Pamela’s turn she entered the woods and saw a bunch of flowers not far from the path. Should I look closer at them? She shook her head. Her goal was to make it to the end of the woods. Then a wolf came out of seemingly nowhere and blocked her path.
    “Can I help you?” she asked
    “Of course. I am quite lost and am trying to make my way out of the woods. Could you help me?” The wolf sounded so innocent, Pamela was urged to help him.
    “Ummm, I’m not going to- I’m not trying to- actually I’m going that. No, I cannot please let me pass. Now.”
    The wolf grinned and stood his ground.
    “Please let me pass NOW.” Pamela demanded.
    The wolf kept grinning and began advancing on her.
    “HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!” Pamela screamed before remembering this was a phantom and nobody was around to help her. But if the woods were a phantom then…
    Pamela ran at the wolf and pushed past him. She kept running until she reached the end, not even noticing the other distractions.
    “Excellent job. Next time, make your mind up a little sooner because some wolves move quicker than that one. Trust me.” Said Little Red Riding Hood.
    Pamela finished with a second place ranking behind her prince. She recoiled when she realised she didn’t even know his name. She would have to find that out at lunch. Meanwhile, she had Beautification.

    Professor Anemone walked in wearing a very tall arrangement of flowers on her head, followed by a deep pink dress and pink heels. She beamed around at the girls in front of her.
    “Hello girls! Welcome to beautification. Although you will need more than looks to achieve your Ever After, they are very important. Today we start, as I do with all my classes, with beautifying smiles. Everyone take a mirror and practice putting charm, warmth and everything Good in your soul into it.” She handed out the mirrors and the girls spent most of the lesson perfecting their smiles. Surprisingly it was Aria who managed to win the challenge. Despite all her frowns and confused expressions, Aria had a beautiful smile.
    “Well done, well done! See girls, this is a smile that will win a prince’s heart. You are all dismissed to lunch!”
    Pamela had gotten herself a third place ranking, which she was happy to discover left her fourth on the ranking board for the School for Good. She was about to go celebrate in the Groom Room but remembered it was lunch and she had to find out her prince’s name.

    Pamela walked out to lunch with her most charming smile painted to her face. She lined up to get her lunch, using her time in the line to inconspicuously glance around for her prince. He was nowhere to be seen. Her heart froze up. Had he left? Was he avoiding her? What had she done? The nymph passed her a picnic basket but she hardly noticed and took it, still in a daze. She found a quiet spot near under a tree and tried to breath. It didn’t help when someone snuck up on her and put their hand on her shoulder.
    “Hey, are you okay?”
    Suddenly that did help a lot. She whirled around and saw him. His brown hair, tanned skin, green eyes, everything about him was perfect.
    Pamela jumped inwardly back into reality.
    “Oh, um, hi. Sorry just, um, you know, um, lost in my thoughts. Yeah, um, right, I’m fine now. Thanks.” Pamela turned red as a beetroot.
    “That’s fine. My name’s Fredrick, what might yours be? I haven’t actually spoken to you before.” He reached out and gently kissed her hand.
    “I’m Pamela, lovely to meet you.” She smiled as gracefully as she could.
    “Hey, I’ve got to go, maybe we could um, see each other at lunch?” Fredrick helped her to her feet, “I think your friends are waiting.”
    He pointed to Gisela, Renaye and Farrah who were sitting at a picnic table in the sun.
    “Sure, sounds delightful! Same time, same-” She was very rudely cut off by a ball of gruel or some other unknown substance smacking into her dress.
    She turned around and got another ball in her face, but not before seeing a Never prepare to throw it. She saw another Never launch some at a large group of Ever boys trying to introduce themselves to some Ever girls, and it hit home. Once the Evers realised what was happening, the Ever boys ran and each took an Ever girl into their care (or really just shielded them from some of the gruel, or whatever it was.). Some of the Ever girls started crying and right on queue, the two Deans appeared, Professor Dovey and Dean Sophie. Professor Dovey took the Evers inside and congratulated the boys on their quick thinking. Pamela couldn’t have cared less if they were throwing cucumbers, Fredrick had picked her up and carried her to behind a bush until the Deans had appeared and let them inside. She did notice how strong Fredrick was, sure the other boys were but they weren’t carrying her, so how could she know? The Evers could hear Dean Sophie telling off the Nevers for their attempted food fight.
    “You do not ever start food fights at this school! It is disruptive and look at all the mess that has to be cleaned up now! Just because you don’t like Nevers doesn’t mean you make mess for other people to clean up! Nevers should have pride! You can throw taunts at them and make fun of them, try to prove yourselves better, but this is out of the question! There is now extra laundry, cleaning and all in all, more work for everyone, including you! All of you will who threw even a drop now have to go to bed one hour earlier and see me for extra work! Do you hear me!” Dean Sophie was really ticked off, she was still slightly calm though, something Pamela admired in her even though she was a Never.
    “Okay, okay, everyone can go straight to your rooms. New, clean uniforms will be waiting for you when you get there. Get changed and wait until you hear the clock to go to class. Those with Groom Room privileges may go.” Professor Dovey left them and went off to do other work.

