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    Merry Christmas Guys! Sorry I didn’t make a chapter yesterday, So here’s your late Christmas present! A Long Chapter! 🙂 😀 😉

    Chapter 23: The Snow Ball

    Gabby Pov
    *snores* Ruby tells us to wake up and I groan. Violet hops off of bed but I pull the covers over my head. “Gabriella! Get up! We’re Going to be LATE!!!!” Then Ruby’s hair pops up and grabs me upside down. “Come on Gabby!” I mumble something Ruby can’t hear and I go to change. I come out my hair straightened and a black dress with sparkles and a shade of gray. “Wow! You look amazing Gabby!” I saw Violet with a dashing shade of blue and sparkles with the most brilliant blue that it looked like crystals. “You guys look incredible!” We stared speechless at Ruby. Her hair was curled and she was wearing a fire red dress with a shade of pink and sparkles. “Ruby! You look incredible!” Ruby smiled. “Well we better make sure to thank Lucy for these amazeballs dresses!” Ruby looked at the time. “We better go girls the boys are waiting for us at the ball! Which starts in 20 mins! We could’ve been there already if SOMEONE didn’t sleep in!” I blushed. “Hey don’t look at me! We can still be there if we go now!” We ran to the ball with only 5 mins to spare. When the boys saw us, there eyes widened. Violet walked up to Alex and he said “W-wow Violet you look WOW!” Violet giggled. “Thanks Alex, Let dance!” Jake took my hand and we dance across the dance floor until we saw Lucy. My jaw went open. Her hair was in a french braid and dyed blue on the end while wearing her dj outfit with red beat headphones and a pink- PINK sparkling dress! Violet looked astonished then got herself together and said “Lucy! Since when do YOU wear Dresses! When I first met you, your own words were “why was everyone wearing dresses!” Lucy giggled. “Well just because I don’t like dresses or skirts doesn’t mean I can’t try them!” Lucy said. I rolled my eyes. Sometimes Lucy says the craziest things! “Now,” Lucy said, interrupting my thoughts, “DANCE! I have a song you’ll all love!” She stretched the cord and we danced.
    A minute later the music stopped and we looked at Lucy who was gone. “Uh Luc?” I said. “You okay Lucy?” Ruby said. “Oh she’s just fine! Daughter of Rapunzel.” A voice said. The voice sounded dead. And still familiar. I twitched. A blast of yellow light came rushing towards Ruby and she was off guard. I reached for my bow and arrow but I remembered that I had left it in the dorm. As soon as I was going to find a diversion, The beam hit Ruby, and she shrieked with my eyes going wide. No. I thought. The beam had gotten larger that it had hit everyone in the room, everyone except ME. I stared at my friends bodies at the floor unconscious. I gritted my teeth, Jacob. “How’s your ball going Gabriella!” He laughed. “Oh wait, I almost killed all your little ever friends!” His eyes were meanousing. Then everyone floated away. “If you want them back, then you’ll have to defeat tomorrow, by sunset. Don’t even try to get help from your teachers because I have them too!” Then he disappeared into the darkness. This can’t be happening to me! I thought. I ran all the way to the dorm and got my bow and arrow and threw off the dress and put my blue shirt with a star, orange leather jacket, and brown boots and pants. I dashed into the forest and bumped into the someone. It was Crystal, the girl Lucy and Ruby faced off during the Trial by Tale. Then Jane, Scarlett and Jason who Violet faced off. Almost all the nevers who we faced off during the Trial by Tale were there. “Ugh WHY is there a Ever here!” I rolled my eyes. “I’m guessing you guys know about Jacob, So here’s my plan.” Crystal pushed thru. “You think we should listen to you! Fine you gotta beat me first!” I couldn’t believe this everyone was kidnapped by Jacob and all this girl cared about was who planned this!!! I was enraged. Then I jumped her.

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        Nice chapter! I wonder how Gabriella will find a solution to all this.

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        nice chapter.can you plz tag me?

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