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    fairytalegirl123 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 11 months, 1 week ago

    Name: Natasha Katarina Katyuk
    Nicknames/Aliases: She typically goes by Nastya with friends and family. Her middle name, Katarina, is rarely used since it’s not an official name. Rather, she has the middle name of her father, according to eastern Capricorn naming traditions.
    Age: 13
    Gender: female
    Year: Beginning of 7th at regular school, 2 year at Pisces
    City: Capricorn
    Alignment: It’s now Pisces, as she has learned much about the Zodiai and what’s really going on.
    Family and Lineage: Nastya’s family is from eastern Capricorn. Her family is very traditional and tries to keep their Ukrainian and Russian culture. She has a father and mother who live and work with her on the family farm, though she sometimes wonders if there was anyone else from before she could remember…
    Personality: Nastya is a quiet, yet outspoken girl. She can be considered to have a kind of quiet strength. She is ready to stand up for anyone she believes has a good heart, which is most people. She is shy and not very social, at least at first. She is withdrawn to people she does not know, and would not consider herself a good leader. However, if someone appears trustworthy to her, she will put all her trust into them. Sometimes, this does not turn out so well for her, because she often looks for the good in people and ignores the glaring negative traits. Nastya’s own stubbornness and strong opinions are often an obstacle in creating relationships, as she has a hard time getting along with people with completely different viewpoints. Most would describe her and kind and respectful, though. Nastya is a very traditional person, with traditional values. She holds family and friends close to her heart, and thinks of respect as something you should use on everyone. Though she likes to be logical, her important decisions are made guided by her emotions and what she believes is right. She does not talk about her emotions much, however, especially since she is very sensitive and quite emotional, scared of being hurt. Nastya is curious, always searching for answers, always questioning things, especially after discovering her reincarnate status. She is patient for answers. ISFJ
    Appearance: Nastya is a bit of a plain-looking girl. Her hair is straight, light brown and falls to her mid-back, though it is often tied back in a ponytail or braid.Her skin is tanned from working in the sun. She also has freckles scattered across her face, but not very many that are visibly apparent. Nastya’s eyes are a light, quiet blue. Her nose is small and straight, and her face is rather round with a pointy chin. Her stature is on the smaller side, but she is lean from all the physical work she does.
    Clothes: For casual outfits, Nastya will wear sweaters and leggings, or anything comfortable and cozy, really. She prefers pastel colors and neutrals such as gray. While working on the farm, she will wear t-shirts and overalls. She doesn’t care for fancy shoes much and prefers to wear slip-ons that she can wear working, playing, or relaxing outside. Nastya could be considered to be on the more “girly” side on fashion, since she also wears dresses and skirts often. Her formal wear includes long dresses, tights, boots, and lots of hair ribbons and flowers.
    She does have her ears pierced, but prefers to wear earrings only on special occasions.
    Color of Magic: Pastel blue
    Magical Abilities: Nastya is able to communicate with (but not necessarily speak to) animals and make plants grow. She becomes very in-touch with nature when she uses her magic. Since she is a beginner and not a full-on deity, her powers are weak compared to Taurus herself, and she can easily be resisted by plants and animals if they don’t want to listen. Her communication with animals is more of a telepathic thing than actual speech. When communicating with plants, she is willing them to grow and do what she tells them do, as long as they are more or less naturally capable of doing so. (This means no making roses turn to venus flytraps or growing to the size of a magic beanstalk, things like that.)
    Backstory: Nastya lived a pretty normal life. She grew up speaking both English and Ukrainian, as her culture was slowly fading and more people were speaking English, but her family was working to stop that. She worked on the farm, went to school, and wrote in her free time. She went to church most Sundays. There wasn’t anything different about Nastya; she pretty much blended in. Sure, she lived on one of the only farms in Capricorn, but that had to be it.
    Sometimes, though, when she went to the market or the greenhouse, she would hear gossip about her family. People talking about other Katyuk children, people who were supposed to be her siblings. Her parents always told her she was their only child, but a single child on a family farm seemed so odd…
    She started Pisces Academy when she was about 11 ¾, and since then has been involved in a few time-travelling situations, became a deity, and then everything restarted, where she is now.
    Other: Nastya’s religion is Eastern Orthodox, so she wears a head kerchief to church. She is also fluent in English and Ukrainian and speaks a little bit of Russian. Ukrainian is her first language, so she speaks other languages with a very strong Ukrainian accent.

    Extra bits because why not:
    She considers Polina Valentin her best friend, but is kind of unsure if Polina feels the same
    Unknown sexuality because she has barely thought about it
    LOVES poetry and folklore
    Has also started to enjoy dancing; Polina got her interested
    Actually quite a creative person
    Favorite colors are any kind of blue and light pink
    Lives in a small farming village where part of the food is automatically sold to the greenhouses in the larger cities, as there aren’t many fertile places in Capricorn. However not many people in the village have a lot of money because they don’t make as much as they should
    Can cook decently

    thanks for reading ya’ll :>>
    ((is there a new tag list i should be using))

        shadesofevil replied 11 months, 1 week ago

        This reminds me of Girls of Paper and Fire, I read the YA book but I didn’t know it was until we reached scenes I should not have read, but read anyway.

          fairytalegirl123 replied 11 months, 1 week ago

          How does it remind you of that book? Just curious since I’ve never read it before and this is for the Zodiac rp

        lucyeverynameoflumaria replied 11 months, 1 week ago

        All right, I’ll update her bio on the doc with the new info!
        When I announce a proper starting point (because I’m still waiting for bios… :/) I’ll also include a new version of the tag list!

          fairytalegirl123 replied 11 months ago

          All right!

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