    “I cannot believe the Nevers would pull something like that! They don’t even know us!” Pamela was so annoyed about loosing time with her friends and Fredrick the prospect of Groom Room didn’t even lighten her mood. She was even complaining about it to Petunia. She would have talked to Aria about it, but she hadn’t been able to talk to her so she had given up.
    “Ugh, they’re Nevers! What did you expect? Flower bouquets? Honestly I’m glad they got in trouble for it.” Petunia drew her curtain and began changing (so Pamela assumed, why else would she draw it?). Pamela copied her and reapplied her perfume while she was at it. The unidentified substance reeked. She glanced at her time table. Her next subject was Animal Communications. She hoped the school had replaced the Wish Fish, she really wanted to have a turn. She pulled back her curtains and walked towards the girl’s Groom Room and spent a few seconds gawking at it. She could spend hours here. She walked over to the make up station and started picking out some sets. There were colours she didn’t even own here! She glanced at the pink clock that let the girls know how long they had to pamper themselves and gasped to see she only had five minutes. She quickly grabbed a dark red lipstick and eyeliner and skilfully but quickly applied them, just in time. She smoothed her dress and went off to Animal Communication.

    Animal Communication was held just on the edge of the Blue Forest, which really was as blue as everyone said. There was a lake that ran near were there were and she tried to peer over to see what was in it. But Princess Uma came up and began the lesson.
    “Welcome! I hope you have all had a great first day of classes, excuse the Nevers, and I hope- “She stopped to listen to a passing bird.
    “Sorry,” she giggled, “I am pleased to tell you all that today, for your first lesson we are doing Wish Fish.”
    Pamela gasped in delight. This is just what she had wanted! She ran down to the lake and saw a sign sitting on the bank. It read:
    What ever did that mean, thought Pamela.

    Staring at the sign, Pamela twisted her head in several directions before realising the sign obviously wasn’t intended for her. She had never made a mess of anything except a gelato her parents got her when she was six. That had been bad. And this wasn’t gelato. She kept walking to the lake and hovered close so that Princess Uma would choose her first, or at least relatively quick. The rest of the class gathered at the lake and some of them whispered to each other about it. Aria gasped and Pamela turned to face her. Just in time to see a shadow run into the forest. Aria was white. Pamela started to walk towards her, but Princess Uma started talking to the class.
    “Okay, please form a line over here,” clearly she hadn’t noticed the sign.
    Pamela raced to get to the front of the line, but Petunia “accidently” bumped into her and she fell flat on her face. She pushed herself up and wiped the dirt off her face. Fuming, she hurried to get in the line before the last person. She managed to get to the end of the line just before Aria. The line kept shortening with girls all wishing for boys. Petunia wished for the ******, misty eyed, boy from the Welcoming. Typical, thought Pamela. When it finally got to her turn, Pamela confidently stuck her finger in the lake. The fish swam in an array of colours and finally showed a colourful image of her and Fredrick kissing at their wedding. Pamela sighed with content. That, that was what she wanted. She smiled at Princess Uma and waited for Aria to have her go so she could get her rank. Pamela watched Aria shakily walk up to the lake and dip her finger in it, looking pale the entire time. The fish zipped and zagged around. Pamela saw two different images before they disappeared and the fish went grey.
    Princess Uma shook her head and sadly smiled.
    “Foggy mind, my dear.”
    Aria took a seat, looking even worse than before.
    “Now girls, I have a special announcement to make. In one month, King Tedros and Queen Agatha will be making a special visit. You will have the day off, but there will be an assembly in the Theatre of Tales, located in Evil. More information will be brought to you soon; you may now have your ranks.” Before Princess Uma could give them out, Aria fainted.

