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    The Zodiac

    Nastya’s POV: 6 (I think??)

    “So, who’s missing?”
    Nastya and Polina sat in a café in Los Angeles, sipping tea, eating biscuits, and trying to save the world.
    The key word was trying.
    “Well,” said Polina, “I think we should start with who isn’t. We know for sure that Rose has become Leo, but I don’t know if anyone else has actually ascended to their position. Nikolai was the Gemini reincarnate, though, I think, right? And Leila was Pisces? She made it sound like she ascended, actually….”
    “Yeah,” Nastya agreed. She jotted down ‘Rose-has become Zodiac Leo’ ‘Niko-Gemini (still human)’ and ‘Leila-Pisces (unknown)’. “August isn’t a reincarnate, is he?”
    “No, I don’t think so.”
    Nastya didn’t write anything.
    “What about that girl Reme, Drew and… Erin, was it?” asked Nastya.
    “I think they mentioned him being the Virgo reincarnate,” Polina recalled. “But I could be wrong. I‘m pretty sure Erin was Aquarius, and Reme said she was Scorpio.”
    Nastya added ‘Drew-Virgo (human)’ ‘Erin-Aquarius (human)’ and ‘Reme-Scorpio (human)’. “Then there’s me. I suppose I’m Taurus, right? But Taurus hasn’t come to me or anything yet…”
    “It still counts,” said Polina.
    Nastya wrote her own name with ‘Taurus (human)’ next to it.
    “But then there’s still six Zodiac left. We don’t know who the Capricorn, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, or Cancer reincarnates are,” Polina realized.
    “We have no idea who they are at all. Whatsoever. Great…” Nastya sighed.
    She could feel a couple peoples’ stares. She and Polina had been speaking Ukrainian so no one would understand them, but they were still getting bizarre looks, because ‘Zodiac’ and ‘Leo’ still sounded the same in English. They must have been wondering why two young girls were having an intense discussion about the Zodiac signs.
    Sometimes it was strange to think about how everybody else thought the Academy burned down and everything was normal. That there were no reincarnates and the Zodiac were basically a myth.
    That everything was fine.
    “Nastya?” Polina asked.
    “Is this really worth it?” It was almost like Polina had read her mind.
    “Why do you ask?”
    “I don’t know, it’s just that this is all so complicated. I mean, we’re twelve-year-old girls dealing with gods and time travel and alternate dimensions. We signed up for dance to get a ride to Los Angeles, not to have fun and maybe win a competition. Don’t you think that’s a little bit of a problem?” Polina said. She sounded tired and the tiniest bit annoyed, something Nastya had never heard her sound like before. She was always so energetic and up for anything.
    Nastya was about to ask her what caused the change of heart, but then it hit her. Polina had been dragged into this mess because of her. It was her fault Polina was helping her search for reincarnates of gods who might be living anywhere. It was her fault Polina could be risking her life. She had nothing to do with this, really. She wasn’t a reincarnate.
    “I’m sorry.” The words sounded so pathetic and meaningless. “You don’t have to do this.”
    “No, I want to. But I just think that maybe, if things get too dangerous or too difficult, we should just maybe back out a little,” Polina said.
    “That sounds like a good idea. I’m just getting so caught up in everything I keep forgetting about rehearsals and practicing… I’ll try to make time for dance. I want to win as much as you do, believe it or not,” Nastya told her, smiling a little. She meant it. Polina was her closest friend, and she wanted to do something nice with her for once, instead of stressing over things.
    “Okay,” Polina smiled back. Then she check her phone. “Oh, we have to go! We’re going to be late for practice if we don’t run!”
    The girls tossed their paper cups and plates in the trash and sprinted out the door.
    Back in the hotel room, the girls were tired and sore. But at least it was only from dance practice.
    Polina sat in bed with a book, and Nastya walked out of the bathroom after brushing her teeth. She was about to crawl into bed with a book as well, before the noticed the wildflower sitting on her nightstand.
    “Polina, did you leave this here?” Nastya questioned.
    “Uh, no…? I haven’t seen a flower like that all day,” Polina answered, sounding confused. “I’ve barely seen a flower all week,” she added under her breath.
    There was a tiny scroll wrapped around the stem, written on the hotel notepaper that could be found in one of the drawers.

    Trust yourself and your friends. You’re on the right track
    -Caroline ♉

    Nastya opened her mouth to ask Polina if she knew a Caroline, but she saw the sign of Taurus signed next to the name and knew who had left the note.
    She picked up the book and got into bed. She’d tell Rose tomorrow. For now, she was relaxing.
    Tag list:
    I haven’t written a Zodiac chapter (or anything, really) in a while, so I hope I got Polina right! I’m not sure I even got my own character right…
    I hope the emoji works
    One final thing: I’m working on a drawing of all the active characters in the RP, and when I’m done I’ll put it in the Reader Gallery. I’ll post here when it’s in. 🙂

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          thanks 🙂

        nadea replied 2 years ago

        Didn’t see this until now, but I like it!! You got Polina right!!! (I feel like we keep reassuring ourselves that we portrayed each other’s characters correctly. 😀 )

          fairytalegirl123 replied 2 years ago

          We do ahaha

        stymphrider replied 2 years ago

        ah god, sorry I’ve not been on here for a couple of days… Nice POV though, looking forward to seeing the drawing!

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