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    fairytaleendings posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 2 months ago

    Hello! It’s me back with chapter fourteen of my story. If you missed any earlier chapters, check them out @fairytaleendings and make sure to let me know if you would like to be tagged. Sorry if this chapter is a bit shorter than my normal updates.











    CHAPTER 14
    Pamela and Petunia exchanged grave looks. Petrification. Only Jet could reverse it. Now finding him was all the more important. Pollux rushed the girls down to Professor Dovey’s office. Once they were inside the door was bolted shut. The girls saw the two Nevers who had known Jet sitting on chairs, looking up hopefully at the girls. As they turned around, they saw that everyone was looking at them the same way. Pamela took the impact of it like a punch to the stomach. She realised how much hope had been placed on them. And she realised she had let them all down. She couldn’t look them in the eyes. Keeping her head down, she took a seat and waited for the questions she wouldn’t be able to answer.
    “So, girls. Anything?” Professor Dovey’s face looked up at them. Pamela couldn’t bear to talk, so she just shook her head. Petunia, sensing how Pamela was feeling, told Professor Dovey all that they had guessed.
    “All we found out is that yes, she came from Gavaldon and yes, so did Jet and yes, she saw and remembered Queen Agatha from there. Also, that Jet was threatening her not to tell anyone.”
    Pamela could hear Professor Dovey try to disguise a disappointed sigh. A stone dropped in her stomach. Pamela curled into a ball and tried to stop herself from thinking about all the disappointment she had caused, when Professor Dovey spoke up.
    “Okay everyone, thank you for all your help,” The stone dropped deeper into Pamela’s stomach, “I think you should all go back to sleep, we will resume classes as per usual tomorrow.” Pamela and Petunia left the room both thinking about Aria.
    “I hope she’s alright.” Petunia said, while looking at her feet.
    “Me too.”
    The girls walked in silence for the rest of the way back to their room.

    Pamela’s first two classes zoomed by, until she arrived at History of Heroism. As she waited for the mystery teacher to arrive she felt a hand on her shoulder.
    “Hey, are you alright?”
    “Hello Fredrick.” Pamela managed a half smile before looking away. She didn’t really feel like talking to anyone, even Fredrick.
    “Look, I get that you are probably really upset about the whole situation with Aria, and I just wanted to tell you that I’m here for you if you need me.”
    Despite her guilty mood, Pamela still felt touched by Fredrick’s message and gave him a small smile and he smiled back. She went to explain why she was upset, but heard a voice in the distance. Not wanting to annoy their guest teacher, she shut her mouth and tried to hear what they were saying.
    “I don’t see why we have to teach them! They’re Evers! They’re Good!” Pamela was puzzled. Who could it be? A second voice pipped up and Pamela became even more confused.
    “Because we fought for them love, we worked with them to defeat the School Master and like it or not, it’s a part of their history too.”
    The first voice spoke again.
    “But they’re stupid Evers!”
    Pamela was actually starting to get annoyed at whoever the first person was and was also beginning to think this was someone’s idea of a joke, when a third voice spoke at the same time and it all made sense.
    “Shut up! They heard you!”
    “I don’t care. It wasn’t like they were going to like us anyway.”
    Pamela joined the nineteen other Evers in her class in staring at the three teachers. They all knew who they were. Standing in front of them was none other than the Witches of Room 66, Hester, Anadil and Dot.

    Once the class was inside and sitting down, Dot got up and addressed the class.
    “Hello, as you all know, my name is Dot and this is Hester and Anadil. And, today we’re here to teach you about that whole School Master thing last year.” Hester hurled a book a Dot. “Oh, sorry, the war.” Dot glanced back to Hester and Anadil and they both rolled their eyes. “Anyways, before we begin today’s lessons, I have to mark the roll. Now, Petunia?” Dot continued down the roll until she reached Aria’s name.
    “Aria?” Petunia stood up.
    “She’s not here.”
    “She’s sick?”
    “No, she’s not at the school.”
    “She went home?”
    “No…she kind of, got kidnapped”
    Pamela looked over at Hester and Anadil, expected them to be paying not the slightest bit of attention, but was surprised to see them listening intently, their faces growing darker with everyone of Petunia’s words until Anadil spoke up.
    “Who? Who kidnapped her?”
    “This Never named Jet.”
    The three witches turned to each other, each with an expression as dark as the night.
    “What is it?” Petunia asked.
    Anadil turned to the class.
    “It’s about our fourth-year project. Something is very, very wrong here.”

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        Cool chapter!

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