    Aria’s face was pale, white and still. Princess Uma tried to ask some animals for help, but they weren’t really in the mood for it. Gisela suggested pouring some water on her and got some from the lake. It worked, and Aria came around, hyperventilating.
    “Are you okay?” Asked Pamela.
    Aria started to respond but fell back onto the grass. Princess Uma rushed to her side and got some nymphs to carry her to her room.
    “Girls, please be good to Aria, something has obviously happened to her. Maybe the boy she got her rose from didn’t like her, maybe something else. Here are your ranks, enjoy your next class.”
    Pamela got a four, and went off to Surviving Fairytales with a whirling head. What had Aria seen? What had happened to her? She was so lost in thought, she nearly walked into a pale blue tree, causing the Nevers to laugh. One Never looked worse than all of them. He had black hair, pale skin and a cruel smile.
    “Who is he?” She asked Renaye, her only friend in the class.
    “Jet. No one knows where he’s from, but he’s become quite popular among the Nevers, obviously.” Renaye gestured to Jet amusing the Nevers.
    Yuba the gnome walked up to the class.
    “Right, you’ve had plenty of time to talk, socialise, now onto class. We’re going to do a quick Good-Evil test.” Yuba quickly went over the rules and explained the challenge. The girls would be disguised as identical princesses and each boy would have to go along the line and pick out the Evers from the Nevers. The challenge went fairly well, luckily for her, Pamela was always singled out as an Ever and secured a fifth place ranking, leaving her fourth for the entire School for Good. Happily, she walked back to her room for a quick session to relax before dinner. She remembered Aria and decided to just quietly walk in and do her thing. When she opened the door, there was no sign of Aria, just an open book that read; What am I doing here? Where even is here?
    Not usually one to snoop but suddenly intrigued, Pamela lent down to read it, when Aria came out of the bathroom.
    “I knew it! You keep claiming I can trust you, that you have Good intentions, but no! Leave me alone! Go be Good somewhere else!” Aria snatched up her book and ran out of the room.

    Pamela walked towards the Groom Room. Never, never had she snooped on anyone! She was internally shaken. What had possessed her to do that? She glanced out over the bay towards Evil castle. Strange, she thought, she’d never seen a tower in the middle of the bay. She rubbed her eyes and shook her head. Gone. Something was up, but she had no idea what it was, and what to do about it. She kept walking, her mind racing. Jet had looked Evil beyond measure. Petunia had been totally opposite to what she had expected with Ever girls. Aria, well she was a level of different. She seemed always clueless, but in Animal Communication it had seemed like she knew more than any of them. And the diary, a sense of secretiveness and darkness had crept over her. Where had that come from? Last year had been a war between Good and Evil and as a result the School for Good and Evil had been left without a Schoolmaster and a new Dean for Evil. There were no Readers because of that and so many old heroes dead, no one was even sure if the Reader world even had faith in Good. Pamela hoped they did. As she pushed open the door to the girl’s Groom Room, she wondered what was going on, and left with the question of what to do about it.

    The Groom Room hadn’t soothed Pamela. Normally, a relaxing spa would have but her mind was too crowed. Jet looked like an Evil maniac and Aria was a diary, locked with a triple lock padlock and buried in stone. She had never felt so confused. She couldn’t believe what she had done! Attempting to look at Aria’s diary, she had never done anything like that. The dinner clock rang. Renaye, Farrah and Gisela all tried to talk to her but she just picked at her soup and then picked at her lemon meringue pie, which was very unlike her, she loved lemon meringue pie. She saw Aria walking out from dinner and broke into a sprint (it wasn’t a very fast sprint, the Ever girl uniform is impossible to run in, plus, running isn’t something Ever girls do much of) to catch up to her.
    “Aria! Aria! Wait up, please! I’m so sorry about your diary! I really don’t know what came-“
    “Spare me. Leave me alone.” Aria kept on running up the stairs.
    “No, Aria, just please wait!” Pamela pushes as hard as she could to keep up with Aria.
    “No. Leave me alone. Go away. Exist around me quietly and don’t ever speak to me again.” Aria started to open the door to their room.
    “No, please listen to me!” Pamela reached out to grab Aria.
    “LEAVE ME ALONE!” Aria swept out her hands to push Pamela away, and the ground shook. Pamela fell flat on her face for the second time that day.

