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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 5 months ago

    Theater of Tales: Adventures In SGE
    ~Tag List~

    Chapter 25: Prophecy Revealed!
    Jane Pov
    A flash appeared in my head. Lady lesso and Dean Sophie were talking about before. Saying I don’t belong in this school but they won’t consult it with the school master and I don’t know why. The flash was Jacob and Scarlet cackling and what it looked like three girls crying. Gabby’s whole body glowing and including her finger. A voice said an incredible mystery is about to happen. What was that about? I thought. Then I gasped. “What’s wrong?” Jason asked. I shaked my head. “It’s nothing.” Jason looked at me suspiciously. “You should take it easy especially after what Dean Sophie said.” I looked at him with sincerity. “Thanks Jason, I know you’re worried about Lucy though. Honestly, i’m fine.” He looked at me again but then gave in. “Fine, but remember we’re-” I looked at him as his eyes soften. “I know Jason. I know.”

    Dallas Pov
    I rolled my eyes. Are they seriously having a welcome back party when they were only separated for 2 hours!!! I thought. What they should be having is a pity party when everyone in that ice sculpture is killed. I thought. I walk up to the ice and start melting it. Gabby’s eyes go up the size of saucers. “What’re you doing!!!!” I rolled my eyes again. “What does it look like?! I’m melting the ice!” Her eyes went all fire like. “First of all, don’t talk to me like that. Second of all, You’ll FRY everyone!!! Third of all, Think before you act!!!!!” Violet and Lucy kept eyeing us and then Lucy said, “So that’s how YOU guys flirt.” Then Violet made an Ice heart that carved the words Gabriella X Dallas. I coughed. Gabriella choked. Then we said in unison, “What’re you talking about?!” Then we looked at each other. “Hey stop that! No you stop!” Then I lost and just said “SHUT UP!!!!! I’ll just stay here and melt these guys while you three go and fight that boy.” “Good Luck” I said while gritting my teeth. Gabby looked at me. “Well it doesn’t look like you mean it since you gritted your teeth, but good luck to you too!”she turned and the girls left. At the last minute, I turned around and saw Gabriella our eyes met. Her eyes were very sincere and they were saying “Stay safe” I said “You too.” Then I turned to my work and the three girls disappeared.

    Gabby Pov
    As I turned to the girls they were talking about where we were and I said “it’s looks an ice tavern.” “indeed it is.” A voice said. “Jacob” I said. The ground shaked and Lucy and Violet went crashing into the wall. “Ugh” They groaned. “Now you can stand and watch as I kill your friend.” Fire appeared in the surroundings and Jacob went into wolf form. I stared astonished. Since when is he able to do that! I thought. Then a shimmer came and a black shadow it shot across from me. I got ready to block it. Then Jane came from out of nowhere and jumped in front of the attack and Scarlet and Crystal came too. We gasped. I saw Ruby too. “W-why” I trembled. Jane looked at me and started panting. “The prophecy. Its being revealed. A sacrifice, A kiss and then a miracle will happen.” I looked at her and my eyes widened. Then she said “Vi” Violet looked at her. Almost were coming out of the crystal now, Including the teachers. Jane said, “i-I’m your sister and Jason’s your brother.” My eyes widened. Violet fell to the ground “y-your” *sniff* “Ahhhhhh!” Lucy, Ruby and Violet were crying. I turned to Jacob.” You killed her sister!” I wasn’t trembling. I wasn’t scared. The fire surrounded me and my whole body glowed. “Now You’re dead!”
    Hope you liked it 😉

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        Whoa, great job! That was Fabulous!

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