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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 6 months ago

    Theater of Tales:Adventures in SGE
    Chapter 21: Again!
    Dallas POV
    As I rampaged into the forest smashing everything in my way, I remembered what happened two hours ago. That Jacob guy made me drop my rank! Now no one fears me! That going to change. I thought despicably. Just as I set one of the trees on fire while playing my favorite game, “Whack the Trees” Someone bumped into me and our lips touched. I groaned. “What the he-” My eyes widened. It was that Gabriella girl! I stood up and she was still on the ground eyes red. She finally started talking but it was impossible to understand because she was stuttering. “U-uh, I was uh I MEAN!-” I was getting annoyed. “What do you want GABRIEllA!” I could have sworn she was blushing while trembling. I eyed her suspiciously. Then out of nowhere, she yelled at me. “YOU IDIOT! DON’T CALL ME BY MY FULL NAME YOU CONCEITED PIG!!!!” I looked at her again then she looked away. I finally had enough and said- “What’s wrong with you! You look miserable and the person who should be doing that is me!” Then it clicked. “Jacob” I said while gritting my teeth. “Huh?” Gabriella said. Then I exploded in anger. “THAT JACOB GUY DROPPED MY RANK! He the whole definition of evil! No one’s even heard of his parents! He must of been tormenting you! That’s MY job!”
    She chuckled and I turned. “Well you got the tormenting part right.” She told me everything about what happened when was young and I grinned meanously. For the first time since we met, Gabriella was scared, and of ME! Then I said, “sounds like a challenge. Have fun at your ball.” I said, still grinning then I walked away.

    Gabby POV
    I was so confused! What just happened! I thought. Was Dallas just NICE to me!! I smiled and walked back to the dorm. As I walked in the hallways, Jake walked up to ma and asked me to the ball. Of course I said yes, But only because he said as friends. Besides it’s part of our grade! When I walked into the dorm room. “SURPRISE!” startled, I jumped back and fell to the ground. I got back up and said “Okay, whose idea was THAT!” Everyone chuckled and Violet squealed with joy while hugging me and saying “You’re back!” Ruby and the others came out and said “Well it looks like you have a date too!” “Just in time too! The Ball’s tomorrow!” Lucy said excitedly. “Wait” I said, Confused When did you two get dates? I asked pointing at Ruby and Lucy. “Oh” They said at the same time. “My date is Jake.” I looked at them confused. “So am I.” I replied. Then ruby corrected me. “Don’t of it like that, There are just a lot of guys named Jake in this school. Like the Jake you’re going to the ball with Gabby. He’s my brother. “Oh” I said. “Wait What!” I screamed. I almost had a panic attack. “Relax” Ruby said. “I forgot to mention to you guys” Lucy said, “I’m the DJ at the Ball.” We all stared at her speechless. “Relax guys i’m still designing your clothes.” “That’s NOT what we’re worried about!” We said. “Well I have to leave the dorm early so I can get ready for the ball.” Then Lucy pointed her finger at us and dresses appeared. “Get ready for tonight.” She said. “What are you talking about?” I said. “The ball’s tomorrow.” Then everyone stared at me. Alex delivered the bad news. “Um sorry Gabby, It’s midnight, in other words, It already the next day.” I turned pale. “A-are you okay Gabby?” Violet asked hesitantly. “Yeah. sure.” I turned to Lucy and asked her to give me a lunch bag. She hexed and a bag appeared. I went out the door and said “excuse for minute.” Then I took the bag and puked into it! Lucy looked out the door and saw me puking. She saw me stop and hexed it away. Then I had panic attack. Everyone was “Pretending” not to watch. Then after all that, I said “Let’s do this.” They smiled and everyone got ready for the ball. one hour until the ball.

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          fantasygirl12 replied 4 years, 6 months ago
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        I meant chapter 22!

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