    When Pamela woke up she was lying in her bed with bandage around her head. It was pitch black and she could only barely make out the sparkles of one of the jewelled mirrors that covered the pink walls of the room. Aria and Petunia were asleep.
    “What happened to me?” Pamela murmured to nobody in particular. The light of one of the mirrors caught her attention as it shined down on two pieces of paper on the floor. Slowly but carefully Pamela got out of bed and retrieved them. They were cards. Pamela tip toed to her wardrobe and pulled out a candle and lit it. The first one was pink and had a simple ‘Get well soon!’ message in it from Renaye, Farrah and Gisela. The second one was different. It was a pink heart with a red rose on the front. It read;
    Dear Pamela,
    Firstly, I hope you are alright. You seemed to have taken quite a blow to the head. What happened? I understand if you cannot tell me. You seem really nice and I would love to get to know you. Would you like to meet me outside the Boy’s Groom Room tomorrow, an hour before dinner? Just give me a sign in class tomorrow to let me know your decision.
    Hoping to enjoy more of your company,
    With love,
    Pamela’s heart melted. Of course she would meet Fredrick. She blew out her candle and pulled her pink blanket over her, drifting off to sleep with thoughts of tomorrow.

    Class seemed to go on forever. She had gotten Fredrick’s attention and given him a nod, confirming their date, but that had been the only exciting thing that day. At lunch she walked out, ready to sit with her three friends when she noticed something. Aria was sitting on her own, but instead of looking sad and lost, she looked hurt and angry. She also wasn’t glaring at Pamela; she was glaring at Petunia. Pamela wondered what Petunia had done to Aria.
    “Pamela! Are you in there?” Farrah waved her hand in front of Pamela’s face to get her attention.
    “Oh!” Pamela shook her head to clear it, “I’m so sorry. Lost in thoughts. Do you have any idea what happened between them?” She gestured to Aria and then to Petunia.
    “Nope, no idea. But did you here that the Wish Fish are gone again?” asked Gisela
    “What!” Pamela nearly spilled her mineral water on Renaye. “Gone? How? When? Again?”
    “No idea. We heard some nymphs talking about it. I guess by again they mean from last year, you know, with the Agatha setting turning one of them human.” Said Farrah.
    “Yeah, maybe.” Pamela wasn’t really sure.

    Class seemed to drag on for the rest of the day, until finally Surviving Fairytales was over. Pamela was glad to get away from Jet, he looked like a maniac. She hurried to the Girl’s Groom Room to get ready to meet Fredrick. Just five minutes before she was due to meet Fredrick, she left the Girl’s Groom Room and waited patiently for Fredrick. He came out just on time, as she had expected. It wasn’t like princes to be late. When Fredrick stepped out, Pamela couldn’t stop staring. He was perfect. Curly brown hair, a dark tan and gorgeous dark green eyes, Pamela couldn’t make an improvement on him.
    “Hi.” Pamela swallowed. She was too nervous to say anything else.
    “Hello Pamela.” Fredrick took her hand and softly kissed it, then left it outstretched for her to take. Blushing, she took it, wondering if she should say anything. Fredrick solved that.
    “You look beautiful.” Pamela could not stop blushing.
    “Thank you, you look amazing too.” There was an awkward pause as they both stood there staring at each other until Pamela broke the silence.
    “So, where were we going to go tonight, Fredrick?”
    “Well, I found this place on the roof above my room, do you want to go there?”
    Pamela nodded and Fredrick led her to his room and then through the window and onto the roof. Pamela gasped as she pulled herself up the final phase and looked at the setting sky. She smiled at him.
    “This is beautiful, thank you so much.”
    “I thought you’d like it. So, why don’t you tell me about yourself?”
    They talked the rest of the hour they had. Pamela found out that Fredrick was the great-grandson of Cinderella and he was an only child just like her. At the end of the hour, Pamela heard the bell ring for dinner and sighed, it had been magical talking to Fredrick.
    “I guess that’s the bell, we’d better go,” Pamela sighed reluctantly.
    “Just a second,” Fredrick called, as he lent in towards her and kissed her.

    CHAPTER 10
    That night, Pamela’s dreams were the weirdest she’d ever had. At first, they were normal, considering the events prior dinner. She dreamt of her wedding to Fredrick and them sitting together on the roof, this time married, with the sunset bathing the sky poetically in orange, pink and fading blue. Like earlier that day, he lent in to kiss her, but this time the whole Good castle exploded and she began falling down infinitely, passing Aria crying, looking at a picture of some people who bore a resemblance to Aria but also some who looked vaguely familiar in the background and a tower identical to the tower she had seen between the castles the other day appeared as she continued her fall. Suddenly, an evil laugh filled her dream and Jet’s face appeared and then was covered by a silver mask. Scared out of her mind, Pamela woke up screaming.

