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    The Zodiac
    Chapter 5 ~ Natasha Katarina Katyuk

    Finally, I’m off that horrible boat, Nastya thought. She tucked her book full of poems into her bag and took a deep breath, trying to rid herself of that disgusting seasick feeling. Boats were really not her thing.
    She craned her neck to look up at the towers of the magnificent Academy. There was a tower for each city, each very different-looking than the last. Nastya knew they were meant to represent the diversity in architecture of each city and to make everyone feel like they were home, but she couldn’t help but think that they all looked a bit weird standing next to each other.
    This place was like her second home anyway, though. It was her second year here, and it was, by far, much better than her regular school back in her small Capricorn village.
    Excited, Nastya walked into the building and made the hike up the tall, winding stairs up Capricorn tower. I really need to get used to stairs, she pondered silently. When she reached the top, she swung open the door to her room. She was finally back after… wait, how long?
    Something wasn’t right. She could feel it. Nastya ran outside, onto the balcony. The first thing she checked were the potted plants left there by her last year. They were all shrivelled up and dying, except for one. One twisted into the shape of Taurus, just as vibrant, green, and leafy as when it was a small shoot.
    That’s right.
    Somehow, she had forgotten almost everything that had happened. Nastya knew Rose must’ve reset the timeline. Or Leo. Same thing. Maybe she had never been back to her house. Where was Polina? How were things back in the village? Was everyone okay? Was she still a reincarnate? Nastya found it odd Taurus hadn’t communicated with her yet. She went back in her room and rummaged through the drawers of her nightstand. If she remembered correctly, she kept plant seeds in there, particularly those of a rose. She dug through for a few minutes and sure enough, there were the seeds of Taurus’s favorite flower. She put them in a *** full of soil and willed it to grow. Breathless, Nastya watched it go from a shoot, to a bud, to a beautiful red rose in a matter of seconds.
    “Thank the Zodiai,” Nastya murmured under her breath.
    She closed her eyes and called out to Taurus. Nothing. She tried again and yielded the same result.
    She opened her eyes and reminded herself that Taurus was a goddess and did not communicate with humans much. It was nothing. Nastya still wished she could ask her a few questions, however. She knew Polina and Nikolai were probably somewhere around here, but, for whatever reason, she didn’t feel like relying on someone this time. Perhaps it was for the better Taurus wouldn’t tell her anything.
    Nastya placed the rose on her nightstand and admired it. They really were quite pretty. Looking around, though, the room was just the opposite. There were a few things leftover from when she had a roommate, but Nastya suspected she was long gone. Nothing else except reminders to do her work or something decorated the walls.
    She could change that.
    Nastya pulled out her poetry book and a few nice calligraphy pens and began to write.



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        YEET! ZODIAC!

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