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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 7 months ago

    I won’t be posting a lot because of school but without a further ado, here’s the chapter you’ve all been waiting for! Remember the prophecy is A sacrifice, A kiss, and then a miracle will happen!
    Chapter 26: The second part
    Violet Pov
    I watched as the sister I never knew I had, Color’s drained from her face. Teachers and students were starting to come from the ice cavern. Mom came up to me. “Who’s this?” Dean Dovey asked. I looked up at her. “Your DAUGHTER.” I said while my lips were starting to dry up. Mom looked up at me as if I were joking. My eyes saddened and tears were starting to form. Mom looked at me again. She knew I wasn’t kidding. “Oh.” Dean Sophie went up to Dean Dovey. “I’m sorry Clarissa.” All Dean Dovey could do was nod. I watched as tears started to form in my mom’s face. I dropped my head without hesitation. I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. “Jason.” I said as he grabbed my hand and pulled my hand, My voice shaky. He looked at me in a way he didn’t care. “Look, instead of moping around, could you just be happy? That’s the one thing I haven’t seen you do since I met you.” I stared at him dumbfounded. Then I giggled and jumped on him. “Thanks!” Jason rolled his eyes. “Don’t think I was trying to be nice!” I laughed and saw Lucy staring at us. I saw that her and Jason’s eyes were locked. As soon as they were, Lucy blushed and looked away. I wonder what’s going on with them? I walked away from the scene and helped Ruby off. She was staring at those two too. Something was going on and we needed to find out what.

    Scarlet Pov
    I watched as the color drained from her face. “Well we never needed her anyway, right Crystal? It’s just a nuisance that she’s gone.” I looked at Crystal whose whole body was shaking. She mumbled something about how ‘’she would always torment Jane. Now she wishes she never done any of that and been a bit nicer.” I glared at her. “What? You think you can give up on everything you stand for just for a stupid girl who you weren’t even related to?” I spat. Crystal looked as if she’d been stabbed. “She was my adoptive sister and I don’t care if she was my real sister or not! Do you even know who her father was!” I glared at Crystal again. “If I knew you’d be like that, I would made Gabby who was dead! That girl is nothing but trouble anyway. You saw how she tried to boss me around?” Crystal looked at me astonished. “I may be evil, but I don’t murder. I torment. Someone like should’ve never been accepted into this school!” Crystal said. “You’re as bad as Jacob!” She walked away, on her way to Jane. I stared at Gabby who was on her way to destroy Jacob. I looked but didn’t see him. “Hey scar.” A voice said. “What do you want?” I spat. “It’s because of you Crystal hates me and if she didn’t, we’d be tormenting every single student and teacher here!” Jacob came up to me and hissed like a snake. “What if I told you I could give you more magic than Merlin, More evil than Dean Sophie and more athletic ability than you already have?” He said while smirking. “I’m listening” I said. “Kiss me.” I was grinning then it faded. “Excuse me?” His smirk formed into a deafening look. “Do you want this power or not?” I groaned “You better not make me regret this.” Jacob leaned in and we kissed me. When he released, I felt myself surging with power. I even had a new wardrobe. I had a bloodish red dress, black high heels and a shark tooth necklace. Everyone looked at me as if they’d seen a ghost. “Child, what have you’ve done?!!!” Lady lesso asked.
    I cackled and my finger glowed. “The evil thing. Besides, you guys act like you’ve seen a ghost. The only one there was Jane. Oops, WAS Jane.” Violet turned around. “Take that back right now!” She looked like was about about to explode. “Say that again right now and see what happens!” I yawned. This was a bore. But lets see what she thinks of this next trick. I thought. “Fine. The only Ghost there ever was, was Jane. There will always be one ghost, and that’s HER!” I cackled. Violet ran up to me, running in for the kill. Then she was right in front of me. Her eyes were full of anger. Then she slapped me right across the face! Right in front of the entire student body! I heard a few snickers. “You can talk about me all you want, But Shut up when it comes to my sister.” Violet said coldly. Violet walked away. Rage filled up inside me. Then my finger glowed brownred. A blast on the ground occurred but Violet did a Ice hoverboard. The blast had too much force and she went flying to edge of the wall. The whole room went silent. Then Violet form the edge of the ice making even more. I jumped up to her fur appearing on my body and brutalizing punching and kicking Violet over and over again mercilessly. In the distance, I could hear Violet’s friends calling her name. Oh I love this destruction. I thought. I continued to pummel Violet. “VIOLETTTTT!” her friends screamed. but I continued.

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        So good!

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        so great!!!

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        Your best chapter so far!!

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        Really amazing! Good job!

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