    “So tell us again, Jet was in your dream? And Aria?” Asked Gisela. Her friends had been quizzing her all morning about her dream last night, wanting to hear every last bit of it. Pamela nodded in reply, still excessively weary from her disturbed sleep. When she had woken screaming, both her roommates woke up as well as everyone from the surrounding rooms. Someone had gotten called a teacher in the middle of the chaos, so to Pamela’s surprise Professor Dovey had come bursting into her room in the middle of the night. Pamela had tried to explain what had happened and her dream, but all Professor Dovey had done was make a slight concerned face which she quickly concealed, turned to briefly glance at a white Aria (she had been deeply startled by the screaming) and leave. After that, everything settled down, but Pamela had not gotten back to sleep until 7:59am. Then she got woken up by the bell, totally exhausted and partially scared. That dream had been spooky.
    “Wow, that’s really creepy. Maybe it’s going to come true?!” Renaye’s mouth made an O shape as she realised what she had said.
    Farrah nodded in agreement with Renaye.
    “I’ve actually heard of stuff like that happening, but I can’t remember when.” Farrah shook her head to try and remember, but with no luck.
    Pamela heard the bell chime in the distance and her tired head slouched onto the table in protest, but she managed to pull it up.
    “Looks like I’ve got Good Deeds. I’ll see you all later.” Pamela managed a drowsy wave and went off to class.

    Pamela nearly fell asleep quite a few times in class, until finally dinner was past and she could head to her bed and sleep. She walked up the pink stairs and dragged herself to the door but before she could open it she heard yelling.
    “You stupid, little, goody-two-shoes! I hate you! You’re just as bad as Pamela! I hate you!”
    “Well, now I have a hold over you, so you’ve got to do what I say or else I’ll tell everyone where you really come from-”
    “Stop, okay. I’ll do what you say. Just please, promise you won’t tell.”
    “If you do exactly what I tell you, whenever and whatever I tell you to do, I won’t tell.”
    Finally, Pamela gave into her curiosity and opened the door, to reveal a seriously distraught Aria and a smug Petunia holding up a diary that looked just like the one that Pamela knew belonged to Aria.

    CHAPTER 11
    Pamela studied the situation. Aria’s eyes were looking at Petunia, full of fear like she was worried that Petunia was going to say something. Petunia was looking at Aria, full of delight and smugness, daring Aria to say something. Pamela was weirded out. What did Aria have to hide? And how had Petunia found out about it? Finally, Pamela asked her burning question.
    “What happened?”
    There was a pause, before Petunia smugly stated to answer the question.
    “Well, I was just-”
    “NO!” The floor shook in response to Aria’s cry. “That’s fine Petunia. She doesn’t need to know.” Aria glared at Petunia intensely as if sensing her pleasure in the situation.
    Pamela went to speak again, but Petunia stopped her.
    “You heard her, you don’t need to know.” Petunia gestured towards her bed and Pamela gave in, her tired eyes drooping. She fell asleep before she even pulled back the covers.

    Three weeks passed since the incident with Aria and Petunia. Pamela had tried talking to Aria about it several times, but Aria had said nothing each time, refusing to talk about it, one time even yelling at her to the point where she felt the ground shake, much like the time when she had tried to apologise for looking at her diary. It was strange. Pamela sensed that Aria really wanted to say, but had no idea what could be so big a secret that Aria would actually subject and bow down to Petunia instead of sharing it with the school or letting Petunia spread it around. There wasn’t much Pamela could see that would cause anyone to not just spill the beans. But Aria refused to say anything so Pamela just gave up.

