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    fallcolours77 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 1 month ago

    What’s up everyone? I finally finished the prologue for my new story, The Unknown. And have you guys heard about the new contest? I still have no idea what the heck I’m going to draw. Oh well, I’ll figure something out. Please let me know if you want to be tagged, and any constructive criticism or comments are appreciated! To catch up, click this –> @fallcolours77 . If you read this, comment: Books are my everything 😀
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    The Unknown

    The monsters snarled and ripped at the invisible binds detaining them. Claws scratched the air and teeth looked for something to bite. Creatures of all size and power were held prisoners in this underground castle, fighting for their lives every day and night. In the roaring noise a figure clad entirely in black slowly made its approach, testing these barriers. Nothing. Seems like the Master underestimated her yet again. A gloved hand reached for one of the many deadly tools hanging on the wall. Club in hand, the shadow slowly advanced through the dark hallway as light and silent as a cat, therefor the name. The jiggling of keys and the sound of steps froze her in place. Guards. She wasn’t expecting that. Maybe this isn’t such a great idea, she hesitated. I mean, if they have guards posted she must really be dangerous. But no. She couldn’t abandon the mission. Xadimir would not be pleased, that’s for sure. Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Kitty focused on the guards up ahead. One of them perked up, and stared hard in her direction.
    “Who’s there?” He squinted harder, trying to make out her distant silhouette.
    Taking a few steps, he motioned to the other guard to follow. Kitty crouched and waited for the moment when he would turn around, and pounced. Club met man, and the guard fell to the ground, wincing in pain. Before he had any chance to get back up again, Kitty grabbed his shirt and hurled his head to the ground. Blood trickled from his skull, and Kitty winced. That was a little too hard than necessary, she shuddered. Turning to face the other guy, she froze as she heard a familiar click. Sensing the pressure of the gun against her head, she felt her heart skip a beat. No matter the amount of times a gun has been pointed at her head, she never really seemed to get used to it. Like she had practiced all those years ago, her leg kicked back and nailed the guard in the groin. The guard dropped the gun, surprised, lost his footing and slumped back against the wall, unconscious. Picking the gun up, Kitty emptied its contents and threw them to one of the monsters who ate them up contently. Swooping down to pick up the cell keys from the bleeding guard, she unlocked the door and stepped through into the chilly room. There, hanging by her wrists, was the girl she was supposed to rescue. Cuts and bruises ran across her body like a painting, bleeding profusely. The ice-skinned girl looked up to see the intruder. Barely conscious, her bloodshot silver eyes met the light green ones of her saviour. A long and deep cut ran across her forehead and down to her ear.
    “Oh dear!” Kitty exclaimed. “We need to get you down to Xadimir immediately,” she took to untying the girl’s wrists from the cheap straw rope. Her frail body slumped into Kitty’s arms as she struggled to talk.
    “W-who are yyyyyou?” She asked, shivering uncontrollably. Kitty pretended not to have heard her. A motherly feeling ran deep into her, flowing through every vessel of her human body. It was a nice feeling, since she hadn’t felt this way in… 17 years.
    “We need to get you out of here. Can you stand?” She asked. The girl shook her head weakly, and immediately winced from the pain. Kitty picked her up and carried her through the doorway. The girl suddenly got heavier, and Kitty realized that she had to hurry. Otherwise, she might not make it. Running harder than she ever ran before, she exited the cave and shot deeper into the forest, hoping to get there in time to save the girl’s life.

        fsa161 replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        Amazing prologue!!! Great job! 🙂

        emberflames replied 4 years, 1 month ago


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