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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 4 months ago

    Chapter 24: The execution
    Dallas POV
    I sat back and enjoyed the show. Two girls fighting. I love it! Then Jane came up to me and said that I should make them stop and we can see Gabby’s plan. I sighed. I saw Scarlet digging her nails into Gabby’s arm. Gabby screaming in pain then taking her arrows out while her eyes looked like fire. I knew that look. That how I look when I about to full blast. If she does that she destroy the treehouse and EVERYONE in it. I shot a fire arrow around Gabby and Scarlet’s neck and they went shooting across the room to hit the wall. Gabby groaned and her finger glowed directly at me. I dodged and looked at her plan. “Look Gabby. We appreciate the help – Mumbles- no we don’t. But we don’t need your help so” I kicked Gabby out of the Treehouse. Literally. Then I executed my plan. It took five hours for it to finally be executed. When it did, Everyone ran out the door and was heading to the evil castle. Then Gabby grabbed my hand and we went tumbling down a hill. “Are you Insane!” I screamed. She slammed me into a tree. “Listen you Idiot. The whole Ever student body is part of an ice sculpture there with all your Never teachers! Unless I beat Jacob by sundown, he’ll KILL all of them! This is my fight not yours! So DON’T get in my way.” Gabriella gritted her teeth. “Or else.” I flipped her to the ground. “The teachers are there too!” Her eyes were with relief that I finally got the message. “How am I going to climb the ranks now!” Gabby groaned. “You’re impossible!” I smirked and let her up. “Okay captain what your plan?” She eyed me suspiciously. I rolled my eyes. “Don’t take it personally, It’s not like we actually need your help anyway.” Gabriella snickered. “If that’s your way of saying “Thank You” then you’re welcome!” Gabriella took a paper out of her satchel and executed her plan. Scarlet muttered ”why do we have to take orders from her?!” under her breath. I gave Scarlet a look that shut her mouth. What can I say, I thought, she knows Jacob better than I do and if her plan works, I can punch and kick that kid a thousand times! I thought. “Okay Gabby said, We’re going to be in groups of two….” I wasn’t listening anymore I just stared. “Dallas. Dallass!!!” “Huh?” I said. “You good with the plan?” Everyone had left ready for action even scarlet. “Everyone decided that you’re with me.” Gabriella said. “So let’s go.” I looked at her battle outfit. “You’re not ready for battle.” I said. “What did you just say?!!!” Gabriella spat. I shot a finger fireball at her and it covered her clothes. She spun around and I chuckled. The fire disappeared and she had orange red shirt, a blue leather jacket a sparkling yellow pants and her hair was caramel brown curled in a ponytail sideways. “NOW you’re ready.” I said while laughing. “Dall-” She fell out of the treehouse. “Sorry didn’t hear you.” I said. “I’m not wearing this!! Huh? What’s this?’’ I looked at the whip. “Oh girls with firepower get a fire whip.” Gabriella looked at it. “So how does it workkkkkkkkk!” she asked. The whip went to a tree and she went flying. “I’ll catch up with you Gabby!”

    Gabby Pov
    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I went flying and hit the ground? I saw a fire pit below me. Dallas was in front of me and helped me up. “Y’know you should be more careful.” We were at the evil castle and we saw everyone in a block of ice. We heard footsteps and we attacked. “Whoa!” I know that voice anywhere. “Lucy? Violet?” I turned. “Gabby!” I was squished in a group hug. Then with a pile of questions. What happened? Are you okay? Why is Dallas here? How did we end up here? Why is everyone in a block of ice? “Listen guys there’s no time to explain but i’ll do my best to fill you in and tell you that Hurry up! I’ve got a guy to pumble!!!” I said while cracking my knuckles. They rushed while changing and we were on our way. Watch out Jacob, you may have a team, But I have a an army!

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