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    Chapter 6: Forever Hellbent
    Faith POV
    How long must I wait in this void? Oh, that’s right. I blacked out. The world is nothing now. All I see is darkness. So this is what is on the other side? That means I can feel nothing. I never left that horrific mansion. I never met Cole or Garnet. Doesn’t that mean that none of this is real?

    A speck of dust, no a shimmer, appears through it all. Acting like an imbecile, I made my way towards it. As I got closer and closer I realized it was a mistake. Eye-widened, while trembling with fear, it was as if I was petrified.

    I backed away and tried to start running. However, I failed for I was never a fast runner. The light then caught me and it was like everything was gone in the world.

    I screamed the most terrorized scream as I woke up. My heart was beating way too fast and water started to pour down my face.

    “Morning Sleeping Beauty,” Cole exclaimed

    I glared and gazed around the scenery. “Where are we?”

    “A secret underground facility,” Cole answered. I stared at him perplexed.

    “Isn’t the point of a secret to well keep it a secret?” I asked.

    “yaw authohoized” Garnet replied.

    I gulped as the door opened.

    “Sit here and don’t leave for anything,” Cole said

    I nodded and sat on the chair. I closed my eyes and tried to recollect my past moments.

    I left the mansion. I was on the road a man said something to me and

    I visualized the crash. My eyes widened and I shook my head. My heart started to throb. That’s not how it happened.

    What are these pictures running through my head?

    My hands started shaking, my mouth, quivering. With sweat rolling off my face, my heart started to race uncontrollably.

    Memories… is that what this is? I could feel tears slide down my cheeks.

    “aith” something echoed in the distance

    My thoughts were clouded and everything everywhere was obscure no unclear.


    Faded, fazed words. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t escape the sorrowful abyss.


    Startled, I almost fell back in my seat, just in time for an unknown stranger to catching me.

    I looked up, eye wide. Tears just trembling to form.

    “yah oh-kai?” Garnet asked. I nodded as my heart rate began to return to normal

    “grite cuz we gawtta gao!” Garnet exclaimed!

    As Garnet took my hand I was hesitant as to why she cared for my well being.

    I quickly remembered everything that had happened between us since we met.

    I don’t even know these people. What if they turn out to be the same as them?

    I shed away the thought and kept on moving.

    “Where are we going?” I asked politely.

    No response.

    Maybe they didn’t hear me.

    “Um… where are we going?” I asked again more firmly.

    Again, no response.

    Are they ignoring me? I don’t understand this. They tell me to go with them, but won’t even answer my questions!

    If that’s true then why should I-

    A hole formed and I quickly fell in. I grunted, looking up.

    Almost rapidly, I tried climbing up.

    I winced and let go. M-my hands…

    I couldn’t feel them. I watched as Cole and Garnet engaged in conversation.

    As Cole slid down. I flinched and walked in the other direction.

    “Hey,” “Wait!”

    I guess it was stupid I ran afraid of what would happen if he caught up with me.

    I turned around not looking where I was going, I tripped and fell.

    I looked up at the neverending ceiling and felt peaceful for the first time since my parents died.

    Cole walked up and held out his hand. I took it graciously and he pulled me up.

    “Look I’m sorry for the way we’ve been treating you. Garnet in particular. She’s well she’s complicated” He explained

    “She’s been here since she was 10. Longer than anybody else other than Gatekeeper.”

    “I know you’ve been through a lot but you’ve got to keep others in consideration. Now we have to meet Garnet at the end of this endless cave or whatever you carved.”

    I nodded and grabbed a pebble. I threw it at him.

    “I can’t believe you!!!! You have no idea what I have had to go through!!!!”

    “I watched my own parents die! I’ve been assaulted by my foster parents every single day! I get treated like ****! Yet you still want me to put other feelings into consideration?! That’s ********!!!!!!!”

    Anger surged through me. Is this what I’ve been keeping inside of me this whole time?

    My anger eventually settled and I passed out at one point. I don’t remember when I was just weary vision of Cole’s ****** expressions.

    Cole POV
    “Yea she’s fine. Unconscious though. She’ll be awake in a few hours. Thanks.”

    All of us have something that we went through before we came to this world.

    This girl is different somehow. Garnet had that one assault. I had the bullying.

    Hers is like a combination of both. That’s why we can’t bring her back, it was like **** for her.

    He said that she was the person who can fix this though. This place is a sanctuary. This place is also dying.

    I will do everything in my power to save the people I love because I was unable to do it before. If that means using this girl so be it. She is the key to my escape.

    I walked past everyone, Faith in my arms just while nodding to everyone.

    I walked into the elevator where Garnet was.

    The door closed behind me and I breathed. I can be myself now.

    In all seriousness, Garnet looked up at me and asked,

    “yah raydy?”

    I gazed at her and answered


    I looked at her and asked her the same.

    “Are you?

    “nawt in the sloightest” She answered.

    I could feel my hands begin to shake and when Garnet grabbed them, I felt at peace.

    She won’t be happy when she wakes up though. There we stood, ready for the danger that awaits us. For we haven’t been back down there years.

    “Here we go,” I exclaimed and Garnet nodded.

    With one click, A light as bright as any day emerged and then, we were gone…

    Hope you guys liked it! My new schedule: Everything’s been pretty hectic for me trying to balance school, good grades, and my story, so if I go on hiatus for a while, that’s the reason.
    Writer’s block has seemed to consume me. I’ve got the plot down but the description is the problem. I’m writing chapter 7 as we speak. This time, I’ll try to be inactive. I’ve been reading stories on wattpad to get some inspiration.

    You should check it out, I frequently update there and it has more quality for videos and pictures. My account is @fanatic_4_life on Wattpad that is.

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        Thanks for the tag!! Awesome chapter! I am too, very busy with my exams. 😀

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