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    Hey guys! So, first of all, I really want to apologize for not writing for one or two weeks. I had a very busy schedule and some personal problems to take care of. Anyway, here is Chapter 2 of No Escape (finally got a chapter name! YOUHOUUUU!). Constructive criticism is always welcome, and any other comments you want to add too. Anyway, have a nice read!
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    Chapter 3
    Mila’s POV

    I’ve never really been one to worry about my appearance, but today changed my view of things. It all started when I woke up in a luscious green clearing. Whispers and shouts creeped into my ear. I started to stand, and the sight I found locked me into place. The. Flowers. Were. TALKING?! I stumbled backwards in shock, gaping at the flowers. Clearly they were having a discussion about me. They extended their arms towards me, and pulled me upwards in a smooth movement. I stood up and immediately ducked down just in time to dodge the group of fairies flying over my head at full speed. Fairies? Okay, now I must be hallucinating. Fairies don’t exist. Right? For the first time, I look around to see girls sprouting out of the ground next to me. What the heck? I think. A blond-haired and blue-eyed girl turns to face me and her smile immediately vanishes.
    “NEVER!!!” She yells in a deafening screech.
    Never? What does she mean by never? The whole clearing falls silent and stares at me. You could almost hear a pin drop on the ground. Suddenly, chaos erupts. Screaming girls run to the other end of the Clearing, and boys form a protective wall in front of me. I lift my fingers to touch my forehead. It feels all dry and rough, like dried blood. The day’s events come back to me and I look down to realize I’m still wearing the orange jumpsuit. I can feel my cheeks flush red as a tomato.
    ” Back away, Never! Go back to wherever you come from!” Says a snow-white haired boy standing in the front and middle of the prince barrier. He must be some sort of leader, I think. Before I can say anything, delicate chimes ring as a crowd of pink and blue fairies make themselves seen, lifting boys and girls and whisking them off towards the other end. They keep on staring at me, a frightened look on everyone of their faces. I see a pink fairy heading towards me, smiling warmly.
    “Oh no. You don’t understand,” I try to reason with her. “I don’t belong here. I’m lost, you see. I need to get back to-”
    But she picks me up and we lift off anyway, following the others.Just as nausea begins to take over, I finally see where everyone is headed. A gleaming white castle with blue and pink towers surrounded with a sparkling moat stood out in the horizon. On the other side of the lake stood a coal black castle, carefully designed with a black branch surrounded by a murky trench. It finally dawned on me: I was at The School for Good and Evil.

    Meredith’s POV

    The last thing I remember before falling out of the sky into a black moat was going to sleep in my bed at Rockwell Institute for Misbehaved Children. And now I’m facing a giant black and red castle complete with everything from a landing pad to a beach. What the heck? How on earth did I get here? What even is this place? Looking up, I see children getting dropped off on the landing pad by a bony dragon-like creature.
    “Oh, so others get dropped off in style while I fall through the air into a giant pit of water?” I grit my teeth.
    Seeing the open door, I adjust my headband, tuck my necklace in and step through. Black, brown and white wolves hand boys and girls books, a uniform of some sort and a sheet of paper. I get in line with the others, waiting impatiently to discover the reason why I’m here. When it’s my turn, the wolf asks for my name.
    “Meredith”, I tell him.
    “Of Bloodbrook?” He growls.
    I take a step back, surprised. How does he know who I am? I ****** the paper out of the wolf’s hand and he growls. I ignore him, looking down at my paper. In big letters, it says
    Meredith of Bloodbrook.
    Malice 68
    Special Talents : Prof. Sheeba Sheeks
    History of Villainy : Prof. Hort of Bloodbrook
    Uglification : Prof. Bilious Manley
    Henchmen Training : Castor
    Curses and Death traps : Dean Sophie of Woods Beyond

    On the top right corner of the page, written in tiny fine print was “Welcome to the School for Evil”

    “The School for Evil?” I pondered. A cruel smile began to form. I think I’ll fit in amazingly here….

    Mila’s POV

    Inside the castle, girls and boys were hustled into orderly lines to receive their schedules. I somehow ended up stuck between a rowdy group of boys and a crowd of perfect-looking girls. I tried to sort through what the heck I was doing here. Out of all the other beautiful girls there are in the world, why did I picked? And most importantly, how on earth did I get here? What was I going to do? How would I get home? Lost in the maze of thoughts my head was, I didn’t notice the line advancing. Wrong move.
    “Hey! Move it, you’re holding up the line!” Yelled one of the boys, shoving me ahead.
    Tripping on my partially undone shoelace, I face planted towards the ground. Or more towards a girl in front of me.
    “Ahhh!” She screeched as I took her down with me. The castle instantly went dead silent the moment her scream pierced the air. We hit the wooden floor with such force that the breath gets blow out of me and leaves me gasping for air. I get up immediately and wipe the dust off my black hoodie. The girl I collapsed with is laying on the floor, moaning. I instantly plunge down to my knees to see if she’s ok.
    “Are you alright? I’m so sorry, I tried to stop, but the group of boys pushed me and-” I try to explain to her, but the glare she gives me cuts me right off. If looks could kill, I’d be long dead by now. Opening her mouth to talk, she stops dead in her tracks as another one of the girls taps her lightly on the shoulder.
    “Holly…” she starts, then stops, seeing me staring at them. I quickly avert my eyes and look to the ground. Whispering something in her ear, she turns and nods towards the teachers and the Dean, intensely watching our little mishap. A little Miss teacher’s pet, huh… I think to myself.
    ”It’s all right,” she smiles. But nothing in her smile is real It’s like plastic.
    “Well done, Mila,” I groan to myself. “You’ve been here ten minutes and you’ve already managed to make an enemy.”
    The rest of the students go back to finding their rooms and friends. When I finally get my schedule, I nearly rip it out of the tall, purple skinned creature in front of me that I can only assume is a nymph.

    Mila Lockheart of Woods Beyond
    Purity 56

    Good Deeds : Dean Clarissa Dovey
    Animal Communication : Princess Uma
    History of Heroes : Prof. Hort of Bloodbrook
    Princess Etiquette : Pollux
    Beautification : Prof. Emma Anemone
    Swordplay and Weapons Training : Prof. Rumi Espada

    Ecstatic, I hurried up the stairs four at a time to find my room. On the shining gold railway the tower names were painted carefully in graceful cursive letters. After finding the one with “Purity” written on it, I started counting the rooms until mine. 34, 35, 36, 37… I stop and look down to my paper. 56? That’s far away… I keep on counting. 38, 39, 40… Finally, after what felt like hours. I end up in front of my room. After checking the paper again, I look at the number on the door. Yep. This is 56. I feel like a little ball of energy ready to burst into a million pieces. I’m so excited to find out who my roommates are! For the first time, I could make friends and actually be happy in this world. My shaking hand wraps itself around the doorknob and I twist it gently. The door slowly creaks open to reveal…
    “You have got to be kidding me,” says Holly eyeing me with shock and disdain. My bubble of eagerness pops just like that.

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        Awesome chapter! ☺

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