    The poster caught Pamela’s attention when she was walking to breakfast.
    King Tedros and Queen Agatha to visit tomorrow!
    Pamela could hardly retain her excitement, and neither could the other Ever girls. It was the subject of conversation between every Ever girl in every class, except for Aria, who looked rather pale. Pamela could barely sleep, and instead chose to talk to Petunia (she was really that excited) to pass the time. In the morning she jumped out of bed in the morning and made her way to breakfast, nearly forgetting to button her blouse. No one could wait to get to the Theatre of Tales and for once no one minded the walk to Evil. Hastily Pamela scrambled to take a seat towards the front row and was confused to see Aria sitting at the front with her. She put it aside as she heard trumpets roaring and turned excitedly to see the King and Queen arrive on stage. Pamela gasped. King Tedros was pretty handsome, with short, wavy blonde hair and blue eyes (even though she though Fredrick beat him by a mile, she wasn’t going to say that), but it was Queen Agatha who caught her attention. Her smile was radiant and her eyes seemed to sparkle. Her dress was black but elegant and it was strung with silver. She stepped forward to address the crowd, anxiously awaiting her.
    “Good morning SGE students. I once sat here, where all of you sit now.” She paused to scan the crowd, and when she reached Pamela, her smile faltered. Shocked, Pamela looked at herself to see what was wrong. Was she not wearing make-up? Pausing, she realised that she was actually looking at Aria, but that rose even more questions. Queen Agatha spoke again, but this time in more of a hushed tone.
    “A-AA-Aria?” She stuttered.
    Aria grew wide eyed and fainted, falling to the ground. Somewhere on the Never side of the Theatre, laughing broke out, not the regular kind though, the manic, Evil laugh that only came from a true villain. One name popped into Pamela’s head. Jet. Sure enough Jet pushed his way through the crowd of Nevers and into the crowd of Evers. He smiled, looking down at Aria’s limp body.
    “Sometimes secrets shouldn’t always stay secret.” He smiled in the creepy, Evil grin that was his smile and before anyone could do anything his finger glowed blood red and he shot a spell at the Queen, knocking her unconscious and disappeared, taking Aria with him.

    CHAPTER 12
    An emergency meeting was held in Professor Dovey’s office. Petunia and Pamela were the only Evers there and the only other students were the ones who had known Jet. Professor Dovey’s face was dead serious as well as every other teacher in the room. The Deans both sat at the sugar plum desk Professor Dovey used, and if the situation hadn’t been so serious, Pamela might have laughed. But the situation was very serious, so Pamela set her face to match the mood.
    “First of all we need to know where Aria came from.” Professor Dovey glanced around the room, but all she met was blank faces. Pamela glanced at Petunia but Petunia acted just as everyone else had, so maybe she had never known where Aria had come from.
    “We need ANSWERS! A student is in danger and we need to help her. And you kids might be the only ones who can help us. So if you know anything, SPILL!” Dean Sophie now glared around the room, getting only blank stares and head shakes, until she reached Petunia. Petunia broke down crying. She sank to the floor and her sobs echoed through the room.
    Finally, she managed to speak.
    “She’s a reader. She’s a reader. I know I should have told earlier but she so desperately didn’t want anyone to know.” Petunia kept crying, her face now red and puffy and the top of her blouse soaked in tears.
    All the teacher’s faces paled. Dean Sophie stepped forward.
    “No, she couldn’t be a reader. There isn’t a School Master. I killed him. Who could bring her here?” No one could answer her question, until Pamela remembered her dream, one part in particular. ‘Some people who looked vaguely familiar’.
    “Jet’s a reader too. He knew. Aria knew he knew. She was scared of him. He must have threatened her not to tell. She knew Dean Sophie and Queen Agatha. She recognised you and Queen Agatha recognised her. That’s why Jet knocked her unconscious. He didn’t want anyone to know, and he thought she was the only person who recognised her. Dean Sophie didn’t recognise her, but he didn’t realise who else knew- Petunia.”
    Shock plastered itself onto the face of everyone in the room. One Never spoke up.
    “But, Jet said he was from Bloodbrook. And he had fairytale parents!”
    “He was lying, for some reason he has been trying to hide the fact that there were two readers in the school,” Pamela explained.
    “But how did they get here. There’s no School Master, no teachers brought them here, who would?” Professor Dovey asked the question no one had an answer to.
    “Maybe Agatha will know, when she wakes up.” Dean Sophie tried to shed light on the situation.
    Professor Yuba shook his head.
    “If she wakes up. We’re not sure what spell she got hit with, but it’s going to take a lot to bring her back, if we can.”
    Everyone paused to take in what that meant.
    “No…No. She is coming back and I am going to get to the bottom of this.” Dean Sophie left the room, slamming the door behind her.
    “Well, we can’t look further into this until we have someone who knows more than we do know. We’re going to have to wait for Agatha to wake up. She will wake up.” Professor Dovey added this last part whilst glaring at Yuba.

