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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 4 months ago

    Theater of Tales:Adventures in SGE
    Name: Scarlet
    Age: 14
    School: Evil
    Fairy-Tale Lineage: Snow White and her prince
    Appearance: long, silky Brown hair red eyes and baby soft skin with blush
    Clothing: orange and shade of red shirt sleeves and bottom torn so it looks like a belly shirt
    Personality: Meanousing, rude, harsh never takes no for an answer, like it when people have the guts to talk back to her. Never takes orders from anyone else.
    Talent: summoning swords
    Finger-glow: indigo
    Pets: a panda named oliver
    Backstory: When Scarlet lived in the palace she hated it there plus the fact that she would be doing stuff to wreak and make havoc. One day it was her parents anniversary, and she slammed her mom’s face in the cake and when her father told her to come off the railing to apologize, instead she drew her sword and mom screamed her dad sent her away, without knowing what she did, because she was sent to her aunt’s place she got the letter and when scarlet got to the School for Evil she met Crystal and after that, she and Crystal tormented Jane any time they got.

    Name: Ray
    Gender: 14
    Age: 14
    School: Good
    Fairy-Tale Lineage: mulan and her prince
    Appearance: green eyes freckled face, blond hair
    Clothing: blue shirt, with a design of a computer
    Red pants
    Talents: telekinesis
    Personality:Loyal and will always get the job done. Whenever it’s time to get serious he will do anything in his power to help his friends.
    Finger-glow: yellow
    Crush: Ruby
    Backstory: When Ray was only 10 years old, he met Jake and Jake always told him he saw dragons. Ray didn’t know what to think, but didn’t believe him, until he turned 13 and went to this cottage for the summer and saw a girl under a tree and a boy whose eyes were so menacing. He helped the girl up but as soon as he did the girl bolted. Ray thought that guy had something to do with Jake seeing dragons and the girl so he did research and found the most astonishing results. And so, Ray is the only person who believes Jake and when he got the letter, he was sure he would find that boy and expose him.

    Age: 14
    School: Evil
    Fairy-Tale Lineage: ?
    Appearance: menacing red eyes green cap, orange hair.
    Clothing: Green cap, black shirt, and purple pants. Red sneakers.
    Personality: challenging, clever and merciless
    Finger-glow: brown
    Crush: none
    Backstory: ? (Sorry guys! You already know the backstory from my chapter!)
    Hope you guys liked it!
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        Great Bio!

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