    On their way back to their room, Pamela and Petunia spoke about the situation. Both of them realised how serious it was and were worried about Aria.
    “Where do you think she went?” asked Petunia. The fact that she had kept such vital information secret was weighing down on her.
    “I don’t know. I can’t believe this happened. I even had a dream but, I didn’t see what it meant until it was too late.”
    Both girls walked in silence to the room and went about their own business until Petunia spoke up.
    “The diary.”
    “What diary and what about it?” Pamela asked, confused deeply. What could Petunia be talking about?
    “Aria’s diary. It’s still here. Maybe they’ll be some answers there. I only read a few sentences and I gathered that she was a reader, who knows what we might find out if we read through it.”
    Pamela though about it. It was a good idea. A really good idea. But…
    “Wouldn’t that be snooping? I don’t want to invade her privacy.”
    Petunia shook her head.
    “After what I did, I don’t ever want to snoop again, but do you want to find and save Aria, or leave her to die because there were questionable morals in looking at her diary, the one thing that might be able to give us clues, considering Queen Agatha’s current state?”
    Pamela considered it and realised Petunia was right. She nodded understandingly at Petunia and both girl’s gaze fell on the little pink book on Aria’s bed.

    CHAPTER 13
    “You should open it.” Pamela felt Petunia nudge her as she gestured towards the diary.
    “No… You should, it’s your idea.”
    Petunia shook her head.
    “You had the dream, you’ll be able to relate to it more! Go on- open it and read it!”
    Sighing, Pamela grabbed the diary off Aria’s bed and began reading aloud.
    “Day One. I have no idea where I am or how I got here. There are stupid girls running around after boys and everything is pink. The classes are stupid and I just want someone to explain everything. All I know is I woke up and a pale hand grabbed me and I arrived at the place just in time for girls to start popping out of the flowers. My roommates are goody-two-shoes’s and I almost miss Gavaldon. Almost. Day Two. Today I got a first place rank for smiling. I knew this school was stupid. I finally figured out that I am at the School for Good and Evil, which explains my goody-two-shoes roommates. I just want to know why I am here! Is that too much to ask for?” Pamela kept reading chapters like this until she found one that mentioned Jet and surprisingly Queen Agatha.
    “Today was scary. I saw Jet during lunch. He pulled me to the side and told me that I couldn’t anyone that we were from Gavaldon, or else he would kill me. I don’t know why. But I’m scared. Also, during one of the stupid classes, Jet put a sign warning me about telling “DON’’T MESS IT UP THIS TIME OR ELSE” or something like that. Then the teacher said that Queen Agatha was coming to visit in a month. I think I fainted. Agatha. I haven’t seen her since the elders tried to burn her and that prince. Does this mean she married that guy? I think so. Someone please, please explain this world, because I think Sophie is also Evil’s dean. I want someone to explain everything to me, but I can’t tell anyone or else. I feel so trapped.”
    “Poor Aria. I had no idea.” Petunia hung her head sadly.
    “Me neither. I’ve looked through the rest of the diary, there’s no more information. All we got out of this is confirmation to things we already guessed.” Sighing, Pamela put the book back on her bed.
    “Well, we did find out Jet has been threatening her.” Petunia tried to sound hopeful.
    “But that’s no help now that she’s gone. We know she saw Queen Agatha in Gavaldon when she went back there with King Tedros. But I guess we already knew she was from there. If you were Jet, where would you have taken her?”
    “Well,” said Petunia, “it would depend why I had taken her. I mean, if I had taken her to hide her and just leave her, the Endless Woods. If I had wanted to kill her, well it wouldn’t matter where she was.”
    “Ugh! We need to know Jet’s motives. It’s not like he was keeping the fact they were readers secret to fit in. I mean, readers can be accepted if they actually know stuff, which Jet clearly did.” Pamela slammed her fist on the floor. “What can we do? We need answers!”
    “Maybe Queen Agatha will wake up soon and we might find out more than we expect,” reasoned Petunia, trying not to despair.
    They both went off to sleep, until they were woken up by Pollux, who’s head was attached to a bear’s body, which did not match with his face.
    “We’ve just found out what spell Jet hit Queen Agatha with.”
    The girls looked up with hopeful faces.
    “Petrification. It’s now even more important that we find Jet before it’s too late.”
    Thank you so much if you made it this far, next chapter should be out soon.

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        That’s was so long, great job though!!

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